I'm a Falun Gong practitioner who was brutally persecuted several times by Chinese police. I would like to briefly talk about how I was tortured.

In 2000, I went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Dafa, and at Tiananmen Square I was beaten by police. Later I was sent to Yanqing Detention Center. At Yanqing Detention Center, police used electric batons to shock me for more than half an hour. Because of the electric shocks, blisters formed all over my neck to the point where I could no longer move it. On the second day, I was sent to the local government office, where I was brutally beaten all over my body. Both my legs became purple and the flesh on my back was cracked from whipping. I was later illegally detained in the detention center for a couple of months, and my family spent more than eight thousand yuan in order to get me discharged from the detention center.

In 2002, the Chinese Central TV's reporters came to my home. I was not at home at that time, but they told my husband to slander Dafa and recorded it. Later on when I exposed their ploy, the local 610 office staff ransacked my home. I had no choice but to leave home and go from place to place to avoid further persecution.

On the night of September 29, 2002, I went to Luan County to distribute information about the persecution and was arrested by police. They would not allow me to go to the bathroom and I was forced to relieve myself in my pants. Police locked me in a small cell, and seven or eight of them circled around and kicked me back and forth. At that time, my ears were cuffed so badly that I could no longer hear. After being beaten, I was handcuffed behind my back and hung on the door frame upside down for a very long time. Police poured water on me to wake me up and poured water into my nose. When I was put down, I had no feeling in both arms.

After police had their lunch, (I was very hungry, yet I was given nothing to eat) I was tied to the chair again by my legs and hands. They brought in a remote control electrical baton and tied the ends of the electrical wires to my two little fingers separately and put the current to the maximum. They even poured water all over my body to get the maximum effect from the shocks. Next they tied the two electrical wires to my nipples, and just like this I was shocked for 5 to 6 hours. At dinner time the torture was stopped. After that I was tied to a chair and left there for a night. The second day, I was sent to the second detention center in Shijiazhuang. When I took a shower, I found that my nipples had been scorched by the electric shocks. In the second detention center at Shijiazhuang, I went on a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention, and shortly after I was sentenced to a labor camp.