(Clearwisdom.net) My schoolteacher introduced Falun Dafa to my class, and we all became young practitioners. We have benefited much from cultivation. We would like to share some of our experiences in maintaining righteous thoughts, or "keeping our good thoughts."

Sharing One:

The outcome of many events comes from a single thought. It is very regretful if our wrong thought causes a bad result. No matter what we do, we need to make the right decisions to not cause any damage.

When we judge people, things and objects, right or wrong, good or bad, whether something is beautiful or ugly, we do it with a single thought. No matter what we do, we need to judge carefully and realize the importance of the issue. Our minds should always be in tune with Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance.

No matter what we do, the most important thing is to look inside for improvements.

Sharing Two:

A single thought may have a big outcome. If you think, "I cannot endure anymore. I am very tired, I need a break now," then you will indeed feel very feeble. Your own mind can often decide the result of the matter.

Once I fell down on the ground. I thought, "No problem, it is karma elimination. No pain." In less than two minutes, the pain went away. The next morning the wound went away without leaving a scar. It was a miracle.

One time my brother scratched my hand. It was very painful. Suddenly I changed my thought and said, "I will not have pain. This is karma elimination. I will be fine." Suddenly I did not feel pain anymore, and the wound on my hand went away.

Your thoughts also affect other things. For example, if you do not think about the pain or a wound when doing the standing exercise, then you will not feel the pain.

Sharing Three:

If you have good thoughts, you will do good things, whereas if you have bad thoughts, you might do bad things. Therefore, keeping good thoughts is very important.

For example, if you get sick or hurt and realize right away, "Oh! I am a cultivator. I can pass this test," then the pain might subside soon.

Several times, our schoolteacher asked us whether we would persist in cultivation. My answer was always yes. But I thought: When the schoolwork seems too much for me, I will study the Fa less. Later, I realized that this notion is not right. I was considering things from an ordinary people's viewpoint.

We can assimilate to Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance only if our thoughts are pure. These three words are easy to say, but applying them is not easy. I feel the hardest of the three is Forbearance. Looking at the Chinese character for "Forbearance," I see a sharp blade on top of a heart. When doing the standing stance I lack endurance and often do not persist until the end. I should tell myself: I can do it!

In taking a required monthly exam, I complained to the teacher that the questions were too hard. This was not righteous. Instead of blaming others, I should have looked inside to see if I did not put in enough effort.

Sharing Four:

Once a car hit me, and the collision threw me for a far distance. At the time, my mind was blank and I was frightened, and I felt pain in my head and back. Nonetheless, when the driver asked me nervously, "Are you okay?" I replied, "No problem."

A kind-hearted man witnessed the scene and asked me, "Little girl, are you sure that you are okay? Your face is pale. Do you want to go to the hospital?" Although I was still crying, I said, "No, thank you." I knew I was a cultivator, and I was fine. However, the driver thought it necessary to bring me to the hospital.

X-rays showed that my lungs and vertebra were fine. My mom ran into the emergency room and asked me, "Are you okay?" I said yes. In Zhuan Falun it is mentioned that a single thought can determine one's future. Because I treated myself as a cultivator, I was indeed unhurt in the accident.

February 19, 2005