(Clearwisdom.net) The Shandong Province Women's Prison has the official name of Shandong Province Xingye Development Corporation Ltd. The prison authorities force illegally detained Falun Gong practitioners to work from 15 to 18 hours a day, and overnight as the workload increases. Sometimes the practitioners cannot sleep or wash themselves for several days and nights. Practitioner Ms. Li Fang died from illness and exhaustion on April 27, 2002. Another practitioner approximately 58 years of age died on her way home.

Practitioner Li Fang lived in Weifang City, and she was held in Ward 6. She ran a 40 0C [104 0F] fever for a very long time, and the guards refused to give her any break and forced her to work right after she received an IV infusion at the hospital. She died on April 27, 2002.

A practitioner approximately 58 years of age was held in Ward 4. She was often forced to work overtime and all night. The work environment at Ward 4 is terrible, as it is located in a dark and damp basement with poor air circulation, right beneath the prison cafeteria and the boiler room. The workroom often overflowed with rainwater in the summer. This practitioner was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. The guards released her and she died before she was able to get home.

Long-term slave labor: "Every cent [of profit] counts."

Shandong Province Women's Prison is located at No. 93 South Gongye Road in Jinan City, Shandong Province. A banner that reads "Shandong Province Xingye Development Corporation Ltd" hangs outside the front gate. After entering the first gate, you can see a sign that reads "Shandong Province Women's Prison."

All of the wards have signed contracts with the prison, and the guards' income is directly proportional to the money made by their ward. All types of jobs that are hard to fill in society are brought here to the prison because labor is the cheapest. In the words of a guard, "Every cent [of profit] counts." The guards encourage the inmates to beat practitioners half to death and order collaborators to verbally abuse, punch and kick the practitioners. They force practitioners to squat for extended periods of time and don't allow them to sleep.

The daily schedule usually runs for 15 to 18 hours, and all night work is commonplace when the workload is heavy. The practitioners get up at 5:40 a.m. and work until midnight. Other than the days when government inspectors come, the practitioners rarely get to finish before 10 p.m. The practitioners are told to answer government inspectors with a memorized script, and that they would be punished if they slipped with a word of truth and rewarded if they gave the scripted answer.

The most common type of work is clothing manufacturing, with overalls being the most popular. They are exported to Europe, Russia, and the U.S. The practitioners also make blankets and covers for beach chairs for the Jinan Towel Factory, which exports them to the U.S. They export coats to Korea, and aprons and shoe covers to Japan.

From the latter part of 2003 to the early part of 2004, three million toy owls were made at the prison. The guards said that Germans love owls. The order was placed with a Korean company that has a contract with a Chinese factory, which was really the Shandong Province Women's Prison. It is said that the boxes that contain the finished products are marked with German words. Ward 2 designs and makes different kinds of cloth toys that are also exported through various channels.

Dafa practitioners persist in their belief and are brutally tortured

Practitioner Wang is approximately 30 years of age and she lived in Rizhao City. She and her husband made truth-clarification materials, and they were seized and illegally sentenced to prison. Wang was taken to Shandong Province Women's Prison. She thought, "The prison is not the place for Dafa practitioners." In early 2002, when the guards took her to the male section to meet with her husband and to try to "reform" her, she tried to escape on the way back. The guards caught up with her and put her in solitary confinement. The guards stripped her naked, stuffed her mouth with a towel and shocked her with four fully charged electric batons. The skin on her chest, back and neck was scorched.

Practitioner Zhao Yuhong is in her 40s. She used to be an official at the Shandong Province Zhaoyuan Department Store. She was sent to forced labor and prison for persisting in her Dafa practice, and she was disabled from the torture. She could not speak, eat or drink speak when she lay down. She could only get up by holding onto something, and then she could eat or speak only when she was walking in an unbalanced gait. Despite her condition, she persisted in doing the Falun Gong exercises. The guards ordered inmates to monitor, curse, and beat her. One evening in spring 2004, the political head of Ward 6 ordered six inmates to beat Zhao Yuhong for more than two hours. Although she was in a perfectly rational state of mind, the guards injected her with nerve-damaging psychotropic drugs on a frequent basis.

The guards at Ward 6 often order inmates to persecute Dafa practitioners. Practitioner Huang Sue, who is in her 60s, persisted in doing the exercises at night after 16 hours of work during the day. The inmates often beat her and forced her to remain standing while wearing only a sweatshirt and sweatpants in the winter. In early 2004, she got up and went to the restroom, and inmate Qin, who was on duty, threw a campstool at her. She tried to get out of the way, and the stool hit her arm and left a large bump.

Practitioner Zhang Shuqin and Liu are both around 60 years of age. They were often forced to stand at night for doing the Falun Gong exercises. Sometimes they worked during the day and stood at night. In the winter, they were forced to stand during the night for seven or eight days.

A practitioner in her 20s was sentenced to prison for validating Dafa in Beijing. She was transferred to Shandong Province Women's Prison. She was held in solitary confinement and was treated like a mental patient until her release.

Practitioner Li Guizhen from Anqiu City held a 16-month hunger strike to oppose the persecution.

The guards order inmates and collaborators to persecute Dafa practitioners. In late 2001, urged by the guards, five collaborators at the Jiangshuiquan Forced Labor Camp beat a practitioner to death. They were each sentenced to four years in prison and were sent to Shandong Province Women's Prison. The guards here used four of them to brainwash and torture practitioners. They took turns cursing the practitioners, beating and kicking them, forcing them to squat or stand, and did not allow them to sleep.

For a while, the guards used torture in an attempt to reform the practitioners. Later, they turned to "soft" methods. They invited the practitioners' parents, parents-in-law, grandparents and young children to the prison and celebrated their birthday. They even cared for the practitioners and helped their families with their personal problems in order to try to convince the practitioners to give up their practice of Dafa.

Ward 7 and Ward 8 were built as the headquarters for persecution. Since the end of 2004, practitioners have been sent to a subdivision, where collaborators brainwash them. The collaborators bombard practitioners with Dafa-slandering propaganda nonstop.

The guards never stop mentally torturing the practitioners. They have obtained every imaginable kind of TV program, newspaper article, magazine article and book that attack Dafa, and they force the practitioners to read, write and say things against Dafa. The prison authorities also use blackboards, bulletin boards and propaganda videos to slander Dafa. Jiang Zemin, the head perpetrator, acknowledged the persecution at this prison by sending his secretary over in September 2002. Several collaborators wrote a letter to Jiang Zemin praising the prison, and Jiang issued an award to the prison.

Shandong Province Women's Prison

Phone number: 86-531-8936691, 8936692, 8936693, 8936694, 8585200, 8585454
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