(Clearwisdom.net) As I look back on the course of my cultivation, what impressed me most was the phrase, "Cultivation is up to you, gong is up to the master." (Zhuan Falun) Without Teacher's guidance and compassionate care, I could not have come smoothly to where I am today. No matter how long the road ahead is, I will continue to go forward and be a Falun Dafa practitioner forever.

I began to practice Falun Gong in 1997 with the help of my mother-in-law. When I listened to Teacher's Fa lectures, I was extremely touched and the moment I picked up Zhuan Falun I simply could not put it down. However, it seemed that I did not absorb what I read and I did not have a clear understanding of the book. I also lacked perseverance in practicing the exercises. Later I came to understand that there were two reasons for that. The first was that my moment of obtaining the Fa had not yet come and the second was the interference of the old forces.

Entering the autumn of 1998, all of a sudden I had very sore legs. I practiced the exercises really hard for a few days and the pain disappeared. At the same time my celestial eye opened and I saw scenes in other dimensions. I thought it was the result of practicing the exercises so I practiced more diligently than ever and totally ignored Fa study. As I practiced the exercises, my Great Heavenly Circuit opened and I felt as if I would be able to fly up. When I was lying in bed I would levitate. One night I had a dream. A voice said to me, "Do you really want to read the book (Zhuan Falun)? If not, then just simply sell it!" On the following morning I told other practitioners about my dream and they enlightened that it was Teacher who was telling me it was time to read the book.

The moment when I solemnly held up Zhuan Falun with both of my hands, I suddenly felt a shock through my whole body. My hands shook as they held the book and my heart was beating very fast. The moment of great opportunity had arrived. Teacher awakened my Buddha nature and brought me through the gate of Righteous Fa cultivation. Since that moment I have had different feelings when studying the Fa compared to the past. Every day I read, often accompanied by tears, until late at night. I just cannot stop reading. In the evening I always read through each of a dozen or so books one by one. During the day no matter what I was doing ( working, eating, or walking), I was reciting the Fa so my body and soul were immersed in the Fa.

On July 20, 1999, the ferocious waves that eclipsed the sky and covered the earth swept across the country. The vicious voices flooded the loud speakers of the neighborhood and the TV sets at home. I was at a complete loss as to what to do in the presence of this sudden event. I felt both sad and anxious. I was very much annoyed. Right at that moment, when I closed my eyes, I saw that merciful Teacher was sitting in front of me with a big smile. I thought I saw something wrong so I closed my eyes and then opened

them again. Teacher was still sitting up straight and glittering with colorful rays. I stood up with joy and at that moment Teacher disappeared. I described the scene to my fellow practitioners at once. They said that it was Teacher giving us a hint that we must maintain our positions and have our hearts unaffected. Only in this way would we succeed in handling all situations. When I enlightened to this, I did not feel annoyed any more and began to do what I should do.

At that time I ran a snack bar. I would expose the facts about the persecution and lend the books and tapes to those who came to have meals here. When they returned the books and tapes I passed them around to others at my snack bar and it became a place for spreading the Fa. In the evening, upon returning home, I would write my experiences on studying the Fa and the wonders about my mother-in-law whose various diseases had disappeared after studying the Fa. I used carbon paper each time and made three to five copies. After writing 20 or 30 copies I would send them door-to-door. No matter how vicious and frenzied the evil was, I was not involved with it. One day I heard someone shout from behind my back, "I was told you also practice Falun Gong. Do you still practice?" I turned around and replied at once, "Yes, I do! Why should I give up?" Two middle aged men turned around and left on hearing my answer.

One day in January 2000, I sat on the sofa and closed my eyes. I saw the scenes in other dimensions. When I looked at these scenes I fell asleep. A pair of hands covered my eyes with a triangle-shaped cloth. I was anxious to pull it off, but failed. At that moment I found myself at a crossroads. I looked down through the gap near my nose and found it was very bright under my feet. Someone stood at my right side to protect me, but he did not say a word or make any expression. He seemed to let me take the bearings for myself and look for my own path. When I woke up I tried to recall the dream and I realized that the person beside me was Teacher who protects me all the time. I knew I must not develop an attachment to what I had seen through my third eye. I must get enlightened in the maze and walk the path that I have to take. From then on I no longer had any attachment to what I saw. Even when I saw something I would not develop an attachment to it.

Under Teacher's compassionate care, I smoothly walked through different stages of righteous Fa cultivation. Now when I look back at the path I have taken, I find that everything was arranged quite orderly. In the year 2000 the evil was most rampant. My neighbor, the only fellow practitioner I knew, was arrested. Therefore I lost contact with other practitioners. I felt very bad and very worried. One day when I went to a grocery market I thought it would be wonderful if I could meet a Dafa practitioner. Just at that moment a woman came toward me with a broad smile. It turned out she was a colleague of my neighbor and also a Dafa practitioner. We did not know each other very well though. However, when I saw her I hurriedly went forward to meet her like a long lost friend that I had not seen for a time. I knew very clearly that it was Teacher's arrangement.

Through her I met several other practitioners. We studied Fa and shared our experiences together. We also made truth-clarification materials, handed out Falun Gong flyers, made posters and put up banners together. I found my shortcomings while being together with these practitioners and I had new breakthroughs in Fa-rectification and Fa validation. In January 2000 I ran into several veteran practitioners who had all been persecuted to different degrees but were all very steadfast. I found my gaps once again in comparing myself with these veteran practitioners. Previously I had only paid attention to how I could do things better, but failed to consider things as one body. In addition to their own personal cultivation, these practitioners tried helping other practitioners who lagged behind during the evil persecution or who failed to step forward to validate the Fa. In saving sentient beings, they considered not only the sentient beings at their side but also those in the surrounding areas where there were no Dafa practitioners. Gradually I walked out of the circle of personal cultivation and merged into the one body.