(Clearwisdom.net) The Wangcun Forced Labor Camp in Shangdong Province is a place where many practitioners have been viciously persecuted. Practitioners Li Deshan and Zou Songtao were tortured to death there. Quite a few practitioners were tortured to the point of becoming mentally ill. I am exposing the things that I know happened in the Wangcun Labor Camp so that people will be aware of the inhuman cruelty that takes place there.

At its peak, the Wangcun Forced Labor Camp illegally detained close to 2,000 practitioners, administered by 12 brigades. Guards there applied various torture methods on practitioners, all of which were brutal beyond imagination. The 9th Brigade is the worst of all.

1. "Strict Control Stool"

Guards Shan Yewei and Liang Junling made a torture instrument called the "strict control stool" with steel cables. This stool causes unbearable pain after sitting on it for just a few minutes. Guards forced practitioners to sit still on it for long periods of time.

The head of the 9th Brigade, Jing Xucheng, is exceedingly vicious. The torture method he most often used on practitioners is sleep deprivation. Practitioners were forced to sit still on the "strict control stool" for more than 23 hours a day (only allowing short breaks for meals and using the restroom). Several collaborators in the prison were assigned to monitor the practitioners in rotating shifts. They brutally beat the practitioners if they changed their sitting position. When the practitioners became too exhausted and sleepy to sit on the stool, they washed their faces with cold water, and then two collaborators would drag a practitioner, making him walk back and forth in the hallway in order to force the practitioner to stay awake. After practitioners were revived, they were forced to sit on the stool again. In this way some practitioners were deprived of sleep for several months, some even as long as half a year. Practitioners were extremely sleepy. They could hardly keep their eyes open. They couldn't tell day from night. They had to fumble for the washbasin after putting it on the floor to wash their faces. When they put on their clothes, they couldn't distinguish their bedcover from their clothes. They would pick up a corner of the bedcover and try to put it on. The collaborators laughed at the practitioners and told other people these stories as jokes. Several practitioners were put through the sleep deprivation torture and became mentally disoriented.

2. Hanging

If sleep deprivation failed to force the practitioners to give in, other torture methods would be used. One of them is "hanging" - practitioners' upper clothes were removed, and then the practitioners were hung in the air by their hands, with the tips of their toes barely touching the floor. Then two collaborators would hit practitioners' ribs. According to the persecutors, "This torture method can make dead people speak."

Being tortured in this way caused practitioners excruciating pain. Some couldn't help but utter cries of pain. It hurt so much that, even in winter, practitioners would sweat from the pain. Many practitioners, including Wang Guiwei, Mu Zuguang, and Pu Qingjin, were subjected to this torture method. The guards were afraid that people would hear the practitioners' pained cries, so they sealed their mouths with tape when this method was applied.

Jing Xucheng was notorious for his persecution of practitioners. He was summoned to Beijing by the government to attend a conference to reward people who persecute Falun Gong. The attendees of the meeting exchanged their ideas for torturing practitioners. Jing Xucheng taught guards from other labor camps this torture method. He said that this method was effective because it could inflict a lot of pain without producing noticeable scars or severe internal damage.

3. Twisting the Flesh with Pliers

Guards used metal pliers to clamp the practitioners' flesh on the leg, and then they used screws to hold the flesh in place and forcefully twisted the pliers, causing the flesh to separate from the bone. Practitioners would lose consciousness due to the extreme pain this caused. Many practitioners were tortured in this way. Zhuang Qi is one of them.

4. "Wearing an Antenna"

For practitioners who went on hunger strikes to protest the persecution, the torture they were subjected to was even more vicious. Several collaborators would tie the practitioner to a chair, pinch his nose to prevent him from breathing, and then use metal tools to pry his mouth open. Some practitioners lost their teeth. If this torture didn't work, the collaborators would use what they called "wearing an antenna" to torture the practitioners; they inserted tubes into the practitioners' noses, and then force-fed them through the tubes. Afterwards, they wouldn't remove the tube, but fixed it to practitioners' head using tape. The thugs then put practitioners into strictly monitored cells and forced them to sit still on the "strict control stool" with their hands handcuffed to the iron bench, causing even more pain for the practitioners.

5. Electric Batons

Guards often use electric batons to shock the practitioners. They handcuff practitioners, kick them to the ground, and then start shocking the practitioners with several batons. Practitioner Ma Jialin used to work for the Jinan Railway Bureau. He was once shocked with 9 electric batons for several hours. The perpetrators used 12,000-volt electric batons, and the room was filled with the smell of burnt flesh. Afterwards, Ma Jialin was put into a solitary confinement cell. He couldn't endure the brutal persecution and renounced Falun Gong.

Guards Liu Guowei, Wang Xinjiang, and Wang Li used electric batons to shock practitioners many times. They also defamed Falun Dafa and practitioners.

Additionally, these thugs didn't allow practitioners to use rest rooms. Some practitioners had no choice but to defecate in their pants.

6. Using Collaborators to Conduct Brainwashing Sessions

Collaborator Song Weizhong, who was detained in the 9th Brigade, used to be a serviceman in the army. He used what he learned in the military to brutally persecute practitioners. To identify practitioners who were making false "transformation" statements, (labor camps put practitioners through brutal tortures to "transform" them. Some practitioners couldn't endure the torture and made transformation statements against their will) collaborators compiled a list of questions that revile Teacher and Falun Dafa. In order to obtain an earlier release from the labor camp, Song Weizhong even asked his wife to come to the labor camp to defame Falun Dafa at meetings. He has received retribution for his actions. He had nightmares all the time. His whole body ached. His teeth fell out, and his health started breaking down. Collaborators Wang Fengxiao and Guo Hongliang also actively participated in beating practitioners. Guo Hongliang had studied Chinese medicine and he knew about acupuncture points. When he beat practitioners, he would intentionally hit the acupuncture points, inflicting even more pain on them. Wang Fengxiao was once ordered by a guard to tear off a practitioner's toenail, causing the practitioner to bleed profusely in excruciating pain. Later Wang Fengxiao was moved by the practitioners and realized the terrible consequences of helping the policemen torture them. He has started to make up for his actions and joined in Fa rectification activities.

7. Practitioner Mr. Li Deshan Tortured to Death with the "Strict Control Stool"

Guards Shan Yewei and Liang Junling made a torture instrument called the "strict control stool" with steel cables. This stool would cause unbearable pain to anyone who sat on it for just a few minutes. Practitioner Li Deshan died as a result of being tortured with this instrument.

The guards forced him to sit on the stool for a long time, and forced him to stay awake. Several collaborators watched him in rotating shifts. They brutally beat him if he changed his sitting position. In addition to the physical torture, the mental torture Li Deshan suffered was even more unbearable. They prevented Li Deshan from sleeping for long periods of time. When his mind was no longer clear due to sleep deprivation, they made Li Deshan read aloud material that defamed Falun Gong, and recorded his voice while reading, and then they finally let him go to sleep. When he awoke with a clear mind, they played his recording in public. Li Deshan denied that it was his own statement, so the policemen deprived him of sleep and forced him to read the material again when his mind was not clear, and recorded it and played it again. Under the extreme physical and mental torture, Li Deshan suffered a mental collapse and eventually died in tears, leaving behind his parents, his wife and their young children.

In the torture of Li Deshan, collaborator Li Conglin was an active participant. He reported information concerning Li Deshan to the guards, and targeting Mr. Li's weaknesses, he came up with several methods to torture him. In order to get out of the labor camp himself, Li Conglin tricked his own wife, who is a Falun Gong practitioner, into undergoing brainwashing, and coerced his wife into telling the police that she had produced truth-clarifying materials. The local 610 Office took her away instead of keeping their promise to "let her go home and help her find a job", and they unlawfully sentenced her to 9 years in prison. When he heard this news, Li Conglin was devastated and cursed the local 610 Office for breaking their promise.

8. Guards Wang Xinjiang, Zhao Yongming, Zhang Bo, and Wang Yinping: "Killing Without a Knife"

At first, the 11th Brigade tortured practitioners through forced labor. Practitioners were forced to finish a certain amount of work, otherwise, they weren't allowed to sleep. Some practitioners couldn't finish their quotas, and were forced to work overtime as late as 11 or 12 o'clock at night. On average, each practitioner had to work between 14 and 16 hours each day. When guard Wang Xinjiang was transferred to this brigade, the situation took a turn for the worse. In addition to forcing practitioners to do extra work, the guards also forced them to attend brainwashing sessions. Wang Xinjiang randomly asked practitioners questions. If practitioners' answers did not comply with his requirements, he would put the practitioner under strict monitoring - shocking them with electric batons, confining them in solitary compartments, and force-feeding practitioners who went on hunger strikes. Wang Xinjiang often beat practitioners during the night. The practitioners' pained cries often woke up other practitioners. He also visited Falun Dafa websites to learn about new developments so he'd be better prepared to inflict more pain on the practitioners.

Guards Zhao Yongming, Zhang Bo, and Wang Yinping from the 12th Brigade not only beat and shocked practitioners with electric batons themselves, they also instigated the participation of collaborators in the torture. In addition to the use of sleep deprivation to torture practitioners, they also used other torture methods such as electric batons, solitary confinement and force-feeding. They also forced the practitioners to buy them their daily necessities.

Zhao Yongming demanded bribes from a businessman in Dezhou City, so the businessman paid the labor camp very low fees for the work, with Zhao Yongming pocketing the excess for himself. Practitioners worked from 5 a.m. until 11p.m., and were only paid 0.6 yuan each day. Other guards complained about Zhao Yongming in front of practitioners because they weren't making any money from it. Zhao Yongming also prompted the other guards to steal meat, tofu, eggs and other food from the practitioners' cafeteria. He received multiple awards from the government for his persecution of practitioners. He went to Beijing many times to teach other labor camp personnel his torture methods. He brought collaborators to the female labor camp to help "transform" the practitioners there. He threatened and reviled female practitioners who were steadfast in their belief.

The guards' financial persecution of practitioners is also severe. They embezzled the practitioners' living expenses. They pay 0.5 yuan for two eggs, but charged practitioners 0.75 yuan for one egg. They charge practitioners a telephone fee of 1.5 yuan per minute, but the market rate is 0.2 yuan a minute for long distance calls.

A water dungeon was once built at the Wangcun labor camp. It was located to the southwest of the residential area behind the chicken farm. In an effort to cover up the Communist Party's evil activities, the ceiling of the water dungeon was removed, but the deep pool is still in place, and the hooks used to hang practitioners still dangle above the pool, reminding people of the pain they inflicted in the past.