(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Yue Qiuyu from Xinjiang was illegally detained in Wulapo Labor Camp in 2000, where the authorities forcefully aborted her 7-month pregnancy. Ms. Yue suffered immense mental shock as a result. Additionally, the guards physically tortured her to an extreme extent. After serving her sentence, Yue Qiuyu returned home, but the wicked perpetrators still harassed and persecuted her. She was forced to leave home to avoid further persecution. Now, no one knows her whereabouts.

Another Xinjiang practitioner, Ms. Zhong Qiao, was very steadfast in practicing Falun Dafa. The Wulapo Labor Camp tortured Zhong Qiao extensively. Ms. Zhong was physically and mentally tortured for long periods of time and finally reached her limit. After serving her sentence, Zhong Qiao was released. Ms. Zhong is an orphan and therefore, had nowhere to go. Zhong Qiao's hands were disabled during the persecution, so she cannot work. Ms. Zhong has been moving from place to place for more than 3 years trying to avoid further persecution. As of this writing, no one knows Zhong Qiao's whereabouts.