Dafa Practitioner Ms. Wang Yanling from Zhengzhou City Is in Critical Condition After Several Months of Hunger Strike (Photo)

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioners Ms. Wang Yanling and her husband Mr. Wan Zhou from Zhengzhou City were arrested in September 2004. Ms. Wang is currently unlawfully imprisoned in the Zhengzhou Municipal Detention Center. The Zhengzhou Jinshui Court planned to put Ms. Wang on trial in the near future. Ms. Wang has been on a hunger strike for three months in order to oppose the persecution. Her health is now in critical condition. According to information disclosed by people who were released from the detention center, Ms. Wang Yanling was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. Before Ms. Wang was imprisoned, she was forced to leave home and move from place to place to avoid being persecuted. Her young son has not been able to be with his parents for nearly four years.

Appeal to Rescue Practitioner Ms. Liu Zhimei from Qinghua University

(Clearwisdom.net) Almost five years have passed since the last bit of information appeared on the Minghui website (the Chinese version of Clearwisdom) about Ms. Liu Zhimei, a student at Qinghua University and a lively and cheerful lady, with whom I was acquainted.

Zhou Jianhua and Other Police Officers at Hohhot City Prison Torture and Murder Falun Dafa Practitioners

(Clearwisdom.net) Zhou Jianhua and other police officers at Hohhot City Prison torture and murder Falun Dafa practitioners. The following are just a few examples:

Ms. Zhou Caixia was illegally sent to the Hohhot City Prison on July 4, 2003. When she arrived at the prison, she had been more than twenty hours in transit. Because she had been on a hunger strike while she was in the detention center, she was already very weak. On the day of her arrival at Number Two Female Prison, Zhou Jianhua commanded several prisoners to drag Ms. Zhou into a cell. During this violent process, Zhou Caixia's pants were pulled off, leaving her only in underwear. Even though this action was witnessed by Zhao Hongjuan, the police later denied any involvement to avoid responsibility should accusations be made later. They claimed that Zhou Caixia needed to be carried into the prison because of her weakened state. Zhou Caixia never even lay down on her bed, nor was she allowed to sleep. The first day she was in the cell, she had her hands cuffed behind her around the support pillar of an iron bed in a way that forced her into a half-squatting position. She could neither stand up nor squat down. She was also later handcuffed and suspended in the air, causing physical pain beyond the point of human endurance. During this same period she suffered physical beatings and verbal abuse from her jailers. Four days later, unable to bear the torture any longer, Zhou Caixia began a hunger strike to protest the vicious abuse; for this she was tortured even more severely. On one occasion a dirty rag for cleaning the floor was shoved into Zhou Jianhua's mouth and then her face was slapped with the sole of a shoe more than twenty times, causing her to bleed. Even after being so violently abused, Zhou Caixia had no fear of violence. In one episode, Zhou Jianhua commanded several convicts to drag her outside and hang her from a basketball hoop. She was left hanging there until she lost all her strength. She begged them in an extremely weak voice, "Please release me. I can't stand this any more." Those who were on guard paid no attention to her. After a period of time, someone noticed that her head had drooped. She had lost her life as a result of this vicious torture. Her murder happened sometime between the evening of July 12 and the morning of 13 of July. Before she died, the flesh around her wrists was decaying with wounds caused by longtime handcuffing. These wounds were so deep that her bones were exposed, and they bled constantly. It was hard for anyone to bear seeing her in that state. The Chen Siqin guards: Bai Jinlian, Li Fengyun and Kong Fanli were all accomplices in these inhumane tortures, and they should be held legally accountable for their actions. Zhou Jianhua treated other people's lives as if they were worth nothing. He lied to the public by saying that Zhou Caixia had died of a heart attack. To those who knew the truth, he threatened them by saying: "Don't even think of ever stepping out of this prison if you disclose to anyone what happened here." Even so, the prisoners talked to each other about this case of brutal murder, and when nearly all of them learned what had really happened, it caused quite a reaction amongst them.

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