Practitioner Mr. Cheng Fengxiang was arrested and sent to the Handan City's Hei Village Forced Labor Camp for interrupting the regular television broadcast with truth-clarification footage. He later walked out with righteous thoughts after hunger striking for several months. Practitioner Mr. Ge Xinzhong from Lianggang Village, Yongnian County, Hebei Province, took in Mr. Cheng Fengxiang and for this he was arrested and put in a detention center after police officer Yang Qingshe and his assistants came to Mr. Ge's home. In the detention center, Mr. Ge Xinzhong went on hunger strike for nearly 30 days. After being tortured by force-feeding until he was at his last gasp, Mr. Ge Xinzhong was sent to the county hospital, where all efforts to save him failed. He died on March 25 of this year.

The police at once strictly blocked all information. They appointed military personnel to guard the morgue and were afraid to tell Mr. Ge's family. They claimed that an autopsy revealed that Mr. Ge Xinzhong had died of myocardial infarction. His body was secretly cremated. Lianggang Village residents knew that Mr. Ge had been very healthy and did not have that ailment at all. The authorities must have had a guilty conscience because on the same day, Mr. Ge's wife was released, as was practitioner Liu Haifeng, who was on a hunger strike and whose life was in danger. Later, the Zhao Chuanjie was also released while on a hunger strike. The political security section chief Chen Jushan publicly announced, "What does it matter if a few people who practice Falun Gong are killed?"

The doctor that did the force-feeding, Zong Ailan, should take full responsibility. The detention center administrator, political security section chief, and police station chief, should all be held responsible. All participants should be held responsible for their roles in this event.