(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing Falun Dafa in 2003, and my personal cultivation is concurrent with the validation of the Fa. In early 2004, I often went to a division of the provincial government because of my work. In my heart, I also knew that truth-clarification was needed there in order to save sentient beings. Although I had constantly been doing things to clarify the truth, whenever I thought about directly clarifying the truth at the provincial government offices, I felt uneasy. I had the words in my mouth, they just wouldn't come out.

One time, I went to the provincial government office with a colleague. He said, "Please wait at the entrance, and I will get the permit." I agreed, and then started to walk in, thinking about a paragraph from Teacher's lectures. After a while, my colleague caught up to me, saying, "Hey, how did you come in? The guards didn't stop you?" I looked around, and saw that without thinking, I already had already entered the office building complex. Although there were four guards and several police officers at the entrance, they did not seem to see me. I knew that Teacher was giving me a hint: with the Fa in our mind, no one can interfere with our righteous thoughts and actions.

Through continuous Fa study and Teacher's benevolent hints, my righteous thoughts became stronger and stronger. Once, I was repairing a computer for the division head. As I was working, I clarified the truth to him. I told him, "After I'm finished with this, I can install software that allows you to visit overseas websites. It is very good!" "What software?" he asked. I told him, "It's called Ultrareach. It allows you to find the truth about many things, such as Falun Gong, the staged Tiananmen Square self-immolation, as well as the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners." He told me, "I often travel overseas. Many Falun Gong practitioners have given me flyers, but I did not even take a look... I just threw them away." I said, "You should read them. They are well written and they tell the real story."

Thus, I clarified the truth as I continued working, from the wide spread of Dafa prior to the persecution to the current persecution; from the "Tianjin City incident" to the peaceful appeal on "April 25." My voice became louder and stronger. There were several other people in the office, who I also hoped could hear the truth. At the beginning, the division head seemed uncomfortable. Later, he was quiet, but kept listening. At that time, I was not afraid, my mind was calm, and I felt as if my body was immersed in a strong energy field. I was also surprised. Though I clarified the truth so loudly in the provincial government office, no one opposed, as if they could not hear me. Later, I understood that the old forces made every effort to prevent the staff members in that office from hearing the truth. After realizing this, I often sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate their bad elements. Little by little, it became easier for them to accept what I said. Many people learned the truth from my truth-clarification and the powerful tool of Ultrareach.

After looking back over the past two years, I realize that as long as we have righteous thoughts and actions, doing things with a pure heart will always ensure that we can validate the Fa. Most of the time, I distribute truth-clarification materials during the day, sometimes handing it to people directly, and sometimes placing in bicycle baskets. One day, as I placed truth-clarifying materials in a bicycle basket, a person came up, asking me, "Could you do me a favor?" "Sure," I said, "What is it?" She was applying for a position as a sales representative, and the recruiter gave her a quiz: to contact three strangers. She hoped that I could leave her my name and phone number. I agreed, and after giving her my phone number and name, I also gave her my name card. She then asked me, "Was it you who distributed these flyers?" "Yes," I said. "Why flyers?" she asked. "It is about Falun Gong," I replied. "Wow!" she exclaimed, "You distribute these during the daytime?!" I said, "Yes, and I can give you one. I also have the VCD that exposes many dark secrets about the persecution, which everyone should know about." In this manner, we chatted for a long time, and then said goodbye to each other.