Some time ago I heard about a fellow practitioner that put a lot of effort in truth-clarifying. She posted Falun Dafa flyers everywhere near her home. Even the 2 year old children in her neighborhood know that Falun Dafa is good. However, this practitioner indulges in playing cards. She often sits in front of the mahjong table, even for half a day at a time. One of her neighbors said to me in front of her, "She practices Falun Gong, but she still plays cards all day."

Master said:

"Have you ever seen a Buddha or a Dao sitting there with a cigarette dangling from his mouth? How laughable!" (Zhuan Falun)

I'd like to ask this practitioner: "We are Dafa practitioners. Could we cultivate to Perfection while playing mahjong?"

In 1997 I had just obtained the Fa and I was fascinated by video games. I used to sit in front of the video game machines all day and the "spirit" inside the screen affected every one of my cells. After I would pass a certain level, I would still want to pass the next one, and so on. Now when I recall all these I realize that they come from a very strong attachment to competitiveness. Every night when I lied down in bed, the "spirit" of the video game would start to flicker in front of my eyes and would excite me. At that time I did not know how to send forth righteous thoughts yet, so I asked Master to help me. Under Master's compassionate care, I finally got rid of the strong attachment.

Last summer I changed my cell phone. The cell phones come with "electronic pets" games. The "electronic cat" will grow up slowly under the cell phone owner's "care". I "raised" three "electronic cats" so far. Whenever I had time, I would take out the cell phone and "feed" them. The three "electronic cats" began to grow up under my "care". I did not realize it was my attachment at work again. One day, a kitten appeared in front of my home window. It refused to leave even when we tried to drive it away. It stayed there and cried for three days.

I thought that no matter what kind of life it is, it should be saved. So I sent forth a thought: let the clear side of its master soul remember Dafa and then it should leave. But the cat still cried furiously and did not stop. Once, at lunchtime, my 13 year old little sister said to me, "it's a cat goblin." I was surprised that a child could utter such words. The cat came again in the evening, and brought a companion. They cried furiously outside, which made people afraid. At that moment I suddenly remembered the electronic cat of my cell-phone. When I opened my cell-phone, I found that the "electronic" one was the same as the one outside. Suddenly I got it. I actually asked for it, so it couldn't leave.

Although the hobbies are invisible in our dimension, they are tangible lives in other dimensions. The old forces will stick to them tightly and make the evil lives interfere with us, control us and even destroy us. If we give it up forced by circumstances, it can play a certain role, but the attachment will just temporarily hide. If we want to eliminate these attachments on a fundamental level, we must do as Master has told us:

"Dig them out at their roots."

("Digging Out the Roots")

This doesn't refer only to playing cards and video games. I think it also refers to things that we like to indulge in, such as playing chess and watching TV. It's the same. As for me, I choose to cherish the valuable time and do well three things what Master requests us to do.