(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1992. During the course of thirteen years of personal cultivation and the Fa-rectification, Teacher has mercifully protected me, so I have been able to overcome many difficulties and hardships.

As Teacher's birthday is coming, we Dafa practitioners from Teacher's hometown respectfully wish Teacher a happy birthday! Meanwhile, I am missing Teacher more these days. I have been frequently immersed in the wonderful recollections of those days when Teacher first introduced Falun Dafa to the public. As we celebrate the thirteenth anniversary of Teacher introducing Falun Dafa to the public, I have written down my memories to share with my fellow practitioners.

1. Teacher Finds a Good Site for Practicing the Exercises

During the fourth session of introducing Dafa to the public in Changchun, a Sunday morning in the autumn of 1992, Teacher arrived at the woods where we were practicing the exercises. He walked around for a while, then came out of the woods and went to a small garden. Teacher said, "Here is a very good place to practice the exercises." Teacher also purified the location for us.

When people, who were practicing other kinds of Qigong in the woods, saw Teacher in the garden, they all came over and asked Teacher to cure their illnesses. Teacher said: "All right, you all line up. I will only remove one illness for each person; whichever illness you want to be cured, just think about it in your mind." People started lining up. It took almost two hours for Teacher to treat each person who lined up in the long row. By then when an old woman tried to take a second turn, Teacher said, "I have already removed one of your illnesses; this is your second turn." Then he said aloud to all of us, "That is all for today. We have a predestined relationship to meet here, so I have cured a disease for each one of you. From now on, if you want to cure all of your sicknesses, come to the garden to practice Falun Gong!"

2. Teacher Performs Consecration for Some Copper Buddha Statues

Before I practiced and cultivated Falun Gong, I was a reverent Buddhist from a temple. I had cultivated hard for many years even though I still didn't understand the Buddha Fa, which I wanted to know better. Moreover, I truly saw that the temple didn't have a pure environment. After practicing cultivation of Falun Dafa, I then understood the universal laws and the universal characteristic of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance," which is the highest Buddha Fa. Today I still hold on to several copper Buddha statues, because they were the ones that Teacher himself consecrated at my request. Here is how it happened.

One day, in the spring of 1993, Teacher needed to go to Beijing to introduce Dafa. While taking Teacher to the train station in a mini-van, I had several copper Buddha statues in my bag, so I asked Teacher to consecrate each one of them. One at a time, Teacher placed each Buddha statue in his hands while holding the Big Lotus Flower Hand Sign, and he finished the procedures in less than two minutes. I put the Buddha statues back in my bag and carried the bag on my shoulder; at the same time, I felt heat coming out from the bag and traversing all through my body.

3. Teacher Always Greeted Us Warmly

Back then, it was very hard for Teacher to introduce Dafa to the public. He had to take a train everywhere he went in China. Each time Teacher came back from a trip, we went to the train station to welcome him back. As soon as the train got close to the platform, even far away, Teacher would already stretch out his hand to say hello to us. After getting off of the train, he graciously shook each one of our hands. Teacher always said, "It's so nice to see you all." A few days later, Teacher hurriedly went to another place to introduce Dafa and save people. We went with Teacher to the train station. Seeing that we were reluctant to see Teacher leave, Teacher would say, "Each one of you has my Fashen behind you; work hard on cultivation practice! I will not leave you."

When the train started leaving, standing in front of the train door, Teacher waved his hand to say good-bye to us. As soon as the train slowly left the platform, we were already looking forward to Teacher's return. When Teacher went overseas to introduce Dafa, we would arrive at the airport to see him leave. As soon as the airplane took off, we started expecting to see Teacher back again. Just like that, we saw Teacher come and go and we welcomed him back over and over again. This was true until July 26, 1998, the last time we took Teacher to the airport. We have since been looking forward to seeing him return!

4. Teacher Changes Tire of an Automobile

In the summer of 1994, Teacher went out-of-town to introduce Dafa. The last day, after Teacher answered all of the questions for the practitioners, it was already 9 p.m. My husband and a driver came to pick us up on the last day. Teacher, his wife, their daughter and others--over ten people altogether--rode in the vehicle. While on the way back to Changchun, the automobile had a flat tire, and as the driver was very short and thin, and without a lot of strength, he couldn't take off the flat tire from the vehicle. Teacher easily took off the bad tire and also rapidly exchanged the spare tire and put it on the vehicle. Then Teacher patted his hands a couple of times and said, "Everything is all right, let's get back in the vehicle." Meanwhile, I hurriedly took a bottle of water and asked Teacher to wash his hands. Teacher said, "You see, I just pat my hands like this. Then they are all clean without any dust and dirtiness. I don't need to wash them."

Hearing what Teacher said, I remembered what a fellow practitioner told me, "Have you ever noticed the clothes our Teacher wears never get dirty? They are always clean and neat. Look at the collar and the sleeves of his white shirt. They are always clean. During these years, I saw Teacher only wearing the same pair of leather shoes; they always look like they are brand-new without any dust." This is our Teacher. We felt incomparable happiness and wonderful when sitting with our Teacher in the vehicle. In order to let our Teacher have a nice rest, we didn't disturb him. Only my daughter feared that the driver might get sleepy, so she would often talk to him in a low voice.