Recently I've been trying to spend more of my spare time studying the Fa. However, I've encountered a lot of interference. Sometimes I felt numb all over my body. Other times I was extremely sleepy. I couldn't even focus long enough to read two pages of Fa. It was very difficult for me to study the Fa and truly absorb what I was reading. When sending forth righteous thoughts, I couldn't stay awake. I'd like to raise this issue here, so other fellow practitioners can learn from my lessons.

In my cultivation I have done some truth-clarification work and I'm coordinating some Dafa projects. However, I still have many attachments. For example, I have the pursuit of comfort in the human world. I'm afraid of being lonely. I have various expectations about marriage. The old forces' dark minions took advantage of my omissions and kept persecuting me. My strong attachments oppressed the part of me that obtained the Fa. Therefore, I couldn't pay enough attention to and truly cherish my opportunities to improve during my Fa-rectification cultivation, and I couldn't maintain a good cultivation state.

When I came to realize that my enormous attachments were the things that stood in the way of my cultivation, I started to send forth strong righteous thoughts. I tried my best to get rid of the attachments that I became aware of. Gradually, I returned to my normal cultivation state. I regained my wisdom and was able to see through my problems. The tribulations that I suffered came from the tests that I should have passed in the course of my cultivation. I didn't uncover my attachments quickly enough to improve myself fast enough. The suffering that I endured was just a small portion of what our Teacher has eliminated for us. When we pay back our karmic debts, behind the scenes, Teacher is balancing the complicated karmic relationships that we ourselves were unable to resolve. The dark minions try to interfere with us. However, Teacher uses them to help us improve while dissolving them.

I know several fellow practitioners who were severely interfered with when they sent forth righteous thoughts. In fact, the root cause lay in the attachments that they didn't want to get rid of. No matter how much Dafa work we do, we can't reach Consummation with these last attachments. The Fa-rectification is progressing, led by Teacher, and it will definitely be a magnificent success. Here I'd like to urge my fellow practitioners to truly look inside and dig out their attachments, so they won't be targeted by the dark minion's persecution anymore.