(Clearwisdom.net) Zhou Jianhua and other police officers at Hohhot City Prison torture and murder Falun Dafa practitioners. The following are just a few examples:

Ms. Zhou Caixia was illegally sent to the Hohhot City Prison on July 4, 2003. When she arrived at the prison, she had been more than twenty hours in transit. Because she had been on a hunger strike while she was in the detention center, she was already very weak. On the day of her arrival at Number Two Female Prison, Zhou Jianhua commanded several prisoners to drag Ms. Zhou into a cell. During this violent process, Zhou Caixia's pants were pulled off, leaving her only in underwear. Even though this action was witnessed by Zhao Hongjuan, the police later denied any involvement to avoid responsibility should accusations be made later. They claimed that Zhou Caixia needed to be carried into the prison because of her weakened state. Zhou Caixia never even lay down on her bed, nor was she allowed to sleep. The first day she was in the cell, she had her hands cuffed behind her around the support pillar of an iron bed in a way that forced her into a half-squatting position. She could neither stand up nor squat down. She was also later handcuffed and suspended in the air, causing physical pain beyond the point of human endurance. During this same period she suffered physical beatings and verbal abuse from her jailers. Four days later, unable to bear the torture any longer, Zhou Caixia began a hunger strike to protest the vicious abuse; for this she was tortured even more severely. On one occasion a dirty rag for cleaning the floor was shoved into Zhou Jianhua's mouth and then her face was slapped with the sole of a shoe more than twenty times, causing her to bleed. Even after being so violently abused, Zhou Caixia had no fear of violence. In one episode, Zhou Jianhua commanded several convicts to drag her outside and hang her from a basketball hoop. She was left hanging there until she lost all her strength. She begged them in an extremely weak voice, "Please release me. I can't stand this any more." Those who were on guard paid no attention to her. After a period of time, someone noticed that her head had drooped. She had lost her life as a result of this vicious torture. Her murder happened sometime between the evening of July 12 and the morning of 13 of July. Before she died, the flesh around her wrists was decaying with wounds caused by longtime handcuffing. These wounds were so deep that her bones were exposed, and they bled constantly. It was hard for anyone to bear seeing her in that state. The Chen Siqin guards: Bai Jinlian, Li Fengyun and Kong Fanli were all accomplices in these inhumane tortures, and they should be held legally accountable for their actions. Zhou Jianhua treated other people's lives as if they were worth nothing. He lied to the public by saying that Zhou Caixia had died of a heart attack. To those who knew the truth, he threatened them by saying: "Don't even think of ever stepping out of this prison if you disclose to anyone what happened here." Even so, the prisoners talked to each other about this case of brutal murder, and when nearly all of them learned what had really happened, it caused quite a reaction amongst them.

Ms. Yu Xiulan was healthy when she was put into the prison. After being cruelly tortured for seven months by Zhou Jianhua, she died. Yu Xiulan was locked into solitary confinement numerous times, sometimes for as long as several months at a time. While in solitary confinement her arms and legs were cuffed, and she couldn't eat or use toilet facilities in a normal way. After being tortured this way for too long a time, she became paralyzed. Even after she was paralyzed, she was still forcibly exposed under the sun for many hours with the outside temperature reaching as high as 37oC. As a result of this cruel torture, her life was prematurely ended. Even after her death, the barbaric torturers still refused to allow her to be changed from prison uniform to regular clothes. Only after strong pressure from Ms. Yu Xiulian's family members did police officials finally agree to change Ms. Yu's prison uniform to normal clothing. Since this event, many Falun Dafa practitioners have been refusing to wear prison uniforms. Ms. Yu's death was caused by torture, but Zhou Jianhua has hidden the facts of the actions that caused it.

Ms. Tian Miao was illegally sent to the Bao Anzhao Female Prison in April 2003. Early one morning, she was cuffed with her hands behind her back and hung outside in the yard at daybreak. She was handcuffed in a position that forced her into remaining half-crouched. Even though she was shivering from the cold, she was not allowed to put on any more clothes. In the middle of the day her skin was burned from direct exposure to the sun. During the night, she was not allowed to sleep, and was handcuffed between the support posts of two iron beds. Her wrists were gouged from being cuffed and she still has wounds that are not completely healed. She was tortured this way for seven days and nights. Afterwards, her feet were almost paralyzed and she could no longer walk normally; she often stumbled and fell when attempting to walk. Even now her feet are still numb, and she has pain and redness that has not completely gone away.

Ms. Liu Yazhi was pressured to give up Falun Dafa by Zhou Jianhua in April 2003. She suffered the same ordeal as Ms. Tian Miao (mentioned above). As a result of the brutality inflicted on her, she is now paralyzed from the waist down. She can no longer do many of the everyday things necessary to sustain herself. When Zhou Jianhua was told that she was paralyzed, he said that Ms. Liu Yazhi was just pretending and continued to persecute her. A person who was perfectly healthy is now permanently disabled due to his barbaric tortures.

Ms. Zhao Hongjuan was deeply affected by the murder of Zhou Caixia (# 1. above). Zhou Jianhua assaulted her, slapped her in the face with the sole of his shoe and handcuffed her to the bed from July 16 to September 11. During this entire period of time, she could neither stand up nor sit down normally. She suffered great damage both psychologically and physically. She is now detained in the Number Two Section of Hohhot City Prison.

Ms. Yu Zhenjie was taken into confinement by Zhou Jianhua many times, and suffered inhuman tortures. She was cursed at, assaulted and kicked all the way from her cell to the interrogation room. As a result of this, her nose was bleeding and her head was red and swollen. Zhou Jianhua lied to the people who came to inspect the prison, telling them she was a mental patient, and forbade her from seeing the inspectors. He was afraid that she might tell them the truth. Ms. Yu Zhenjie is currently detained in the Number One Section of Hohhot City Prison, and continues to be subjected to violent assaults and torture.

Prisoners charged with guarding Ms. Hao Ping, 43 years old, terrorized her. Their actions included cursing at her and maltreating her. They forced her to stay in her cell and deprived her of all legal rights and freedoms, including her right to eat, dress, write letters and appeal. Even her personal belongings were taken away from her and kept by guards who abused her whenever they felt like it. On one occasion, she was slapped in the face by prisoner Wang Ling because she had gone to the head of the brigade to appeal for better treatment. In November 2003, Wang Ling also commanded Ms. Hao to call her, "Mommy," and said to her: "Since your mother failed to properly educate you, from now on I will. The head of the brigade gave me this right." The Brigade Head did nothing to stop this violence. On the night of July 30, 2004, Ms. Hao could not get up from her bed because of a stomachache; at 9:00 p.m., prisoner Li Ying dragged her out of her bed. Ms. Hao's was so sick that she could not move her arms or stand without assistance in her bare feet. Another prisoner, He Guohua, slapped Ms. Hao Ping in the face. On July 31, Hao Ping couldn't even move her midsection and arms due to the physical abuse she had been subjected to. When she tried to rest in her bed, it was taken away from her by the same prisoners who had assaulted her. After that she was forced to sleep on the ground for four days. At first she slept on a tiny sheet on the ground, but later, even that was taken away by her tormentors. It was also common for other prisoners to curse at her.

Ms. Hao Ping is from the village of Qujia Gou, Hongshan District, Chifeng City. She used to reside with a happy family of five members including: Wang Zhanjiu, an old man that Ms. Hao had supported for more than eight years; her brother, Hao Gang, who was mentally disabled; and her child who was not quite fourteen years old. After Ms. Hao Ping and her husband were arrested, Wang Zhanjiu passed away, because he couldn't stand the horror of it. Ms. Hao Ping's mentally disabled brother is now leading a miserable life with no one to care for him, and so is her child, who is now without a safe place to live. The property where Ms. Hao Ping and her husband used to breed domestic animals has now turned into a wasteland. Where there were more than eighty pigs and dozens of dogs, there is now not a single animal.

Policemen kept Ms. Hao Ping from sleeping for many days and nights. They also used such methods as trying to deceive her in their attempt at brainwashing her. They punished her by forcing her to stand for long hours without moving a muscle; if she moved, she would be beaten.

Ms. Tian Fang was illegally sent to Hohhot City Female Prison on September 12, 2004. Starting from October 2, the other prisoners began to torment her. They stripped her and opened both the window and door while she was naked. This caused her to shiver from the cold. These prisoners even taunted her, asking whether she was cold or not. They once handcuffed her to her bed from 5:00 to 10:00 o'clock in such a way that she could neither stand nor sit. She was also not allowed to make any sound. If she made any sound at all, even a very tiny one, she would be beaten by all the other prisoners in the cell. At 9:00 o'clock one day in October, prisoner Zhao Qi provoked the other prisoners to violently abuse Ms. Tian Fang for no reason whatsoever. Ms. Tian's face was swollen from this beating. In the middle of October, prisoners in the cell where Ms. Tian was detained assaulted her yet again. They tied up her hands and feet together, threw her on the ground, and tried to push her under her bed. When it was too difficult for them to push her under the bed, they kicked her. Ms. Tian Fang's mid-section, hands and the bones below her waist were cut and bruised from these blows. Next, the persecutors carried the bed outside the cell and stuffed Ms. Tian's mouth with towels used for cleaning toilets as well as socks to keep Ms. Tian from making any sound. They also kept pinching her nose to keep her from eating or sleeping. Her guards made a game of purposely hiding her steamed buns and keeping them for days on the ground.

Male police officers threatened her, slapped her in the face, beat her on the foot arches and palms, and burned her nose and mouth by putting out their cigarettes on them.

Ms. Li Hui suffered many kinds of excruciating torture at the Hongshan District Sub-Police Station in Chifeng City. The police there shocked her with electric batons until she passed out. They also stripped her and wrapped electrical wires around her nipples, which they would then connect to a power outlet. One also stood on Ms. Li Hui's arm and forced it to the ground while another person would step on her head and force it against her hand to create evidence that she had struck herself. While she was there, she was illegally sentenced to seven years of imprisonment, causing great damage to her both psychologically and physically.

Ms. Zhao Huijuan used to be a student at the Institute of Science and Technology in Heilongjian Province. To support her studies, her family raised 5500 yuan through a variety of efforts. Now she is being illegally detained by the police as well as being tortured by them. She was illegally sentenced to eight years in prison.

Ms. Zhao Yanxia, 60, a senior citizen with no family, was tortured to death at the Hongshan District Detention Center, Chifeng City, in April 2002.

Hu Yunjun was a professor at the Agricultural University of Inner-Mongolia. On November 3, 2004, the police deceived her into going to the brainwashing center at the prison. There, they tried to brainwash her by force and kept her from sleeping for four consecutive days and nights. This 65-year-old professor was verbally abused as well as being forced to stand so long that her legs and feet swelled as a result.

Ms. Ji Guomin was forbidden sleep for many days and nights. The male policemen burned her with their cigarettes, waved electric batons back and forth in front of her to threaten her and used physical violence against her.

Ms. Zhang Limei refused to answer during a roll call to protest her unlawful imprisonment. For doing this, she was punished and forced to stand on her feet for twenty-four hours straight. She was forbidden sleep and given only corn flour buns to eat. On top of this, Yuan Ximei and other prisoners who guarded her verbally and physically assaulted her. They slapped her face, pulled her hair, cursed at her and kicked her. They even used the bamboo broom, used for cleaning the bed, to strike her head, hands, chest and arms. Her arms were covered in bumps and bruises after this brutal beating. To protest and ask for the right to see the head of the prison, Zhang Limei refused to eat. As a consequence Yuan Ximei and the other prisoners used even more violent methods of torture on her. They pricked her with a needle on her buttocks and inner thighs. They said that they had received instructions from the prison supervisor to do this, and insisted that prison officials Wen Yan and Bai Guirong had ordered them to do it. They said that the prison's warden had said that as long as Zhang Limei remained alive, they would continue to use violence on her. Warden Bai said: "You're dead if you have me as your guard. I will do this to you every single day from now on."

When the prisoners pricked her inner thighs with steel needles, causing her to bleed profusely, it was such a terrible sight that hardly anyone could even bear to see it.

Ms. Li Hui refused to answer during roll-call. As punishment for this, she was forced to stand for twenty-four hours without sleep, with only corn flour buns to eat. To protest this, she went on the hunger strike for several days. In response to this, the cell commanders of Level Four beat her until she lost consciousness.