(Clearwisdom.net) In May 2004, Falun Gong practitioner Gao Rongrong's face was disfigured due to continuous electric shocks. After photos of the abuse were publicized, Gao's case has received a lot of attention in the international community. Her case was also the first case study in the "2004 United Nations Human Rights Report on China's Persecution of Falun Gong." After the exposure, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) not only did not repent or stop, but instead became angry and carried on a more hidden and despicable persecution. Its killing of Gao Rongrong, especially under the spotlight of the international community, reveals its blood-thirsty nature.

Luo Gan Uses the Government Machinery for Revenge and Killing

After her face was disfigured, Gao Rongrong was rescued from prison in October 2004 and exposed the systematic persecution of Falun Gong by the group led by Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan, who called Ms. Gao's escape the "Number 26 Case." At this point 610 Office head Luo Gan personally took charge of the continued persecution plan. Under the direction of Luo Gan, the Liaoning Province CCP Political Judiciary Committee, the Procuratorate, the Department of Justice, and the Police Department were combined together to conceal information about Ms. Gao Rongrong's case. Those practitioners thought to have been involved in Ms. Gao's rescue were rounded up and cruelly tortured. One person in the judiciary system said, "Luo Gan gave the order. He said that this matter (Ms. Gao's torture case being exposed) has too much international impact. We must handle it carefully now (indicating that further persecution would be carried out secretly)." Ever since then, the Shenyang City Police Department, State Security Division has been using all of its resources in tapping phone lines, and monitoring, detecting, and following local Falun Dafa practitioners.

On June 10, 2005, three months after Gao's abduction by the police, Gao Rongrong's parents went to the Masanjia Labor Camp to inquire if Gao was there. A director surnamed Wang said, "At first we didn't want to take her. It was the 'higher-ups' that pressured me. Now I will wait for orders from higher-up as to when to let people visit and when to release her."

It is evident that the persecution against Gao Rongrong and other Falun Gong practitioners is well planned and deliberately carried out by the Chinese Communist Party. What distinguishes this persecution from all other persecutions is that in hiding their actions from the public eye, they have adopted extremely despicable underground methods. Another practitioner who joined the rescue effort, Mr. Sun Shiyou, was also arrested. Officers at the Tiexi Criminal Police Division brutally beat him, and shocked his private parts with electric batons. They shouted, "Injuries from shocking you in other places can be seen (such as Ms. Gao's face), so we are shocking your private parts!" They also inserted inch-long needles under his fingernails.

Gao Rongrong's case showed that although the persecution is being carried out more secretly than before, it is not any less cruel. Several recent death cases also illustrate this point. Falun Dafa practitioner Xu Jishan (an ethnic Korean) was tortured to death on June 7, 2005 at Daqing Prison. Five inmates threw Mr. Xu into a pond under the order of the prison guard and drowned him. Falun Gong practitioner Han Junmao from Xiong County, Hebei Province, was tortured to death for her faith in May 2005. She went through brutality that an ordinary person couldn't imagine. To make Ms. Han give up her faith, the guards at Gaoyang Labor Camp in Hebei Province used almost all torture methods that have been used against Falun Gong practitioners, including the tiger bench, force-feeding with pepper water, force-feeding feces, death bed, being beaten in the fields in the middle of the night, and being bitten by a poisonous snake sent in by the prison guards. Han did not give up her faith and was eventually killed.

The CCP's Blood-Thirsty Nature Has Not Changed

While the disfiguring of Ms. Gao's face shocked the international community last year, the CCP still tortured her to death under the watchful eye of the world. This shows that the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong is completely lawless and out of control. The CCP uses all its resources to kill the innocent, regardless of the consequences. There are still many Falun Gong practitioners who are being persecuted in secret by the CCP. Their situations are likely even more tragic than the victims already being watched by the international community.

Over half a century has passed since the CCP seized power in China. Now, in China, under the rule of the CCP, a vulnerable young woman suffered all kinds of torture and was killed, simply because she practiced Truth, Compassion, and Forbearance. It has become more and more apparent that the CCP is using its violent, forceful, terrorist tactics to challenge the underpinnings of humankind's civilization. Any indifference or silence about these atrocities is yielding to and encouraging further malevolence, and poses a threat to the safety of the world.

Civilization must be upheld. All crimes will be accounted for, and the criminals will receive stern punishments. Light will ultimately expel the darkness.