(Clearwisdom.net) On March 17, 2005, police from Fuxin City, Liaoning Province arrested Falun Dafa practitioner Wang Xiuying, her brother Wang Yuemin, her son Wang Bing, and another practitioner Sun Cuiping. Wang Yuemin was persecuted and tortured repeatedly. He became extremely weak and passed away on March 24, 2005 at the age of forty-three.

On March 17, 2005, police arrested Wang Bing on his way home from work. They took his keys and broke into his home. The police arrested his mother Wang Xiuying and his uncle Wang Yuemin, who were home at the time. They confiscated 14,400 yuan from Wang Xiuying's pocket, along with all the equipment the family had bought for making truth clarification materials. This included a laser printer, a color printer, two tape recorders, a laminating machine, two large paper cutters, several discs, and stacks of paper.

Wang Yuemin had previously been held in Huludao Correction Center, where he suffered severe persecution. The authorities released him after his hemoglobin count dropped to only three grams and his life was in danger. This time he was released the same night due to extreme weakness. Suffering repeated acts of persecution, he lost all his strength and passed away on March 24, 2005.

Wang Bing was held for four days. Wang Xiuying's husband went to the correction center and demanded the release of his wife. She was released after nine days, on the day of her brother's funeral. In order to resist further persecution, she left home and went from place to place. Sun Cuiping is currently still held in the Huludao Correction Center.

The State Security Bureau in Fuxin City participated in this illegal raid.

State security Bureau:
Office: 86-418-3319547
On-call room: 86-418-3319445
Safety security office: 86-418-2827113
Police station in Xiwan: 86-418-2281550

Documented Persecution of Deceased Practitioner Wang Yuemin:

On December 25, 2000, Wang Yuemin went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa. He was arrested when he returned home. He was sentenced to one year in Fuxin Forced Labor Camp, where he endured numerous forms of torture including electric shock. On June 17, 2001, the Deputy Director of the Correction Center Xin Hongshun, manager Tong Chao, and Director Guo from the education department came to the labor field of Fuxin Haizhou Mine Pingan Stone Breaking Factory carrying electric batons, and dragged Wang Yuemin into a room. They shocked him on his hands and shoulders with three electric batons at the same time, instantly causing a huge blister and leaving permanent scars.

Officers from the Haizhou Police Substation abducted him from his workplace and held him for one night in 2002. On February 13, 2003, police from Xinxing Station again took him away. They released him after having extorted thousands of yuan from his family.

On April 30, 2003, police from the Wangfu Station arrested him while he was distributing truth-clarifying materials. They confiscated his motorcycle, 50 yuan, and a belt, and did not provide receipts for the items taken. They illegally sentenced him to two years in Huludao Correction Center. His hemoglobin count dropped to three grams in 2004. The correction center was afraid of being held responsible for his condition and released him.

Wang Yuemin was arrested again by Fuxin State Security Bureau on March 17, 2005, and passed away on March 24, 2005.