(Clearwisdom.net) In the past few years, I have not submitted any articles to the Clearwisdom website due to an inadequate understanding of its importance. In March 2005, I read the notice posted on the site asking practitioners to contribute articles about "righteous thoughts and righteous actions" and realized that it was a Dafa practitioner's responsibility to write out his or her own cultivation experience.

The value of these articles is twofold. First, practitioners have the responsibility to leave behind a historical record of their validation of Dafa, and second, the articles are an opportunity for us to share cultivation experiences with practitioners in different places as well as within our local areas. This will enable all practitioners to do better in eliminating the evil and validating the Fa in the human world and upgrading as a whole body by dealing with everything more steadily and rationally.

Throughout the years, the Clearwisdom website has carried many first-hand articles about practitioners' cultivation and exposing the evil. I felt ashamed of my selfishness, because I always benefited from this resource without contributing to it. After reading the notice calling for articles, my understanding improved and I wrote down what I had experienced in cultivation. Some of my articles have been published already, an indication that I can write well, too.

By writing articles for the Clearwisdom website, my capacity to understand the Fa and become enlightened to the deeper meanings has rapidly improved. I also summarized my experience of writing an article and found that it was not as hard to do as I previously had imagined. If we put our minds to it and practice, we can reach a relatively high standard in writing. To express our thoughts and understandings well or tell our experiences, we don't need to use elegant and flowery language. We just to make express our ideas clearly. As long as we set our minds to it, Teacher will open our wisdom to let the inspiration flow freely.

One suggestion I'd like to make to those who think they have limited writing ability is to choose a proper topic and finish the work in a timely fashion. In the first draft, just write out whatever you want to say about your topic without worrying about how smooth it is. In the second draft, put everything together coherently and revise it. To revise the second draft, read it repeatedly as if you were the reader. Usually after three revisions, a good article can be produced.

I hope that all of my fellow practitioners will take the time to write out their experiences in cultivation and contribute their articles to the Clearwisdom website for the editors' selection. It is every practitioner's responsibility to make a good sharing site like Clearwisdom so that we can make progress as a whole body.

Being enlightened in this matter, we should look into ourselves still deeper to see whether we have similar problems or whether we are still taking without contributing in other areas. If we can discover and remedy our shortcomings, we will proceed more quickly and righteously in validating the Fa.