(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing Falun Dafa before the persecution began. As soon as I started practicing, I could easily sit in tranquility. After sitting in meditation, I felt like I was a different person; I felt very comfortable. I began to treat people very kindly. At that time I knew the genuine me was exactly like that, and those bad factors weren't me. However, people are often confused by their notions and suppress their divine sides, which also suppresses their abilities and their wisdom. At critical moments, people seal themselves up with selfish thoughts. This then causes practitioners to suffer serious persecution.

When the persecution started on July 20, 1999, I said to Teacher in my heart, "Teacher, you can rest assured; I won't give up cultivation." At that moment, I felt that a great heat flowed to my heart and I was very excited. I knew that Teacher was encouraging me. I must carry out my promise and let the gods see that practitioners aren't cowed by the persecution. Because I initially had righteous thoughts, I didn't suffer serious persecution when validating the Fa.

At that time, with a deep understanding of the Fa, I knew my thoughts were clear. We all remembered on June 26, 1999, when Teacher lectured on the Fa at the Chicago conference. At the end, Teacher told us:

"Under any difficult circumstance, everyone, remain calm in your hearts. Just by staying unaffected, you will be able to handle all situations." (Lecture on the Fa at the U.S. Midwest Conference)

Teacher saw the huge test coming. With tears falling, I was deeply moved by Teacher's compassion.

On New Year's Day of 2001, I went to Beijing to validate the Fa and was detained for 15 days. At that time the evil was very rampant. The detention centers were full of practitioners and there were many brainwashing centers too. As soon as the practitioners were released from the detention centers, they were directly transferred to brainwashing centers. I exchanged my thoughts with fellow practitioners, saying that we must resist the evil's persecution without negatively enduring it or obeying their orders. A team leader of the guards asked us why we didn't get out of bed when he walked into the room. After two practitioners answered him, it was my turn to reply. I said, "You should know better, why ask me?" He said, "I don't know." I asked him, "Is there an authority to enforce the law?" He replied, "Yes." Then I asked him, "Are you one of the persons enforcing the law?" He said, "Yes." I asked, "I was given 15 days of detention, isn't that true? He said, "Yes." "Today is the 18th day that I have been held here. Which law is the basis on which you still detain me?" I asked him three times. With his face blushing, he couldn't give me an answer, so he turned around and walked out of the room.

Later, one of the department heads walked and told me, "Mr. Wang, today, you were really great. Team leader Liu was very angry. He found the director and the instructor, and asked them why they have not released you, as your detention period has been fully served and it has not been extended. Under these conditions, how can he still hold you?" The director said, "Inform his company to take him back." After 3 p.m., my company sent someone to take me home.

Only when we understand the righteous way, can we act righteously, and break through the arrangements of the old forces. In the detention center, I met a lady practitioner, who was held at a brainwashing center, and I anxiously ask her, "With so many practitioners, why haven't you fended off the evil?" She replied, "I understand that Teacher has asked me to suffer a little bit so that I can eliminate my karma." After listening to what she said, I was very sad. A practitioner shouldn't think that suffering from persecution is great and can help him cultivate towards a higher level.

Teacher said:

"The path a Dafa disciple takes is a glorious history, and this history has to be created by his own enlightening." ("Path")

In Beijing, I met a practitioner, who took her 3- year-old child with her to validate the Fa. I was very moved. She said, "I haven't done well because I told them my name and address. The leaders from my company have helped me out lots of times before. I felt sorry for them." I told her, "Now that you came out, you should let nature take its course. You don't have to think about these things. I also have two children with me, and they are practitioners as well. We are the ones who gave up all matters of life and death and came out to validate the Fa, so don't think about things from the past. I will let everyone in my company and more people know that I came to Beijing to validate Dafa."

Just like what I had told her, my boss publicized my deed when the company held a meeting. My wife went to Beijing to look for us and took our two children back home from our local government liaison office in Beijing. No one could imagine that under such an evil environment, all of our family members went to Beijing and came back safely. I would like to express our thanks to Teacher for protecting us.

The above are some of my understandings during the course of my cultivation practice. Fellow practitioners, please point out any mistakes.