(Clearwisdom.net) The Chinese nation has a long history and deep cultural roots. However, it seems that in recent decades, the Chinese people have lost the ability to analyze and think as individuals. Whenever the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) says something, the people not only follow automatically, but also exaggerate it even beyond what the CCP says. This kind of mind control has become typical for the Chinese people, and created a distorted experience--the "CCP culture."

I remember when I was a child, the CCP repeatedly said that people in Western countries were suffering under capitalism. One day, the government-controlled newspaper published a picture of homeless people living under the shadows of skyscrapers in the United States. The CCP needed to say no more, as the people themselves developed an understanding of the "reactionary nature" of capitalism.

CCP also brainwashed people into believing that democracy and freedom are not suitable for China. When a conflict occurred during an election in a democratic country, the CCP reported it as a scandal and laughed at the democratic system. They needed say no more, as the Chinese people were already celebrating their "good fortune" of living under a dictatorship.

The CCP repeatedly says the United States has serious human rights problems, and that the current time is the best period for human rights in the history of China. When prison abuses by the US army were exposed, the CCP reported it, and the people immediately understood the "façade of good human rights in the United States" put up by those who are against China. They were led into believing even more firmly that the CCP respected human rights.

The CCP and the group led by Jiang Zemin have repeatedly slandered Falun Gong over the past several years. In a recent episode of "Thirty Minutes of Economic News," the government mouthpiece CCTV aired a program about Zhang Hai, the former owner of Jianlibao, a popular brand of sports drinks. The program said Zhang Hai used a Tantric (Tibetan Buddhist) qigong to commit fraud and swindle money. Even though this had nothing to do with Falun Gong, and Falun Gong was not mentioned in the program at all, many viewers automatically connected Zhang Hai with Falun Gong, and used this report to attack Falun Gong.

These methods are intentional subtle mind control conducted by the CCP. The CCP's mouthpiece doesn't need to openly instigate anymore. The viewers who have developed "conditional reflexes" can sense the CCP's intent and automatically follow its distorted logic.

The truth is, in the book Zhuan Falun (the main text of Falun Gong) the founder of Falun Gong exposed a lot of unhealthy trends in the qigong communities, including the fraud committed by those who teach Tantric qigong. Because Tantrism is an esoteric religion, the real essence can absolutely not be taught to the public. All those who openly teach Tantric qigong are fraudulent. But the book Zhuan Falun is banned in Mainland China, so most people have no idea what Falun Gong really teaches.

The pre-condition of CCP's mind control is information monopoly. The "conditional reflexes" it needs can only be developed under repeated deception and brainwashing. The people have lost their ability to think independently, but they feel they are thinking independently. Their so-called "independent thinking" is only a creature of the CCP culture.

When more information becomes available, the lies spread by the CCP culture will quickly collapse. The most direct way to break through the CCP culture and its mind control is to show the Chinese people the truth. If one person hears all kinds of sounds, not just those that induce his "conditional reflexes," his reaction to these sounds will change and his thoughts will change. This can help him clear away the CCP's mind control and restore the ability to truly think independently.