(Clearwisdom.net) I witnessed the brutal persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners at the Xinhua Labor Camp in Sichuan Province. Below are some of the facts I remember.

1. Dafa practitioner Mr. Li Zexing and two other unknown practitioners were tortured to death. One of them was tortured to death at the labor camp hospital on the first floor (Room 103).

2. The labor camp guards used ropes to bind practitioners and high-voltage electric batons to beat Dafa practitioners Mr. Liu Yongsheng, Mr. Liu Guoxing, Mr. Deng Hai, and Mr. Wang Jun, among others. These practitioners were unable to eat due to severe injuries to their mouths caused by the electric shocks. The marks on their bodies caused by being bound haven't gone away, even after a year.

3. In the latter half of 2001, approximately one hundred practitioners were forced to do squats in the classroom. Dafa practitioner Fan Haidong was temporally paralyzed because he was forced to squat for so long, and he spent more than 20 days recovering in the hospital. Luo Yangsheng nearly lost consciousness in the classroom.

4. The police conducted meetings to insult Dafa practitioners. Dafa practitioner Tian Xu was tortured with strangulation and smothering by "personal cangues" [a cangue is an instrument of torture, and the term is now used to describe people who are used to control the behavior of a practitioner with force] because he said "Falun Dafa is good" in a meeting.

5. The police ordered criminal inmates to verbally abuse, beat and punish Falun Gong practitioners. They forced the criminals to torture practitioners by means of deducting points, forcing them to write self-criticisms, and threats of transferring them out of the production team. They applied extreme pressure to these criminal inmates level by level, and used a so-called "emergency team" to brutally persecute practitioners.

6. The police used the guardhouse to isolate Dafa practitioners. Each practitioner was encaged in a separate room and wasn't allowed to speak. Even to be allowed take a walk, one would have to ask the "personal cangues" team leader. He would have to grant his permission, and then one would be watched by at least three "personal cangues." Practitioners were not allowed to go to the cafeteria, gather together, move about freely, or go to the restroom without permission. They were always under the personal cangues' watchful eyes, even when they went to the restroom. (The "personal cangues" went through special training; gangsters, drug addicts, hooligans, swindlers and thieves composed the "personal cangues" team.)

7. Guards and cangues at the labor camp illegally punished the practitioners, forcing them to endure the "sitting board." In this torture the practitioners were seated and tied to a small stool, and forced to face the wall and sit at attention in the military manner. The practitioners weren't allowed to go to the restroom or close their eyes. If the practitioner failed to sit in the required manner, the guards would beat him, kneeing and punching him in the midsection and soft tissues. Some Dafa practitioners' eyes were swollen, and their mouths and faces were badly injured. The police also forced the practitioners who wouldn't compromise their belief in Falun Dafa to stand at attention. This torture could go on from 30 days to a few months. The practitioners' legs would become so swollen that they couldn't even walk.

8. The team leaders that participated in beating Dafa practitioners include Wang Heping, Xie Facai, Dai Jun, Sun Lechang, Wang Wen, Ye Yong, and Lai Cha, among others.

9. The police officers that participated in persecuting Dafa practitioners include Fan Fusheng, Zhang Xiaogang, Fu Weidong, Li Changzhong, Deng Gang, and Deng Tao, among others. Especially, Li Changzhong, who is the head of the First Team of the Fourth Unit. His brutal actions pleased officials at higher levels, and he was promoted to instructor, specializing in persecuting Falun Gong.