1. Practice Site Appears in a Village Where No Practitioners Were Before

Although previously there were no Dafa practitioners in a certain village of Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province, now more and more villagers have started practicing Dafa. They gathered together to form a practice site on their own after practitioners continuously clarified the truth there. The five or six practitioners that go to this practice site every day to practice and study the Fa are all new practitioners. Among them is a 71-year-old woman. She said that she first learned about Falun Gong because some village leaders came to her home to ask her if she practiced Falun Gong a few years ago. Later on she learned the truth about Dafa through truth clarification materials. Upon learning the truth, she criticized Jiang for banning such a good practice.

In October 2004, the elderly woman became a Dafa practitioner, as she had long hoped she could be. Another two people also started to practice Dafa after reading truth clarification materials. One of them said to the other: "People all say it's a good practice, so let's try it." The other replied: "All right." Following this, one of them found a practitioner when she visited her parents and so was able to learn the exercises. She also took a copy of Zhuan Falun home. After the new practitioner went home, she and the other person formed a practice site on their own. Tremendous physical changes have happened to them since they began to practice Dafa. They don't need to take medication any more and most of their diseases have disappeared. A family member of one of the practitioners was amazed by the wonderful effects they experienced.

2. Getting Former Practitioners Back

Mr. Zhang is in his 70s. He obtained the Fa before the persecution started on July 20, 1999. He was persecuted by being fined and forced to work in a field under the scorching sun. A practitioner clarified the truth to him early this year and asked him whether he wanted to continue practicing. He answered: "No. I was almost killed by the Communist Party because of this." The practitioner told him: "Now, more and more people are waking up and starting to learn about Dafa. Many people have recovered their health." Seeing that the elderly man coughed heavily, the practitioner also told him some actual cases of people overcoming their illnesses. Mr. Zhang eventually acknowledged the truth.

When the practitioner left him, Mr. Zhang said: "I already feel much better from hearing you talking about this. Thank you for coming to tell me the true situation."

3. Surviving a Fatal Disease and Regaining Health

A village woman in Canzhuang Township, Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province had suffered from bone cancer of the shin and was not cured even after she spent 40,000 yuan at a hospital. Her legs were swollen, and had turned black and blue. She was unable to leave the bed and stand for long because her vessels would break and blood would spurt out. Unable to bear it, she prepared some poison in order to commit suicide.

One afternoon in the fall of 2004, a practitioner from the same village went to her home to clarify the truth to her and tell her how wonderful Dafa was. Her heart was moved upon hearing these words. The next morning when she woke up, she found her legs did not hurt any longer. She immediately told her husband, her children, and all her relatives. The family said: "Falun Dafa is miraculous!" From then on, she became a practitioner, listening to Teacher's lecture recordings and practicing the exercises. In about 20 days, she told others excitedly while rolling her pants up to show her recovering legs: "The color of my legs and hands are changing. My legs are not black and purple any longer, even very deep wounds are healing fast and the skin there is starting to look normal." Now she can go shopping and do housework.

Witnessing the change that Dafa brought to his wife, her husband was very happy. He listened to Teacher's lecture recordings with her, and told all their relatives about their own experience of how Dafa benefited them. Moreover, he realized the evil nature of CCP after practitioners gave him the Nine Commentaries. He decided to quit the CCP organizations and practice Dafa with his wife.

4. The Experience of a Cancer Survivor

Ms. Li Guiping (alias), in her 60s, is from the township of Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province. She spent 13,000 yuan to have a hysterectomy due to ovarian cancer last year. The doctor told her that she needed to complete eight rounds of chemotherapy after the operation. She suffered a lot from the first treatment, and her health was poor. In November 2004, a practitioner told her about Dafa, and she read the truth clarification materials. Soon she borrowed the book Zhuan Falun and started practicing the exercises and reading the Fa. Five days later, her complexion looked better; in fifteen days, she was able to do the cooking.

Li Guiping's husband came to believe that Dafa is supernormal and miraculous after witnessing her change over the four months since she started practicing. He said to their children: "I support your Mom in practicing Dafa. She is healthy again, which saves us over 20,000 yuan because one chemotherapy treatment costs 2,000 yuan and she was supposed to take another seven. This is on top of the cost of her daily medication to control her blood pressure. She hasn't needed any of this since she started practicing, and is even able to do housework." Falun Dafa has helped this struggling family regain its harmony, and the whole family now agrees that Falun Dafa is wonderful.