(Clearwisdom.net) In 2004, the higher authorities awarded the Guangxi Women's Labor Camp the title of "Excellent Re-education School." Since then, this women's labor camp has escalated its persecution of Dafa practitioners. It has in the past bragged about its high "transformation rate" of Dafa practitioners, and now it again prides itself on how high the "transformation rate" has risen.

Let us take a look at what kind of evil persecution means the camp has utilized to help them reach the so-called "transformation rate."

Firstly, the perpetrators in the labor camp have applied mental torture methods to all newly detained Dafa practitioners by depriving them of sleep. Every day, collaborators continuously defame Dafa and Master Li (the founder of Falun Dafa) in front of these practitioners. The perpetrators punish any practitioner who rebuts them by forcing them to squat down half-way while handcuffed, so that they can neither stand nor sit.

Secondly, for Dafa practitioners who refuse to cooperate with the perpetrators by not responding to questions, refusing to squat down, and not reporting to a passing officer, the perpetrators do not allow these practitioners to go to the toilet. When some practitioners couldn't endure anymore, they would be forced to relieve themselves in their pants. The perpetrators then would not allow them to change and wash. Thus the cell was dirty and smelly with their urine and excrement. Not until 10 days later, when the practitioners were forced to say, "reporting" to officers, would the perpetrators allow them to wash themselves, but the perpetrators would still tie the practitioners up when they returned from washing. Meanwhile, the perpetrators would also force practitioners to write a "Guarantee Statement". If practitioners didn't write a guarantee statement, they would be forced to write a statement saying that they didn't do the right thing by relieving themselves in their pants. Practitioners would not be untied if they didn't write it. Some criminal inmates used all their strength to tie practitioners up and made it difficult for them to breathe. The perpetrators would tie up a practitioner's hands behind her back with a very thin rope, then pull the rope up until the tied hands reached the height of her shoulder level, making one feel as if one's shoulder would snap off.

The Guangxi Women's Labor Camp still detains about one hundred Falun Dafa practitioners. The practitioners who refuse to cooperate with the perpetrators and have not been "transformed" in the camp have received the most brutal persecution. The following are examples of the abuse that steadfast practitioners have suffered:

Ms. Lin Tiemei from Yulin is in her twenties, and graduated from Beijing Medical School. In 2003, she was detained for a second time. While at the labor camp, Ms. Lin would frequently recite Master's articles. For this, the persecutors spread rumors saying, "Lin Tiemei has become insane." They have instigated hatred towards her in the camp, making people inside say that she became insane because of Falun Dafa. Some less steadfast practitioners, after seeing this, began to waver. During the 2004 Chinese New Year, the perpetrators of the camp spread rumors again, saying that Ms. Lin was released on medical parole. They also instructed those already released to spread the rumor outside the camp, informing people that the labor camp had already released Ms. Lin. But she had actually been detained in a secret room. Several drug offenders guarded the room, not allowing anyone to get near her. Many people were misled, and they even assisted the perpetrators in persecuting her. They tied Lin Tiemei up every day and deprived her of any sleep, forcing her to sit on a piece of wooden plank with no cover on her all day, even in winter. Her hands and feet became very stiff, and she became unable walk due to long term handcuffing. Every day she is carried to be force-fed. There is obvious edema on her face, hands, and feet, and the handcuffs have cut deeply into her flesh. Lin Tiemei's health is deteriorating daily, but the authorities still refuse to let her go. They know that Ms. Lin is not insane, and they are afraid of having their evil deeds exposed.

Ms. Huang Yiyi from Yulin is also in her twenties, and was a bank clerk. In 2004, she was also detained for the second time. She has been deprived of sleep for as long as six months, but has never given in. In the end, the authorities put Ms. Huang in the Number Three Team of this camp, which is an "education team" (most of the people there are Dafa practitioners and the aim of this team is to "transform" people). At the Number Three Team, mealtime is at most just a few minutes long. Because of this, there is not enough time to eat a whole meal. Practitioners here are often found to be starving.

Dafa practitioner Ms. Menggui refused to have her photo taken by the labor camp guards. She was therefore thrown to the ground by the guards, in order to force her to have her photo taken. She was persecuted and later was transferred to the Number Three Team. This team is well known for its brutality and ruthlessness. Some criminals in the camp would urinate in their pants upon hearing the team leader's name, Wu.

Practitioner Ms. Zhang Shuxue, a nurse at the hospital affiliated with the Baiseyoujiang Medical School, was sentenced to three years but was actually imprisoned for four years. Some of the persecution she has received includes being deprived of sleep, being tied up, being forced to squat while handcuffed, being hung up onto the stairs (both feet couldn't touch ground), and not being allowed to got to the toilet, among other brutal methods aimed at breaking her will. She too didn't give in. The perpetrators didn't want to let Ms. Zhang go when her sentence was due, but they were forced to since she could no longer walk due to the torture she suffered. The severe persecution has caused Ms. Zhang great mental stress, and now she is in a state of fear all the time.

The most evil perpetrator in the Guangxi Women's Labor Camp is Lihui. She is directly in charge of persecuting Dafa practitioners. She orders criminals in the camp to tie Dafa practitioners up and then leaves them for several days. Once she goes home from work, she often does not return for days. As long as she is not at the camp, nobody can be untied. There is a rule in the camp that whoever orders a person to be tied up has to be the one to order the untying. Even the team leader in the camp is not allowed to override this rule. Often, Lihui doesn't turn up in the camp for days, and thus Dafa practitioners remain tied up for days.

Another evil persecutor is Luodan. She specializes in punishing Dafa practitioners by forcing them to stand for a long time. She orders practitioners to stand for several hours or several days under the baking sun, causing severe swelling in their feet.