(Clearwisdom.net) We recently noticed that some Dafa practitioners still can't clearly see the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). They feel that although the CCP is indeed very bad, it still has some good elements. For example, they believe that the CCP was relatively good in the past although it has become worse now. They think that the CCP has done some good things for China: people's living conditions have been improved. They think that during the 1950s and 1960s, when people looked up to Lei Feng as a role model, the society's moral standard was good, and so on. They asked, why does the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party portray the CCP as being no good at all? These practitioners do not understand the significance of the Nine Commentaries and the "Quitting the CCP" activities. Some even oppose such efforts. Similar feelings can often be heard among non-practitioners as well.

In "Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference," Teacher revealed the CCP's nature and its origin. That is, the old cosmic forces, to reach their goals, created this evil, stupid and shameless Communist Party.

Teacher told us:

"It's against the cosmos, or to put it another way, the two types of elements in the cosmos, positive and negative, are all against it. In fact, this cosmos is composed of the two types of elements of life, the positive and the negative, so that's to say that even the cosmos is against it. So, the Buddhas, Daos, Gods, and Demons of the cosmos all want to get rid of it."

From the Fa principles, we can understand that the well-known statement, "everything is composed of both good and bad elements," is only suited to analyzing the issues within the principles of yin and yang and of mutual-generation and mutual-inhibition. This statement has its limitations and can only be applied within the small universe. However, this statement does not fit with the Fa-rectification of the whole cosmos, nor does it apply to the old cosmic forces, rotten demons, and dark minions and the Communist evil spirit, all of which are against Fa-rectification.

There are positive beings (Buddhas, Taos, and Gods) and negative beings (demons) in the cosmos. Every human being has good and bad elements. This is the principle of yin and yang. The Communist Party is against the cosmos, so not only the Buddhas, Gods and Daos are against it, even the demons are against it. The Communist Party has done all kinds of evil things; in the society, the communists oppose Heaven, earth, and humanity; their party principles are aimed at eradicating human nature and destroying moral standards. The communists are both godless and lawless.

After we carefully studied its history and truly saw the CCP's evil nature, we found that the CCP has always played dirty tricks throughout its history. Yet, the CCP has changed the history books, blocked information and prevented people from knowing the facts. Those who praise the good side of the CCP probably have not read the Nine Commentaries. Some don't want to read them because of their stubborn notions. Some people have benefited from the Communist rule and don't want to admit the CCP's evil nature; others are fooled by the following misconceptions.

1. In its propaganda, the CCP is always "great, glorious, and correct." This kind of influence has deceived many people.

2. Everyone has inborn Buddha nature. People naturally pursue happy lives and try to build a good society. They have good hearts and are willing to help others. But in the CCP culture, the Party has taken the people's kindness and labeled any of their accomplishments as being the result of "the CCP's leadership."

In reality, wherever the CCP's presence is strong, that place tends to be more political and less efficient. Everyone knows the great advancement in Western societies; their public moral values and economic development are both superior to China's. No party dares to claim all the credit like the CCP does. For a governing party, serving the people and the society is its job. If a governing party cannot meet people's expectations, it will be voted out.

3. Some people fail to see the difference between the Party and its members. Although the CCP is evil, it doesn't mean that all party members are bad. Some people are decent. However, the good people are not the products of the CCP's teaching. In fact, these people often become the victims of the CCP's persecution. For example, the CCP could not tolerate Peng Dehui's courage in speaking the truth and Hu Yaobeng's honesty. In most government and even private companies in China, the top boss is always the party secretary. The deputy executives are usually capable managers who handle day-to-day business. The managers all work for the party boss. If someone dares to think differently from the Party, the party boss can decide to fire and even criminalize him or her. The capable managers not only make the CCP look good, but also solve daily problems for the CCP.

4. In the book, Journey to the West, the White-bone Devil (Baigujing) changed itself into a nice old man in order to eat Monk Tang Sanzang. It chanted the Buddhist scriptures while waiting for Tang Sanzang. The CCP's history is full of lies and violence. Between countless political campaigns and massacres, has the Party ever done any good? Of course, it has. But the CCP has never done anything good voluntarily. All their "good" deeds, however limited, are due to the pressures from inside and outside of the CCP. The White-bone Devil chanted the scriptures to deceive Tang Sanzang. Can we say the Devil is a kind person? Similarly, good deeds by the CCP do not change the CCP's dictatorial and evil nature.

According to recent statistics, Communist China's relative share in the world's economy is even smaller than that of the Qing Dynasty in ancient times and Nationalist China before 1949, and the share is shrinking. Many people believe that China would have been better off without the CCP's irrational leadership and insane practices. Taiwan serves as a good benchmark: People in Taiwan share the same Chinese culture with the Mainland people, but what a difference between the two places!

As bad as the CCP is, it was still given sufficient opportunities to save itself before the Fa-rectification. Falun Gong was spreading in China and producing enormous benefits to people: millions of people became healthy and happy, families became more harmonious, the society became safer and the government saved billions of yuan in medical care. The CCP has enjoyed handsome benefits from Falun Gong. However, because of its evil nature, the CCP still decided that it wanted to become the enemy of Falun Gong and persecute the practitioners. By doing so, the CCP chose a journey to Hell. To put it simply in human language, the Righteous Fa has done everything to let the CCP save itself, but to no avail.

During the current Fa-rectification that shakes the entire cosmos, Teacher only looks at the attitude of beings toward the Fa-rectification. The practitioners who still cannot see the CCP's evil nature are looking at the CCP using their human mentality. They are still attached to other people's reactions and the perceived impact on China; they are not seeing things from the Fa's perspective. They have failed to realize how much damage the CCP has caused to the cosmos and the people by persecuting Falun Gong.

Many of these practitioners have always had doubts about "clarifying the facts," exposing the evil and practitioners' efforts to end the persecution. They don't have a good understanding of the Fa-rectification and they are falling behind. Even worse, these practitioners often have vague understandings of gods and Buddhas; their faith is questionable; they find it hard to believe that the CCP is a living evil spirit; they are not clear about the meaning of life, the purpose of cultivation and why we want to return to our true selves; they have strong fear about their safety; they care too much about tangible personal interests.

Under the current rapid Fa-rectification, Teacher published his declaration to quit the Communist Youth League, and through his article, "Turning the Wheel Towards the Human World," we further realized that reading the Nine Commentaries and quitting the CCP and its affiliates are very significant and urgent actions we must take to eliminate the Communist evil spirit, to purify ourselves and to save the Chinese people who have been deeply poisoned under the CCP's rule.

March 21, 2005