Group No.2 is the most brutal and violent work group in the Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp. Yang Guang, the group leader, calls No. 2 the "Iron Army Wolf Group." There is an axe locked in the security box that the policemen call the "family principle." Every police guard there is extremely vicious. Inmates call the crematory next to the labor camp "Group No. 8." As they beat practitioners, inmates tell them that if they die from the beating they will be sent directly to the crematory for immediate cremation.

Between 2001 and 2003 there were four large-scale "fortification fights," during which guards and criminal inmates joined together to assault practitioners. During the attacks, they would beat practitioners with a three-buckle belt, an extremely brutal instrument of torture that would immediately bruise and lacerate the victim's body. The guards and criminal inmates used axes, pickaxes, bamboo boards, rubber police batons, #8 wire, high voltage electric batons, rattan, iron tubes, wicker and a floor brush in their attacks. In temperatures of -40C, they would tear off practitioners' clothing, pour freezing water from a deep well on them, place them in front of an open window, or hang them above the floor. (Recounted by Zhang Yu, a prisoner who participated in the atrocities.)

Practitioners Wang Zhidong, Yang Jingwei, Li Ming, Li Qiu (who died from torture), Chi Mingbao, Sun Xianming (who was severely disabled after the beatings), Wang Guoxiang, Zhao Jingtai, and Zhang Kejiang endured such torture. Zhou Jian and a practitioner with last name Song were the most brutally beaten; their faces became black and blue and severely distorted. During a later "mobilization meeting," they were hung above the floor and forced to wear signs that read, "A Stubborn Person." The wire used to hang the signs on them cut deeply into the muscle. For over two hours, they were forced in the position of the "fly," a pose in which the back is bent and both arms stretched back. Li Qiu, Chi Mingbao, Sun Xianming, Li Ming, Yang Jingwei, Wang Tianming were tortured like this many times. The "fortification fights" lasted from morning to night, and the prison walls echoed with the sounds of the guards beating practitioners and berating them, the buzz of the electric baton, and the practitioners' painful cries.

Those practitioners who remained firm after several "fortification fights" were forced to sit straight on small plastic stools for long periods. In hot weather at the Fenjin Forced Labor Camp, they were locked in a room with the window and door closed to take a so-called "steam bath." During the winter, they were forced to remain near an open door and window. Practitioners were prohibited baths, the food was very bad, and they worked long hours. They were forced to watch videos and listen to tapes that slandered Falun Dafa. They were forced to wash their clothes with clothing covered with scabies and endured terrible physical and mental torture. Most of the practitioners got scabies and became as skinny as a stick. More then 10 practitioners from another group had pulmonary tuberculosis. Bai Xiaojun was persecuted to death in similar circumstances. Practitioner Wang Zhidong had a glass placed on his genitals, which made them swell like a soccer ball. When he left, he had to walk with his legs abnormally wide apart.

Sun Xianming was skin and bones when he left. His arm was broken in many places when police guards Zhu Shenglin, Zhao Dongli and Su Chenwen hung him up and twisted his arms 360 degrees. Scabies covered his entire body, and he had been beaten by the three-buckle belt so badly that the skin was torn and there were open wounds. His hands were so crippled that he had to hold his belongings in his mouth each night to walk 100 meters to his quarters. Prison authorities did not allow anyone to help him.

After three vicious beatings, Mr. Li Qiu's body was black and blue all over, and many scars marked beatings by the three-buckle belt. He could not walk normally because of swollen genitals. Each step was a great effort, and he trembled each time he moved. At midnight, police thought he might be taking his last breath. They did not want to be responsible for his death, so they sent him home. Mr. Li died soon after this.

When practitioner Ms. Lian Hong shouted, "Falun Dafa is good," a criminal inmate lifted her above his head then threw her to the ground.

Following are the police guards assigned to the No.2 Group at Chaoyangguo Forced Labor Camp:

Zhu Shenglin, the most vicious, is directly responsible for the murder of Mr. Li Qiu and for severely disabling Mr. Sun Xianming. He is skilled in kung fu and is a Communist Party member. Zhu exhibits great cruelty when he beats practitioners. He has beaten every practitioner imprisoned in the No.2 group. He often stands in place of group leader Yang Guang to speak at brainwashing meetings. He made up songs slandering Dafa and forced prisoners and practitioners to sing them. He also forces the practitioners to read the books that slander Dafa. If they refuse to sing or read, he beats them with the three-buckle belt. Once, when Zhu was speaking, an elderly practitioner said, "I think Falun Dafa is good." Zhu dragged him to another room and beat him with the three-buckle belt until he nearly died. He beat Practitioner Zhang Kejiang because he refused to read a book slandering Dafa. After this, he beat every single practitioner who refused to read a book slandering Dafa with the three-buckle belt. One practitioner's face was bloodied immediately after such a beating. Zhu ordered the practitioner's wife and son-in-law, a military official, to watch. Then, without any show of shame or remorse, he declared, "I wrote this song."

Yang Guang, an extremely brutal and cruel police guard, initiated the "Iron Army Wolf Group." He participates in every single beating and torture. He uses the axe handle to beat practitioners and calls it the "family principle." He participated in the murder of Mr. Li Qiu. Yang often orders subordinates to make the prisoners and practitioners finish their meal quickly in order to do more hard labor as a way to enhance the fame of the "Iron Army Wolf Group."

Zhao Dongli is even more violent than Zhu Shenglin. He also participates in every single beating and torture session and is one of the murderers of Mr. Qiu. While beating practitioners, he curses them at will.

Liu Shiwei is well-known as a rogue policeman from Changchun. He was a drug addict and did many evil things when his uncle was a department head in Changchun's judicial administration. As one of Yang Guang's loyal subordinates, he participated in every beating and torture session and was involved in planning and ordering brutal acts of persecution. He also helped to murder Mr. Qiu and repeatedly beat practitioner Wang Tianming with the head of a small, Chinese iris root floor brush. The beating made Mr. Wang's face and neck swell horribly. After this, he tortured Mr. Wang by hanging him above the ground.

Su Chenwen is a thug who participated in every single beating and torture session and participated in Mr. Li's murder..

Liu Xiaoyu is a fierce goon who participated in every single beating and persecution. He is one of the murderers of Mr. Li.

Zhu Bin often carries an electric baton when he walks down the corridors, pressing the voltage button and yelling. He has participated in every single beating and persecution.

I have personally witnessed these incidents. There are some I cannot recount because I cannot remember the practitioners' names. This is a very small accounting of the terrible crimes committed at Chaoyangguo Forced Labor Camp.