(Clearwisdom.net) The reform of the education system in Harbin City began last year. Since then, it has been the subject of intense propaganda. The relevant policies have appeared publicly one after another, but it was finally much talk with little action. Everyone knew that under the control of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), nobody could truly break through the network of personal connections that has dominated for so long. But during the tense atmosphere of the reform of the education system in the whole province, all the teachers were nervous.

Finally at the end of last year, the reform policy arrived.

All the teachers on duty, permanent or temporary, with achievements or not, as long as they clearly made a declaration to keep in line with the political ideology of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, could then sign the contract prepared by the school authorities. The contract would then be legally notarized and guarantee that one would not be laid off for three years.

There was concern that the "Education Reform in Harbin City," would arouse conflict, but it turned out that people only needed to express their loyalty to the Party. Unqualified instructors could get academic jobs using their personal connections, and the ones happiest about the "reform" were the mediocre and poor teachers that feared for their jobs based on merit. Meanwhile, good and honest teachers who had hope for this "education reform" were disappointed. Locally, where there were more than 1,000 excess teachers, corruption prevailed again. People without a high school diploma could give lectures. The wife of a Party leader, who cannot even write her name well, took the important position of Dean of Academic Affairs.

Today, when Jiang Zemin's regime and the evil spirit of the CCP has been totally corrupted and has lost people's hearts, they are once again showing that doing the right thing is not their goal, but only preserving their power.

There were more than 100,000 teachers in the cities and counties under the jurisdiction of Harbin. With so much unemployment, nobody had expected that it would be so easy to qualify for a position simply by declaring they would follow the party line, so the majority of people did not even read the contract before signing it, including some Dafa practitioners who were teachers. Is this a trivial issue?

Now, the Fa-rectification has already begun to clean out all of the elements of the evil Communist specter. In order to escape Fa-rectification, the Party thought that it was safe to dominate humans, so the evil specter took all necessary steps to deceive and control people, the only way by which it can maintain its. From this point of view, the education system reform in Harbin was another evil plot, with the intent of destroying sentient beings before its own complete elimination. As Dafa disciples in the Fa-rectification period, our mission is to save sentient beings. I suggest that fellow practitioners who are aware of this situation fully discuss this issue. Let's use our power to expose the evil plot of the CCP and completely eliminate it to save more sentient beings.

I would also like to mention the CCP's poison with regard to farmers:

Many people knew that the new session of the central authorities abolished the farm tax and would offer farm support. "The government's levy on grains and other taxes" has become history. The Chinese farmers were all happy, thinking that the CCP was now concerned with their plight. They didn't know that the farm support policy had been established long ago. It is because of administrative corruption that the subsidy has not reached the farmers. The farmers have never seen any of this money.

The farm tax has now been cancelled, but the production costs have risen sharply. The costs of fertilizer, seeds, and pesticides have doubled. The cost of these three items has already exceeded that of the farm taxes.

The so-called farm support and the cancellation of farm taxes is quite similar to the "Education Reform" in Harbin. The only difference is that they are using even more underhanded methods to defraud farmers.