(Clearwisdom.net) Security is determined by our righteous thoughts! Of course, the righteous thoughts I am talking about here do not refer to just sending forth righteous thoughts, but also include one's responsibility towards the Fa and paying attention to the Fa principles regarding security matters at the surface level. Our righteous thoughts come from the Fa. Teacher has repeatedly taught us to study the Fa more, because this guarantees our improvement until reaching consummation. The following are some of my cultivation experiences and sharing.

1. Losing my job

Several years ago, the police detained me because I practice Falun Dafa. After I managed to walk out of the detention center with righteous thoughts, I lost my job, and so I returned to my hometown. My parents were worried about me but they knew that they could not change my mind. They asked me, however, not to go out to clarify the truth so that I would not fall into the hands of the evildoers.

There were not many Falun Dafa practitioners in my hometown, and the number of practitioners who stepped forward to clarify the truth was even less. I enlightened that it was not accidental for me to return to my hometown. I must save the elders and folks in the area. It so happened that my family had just bought a new computer. I studied the Fa in the morning and in the evening. In the afternoon I downloaded the daily articles from the Falun Gong website Minghui, selected and printed materials, and then handed out the truth-clarification materials to people in the surrounding area.

At that time I had little knowledge about computer security. Each time after using the computer I would clean all the traces that I could find. From my level of understanding at the time, it was perfectly safe, and there was no omission at all.

Now, recalling the days when I first used the computer, my understanding of the computer safety was quite naïve. What was even more surprising was that before leaving my hometown to go back to my original job, I found that I had left a half-page of the truth-clarification material inside the printer.

I enlightened to the fact that we should pay as much attention to safety as possible. However, no absolute safety exists in this human dimension. No matter how safe the appearances are in our human dimension, it is still not truly safe if we have loopholes in our hearts. On the contrary, only by studying the Fa calmly and maintaining righteous thoughts and righteous actions can we fix these loopholes that we are not aware of in the surface dimension.

2. Restoration of work

After getting my job back I purchased some equipment for processing truth-clarification materials. At first I handed them out by myself, and then gave them to the practitioners nearby. I encouraged them to work together to clarify the truth and rectify the environment of the surrounding areas. All those who couragously handed out truth-clarification materials took meticulous precautions. I knew very well that if a practitioner who was involved in handing out the truth-clarification materials had an omission, it would jeopardize the safety of the printing site. Only when we can improve as one body will there be no loopholes for evildoers to exploit, and will the safety of the printing site be guaranteed.

I candidly shared my Fa-study experience with other practitioners.

After July 20, 1999 when faced with the complex situation of Falun Gong being banned, practitioners had different enlightenments. I was not that diligent in my cultivation at the time, so it was even harder for me to distinguish between right and wrong. I began to recite Zhuan Falun wholeheartedly. Gradually, I was able to distinguish the good from the bad using the Fa as the standard. I could find my shortcomings every day by comparing my words and deeds to the Fa. Also, every day I could see that I was improving in the Fa.

One evening, I had a dream that Teacher led me to climb a mountain. Teacher grabbed my right hand with his left hand. I followed Teacher's footsteps to climb up steadily. Another time in my dream, Teacher gave me an exam paper which contained multiple choice questions. I searched the Fa to find answers and felt it was very easy to choose the correct answers. When I came to the last question, I hesitated and then made my choice. In marking the last question, Teacher read it carefully and checked it. Teacher gave me a perfect score. I was overjoyed, and told Teacher that I had guessed the answer for the last question. However, with great mercy Teacher just smiled while looking at me.

When the environment later worsened, some Dafa practitioners who had learned Falun Gong earlier, slackened in their Fa study. As a result they could not distinguish the good from the bad, and they enlightened along an evil path during the inhuman persecution, when many traps were laid by the old forces. During that period I was detained twice and sent to a brainwashing center twice. Every time the evildoers saw me, they felt a great opportunity, and wanted to make a breakthrough with me since I have a very delicate appearance. Consequently, they coupled threats with promises, and conjured up all kinds of tricks and devices in an attempt to confuse me. However, I had studied the Fa very well, and so all their evil methods failed to work on me. Each time, I managed to walk out of the detention center with righteous thoughts and suffered only minor tribulations.

When the practitioners learned that the reason I could walk on the path of Fa-rectification cultivation smoothly over the past five years was due to solid Fa study, this gave them food for thought. I suggested to those practitioners who stepped forward to clarify the truth to recite Zhuan Falun. They should not use age as an excuse. Teacher said in the article "Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s),"

"Ask them to recite a paragraph of Zhuan Falun as a test." (Essentials for Further Advancement II)

Therefore, practitioners who got the truth-clarification materials from me, young and old, began to recite Zhuan Falun. The result was very good. When they came across problems, they could look at them from the standpoint of the Fa, and what they said was also from the Fa. They all happily shared with me their wonderful experiences gained after reciting the Fa. You can imagine how happy I was upon learning that these practitioners became ever clearer on the Fa principles. It was a fact, however, that the area where truth-clarification materials were distributed was expanding, and we even distributed materials to the headquarters of the evil. From a human perspective, the safety coefficient was reduced, but the righteous thoughts and righteous actions of the fellow practitioners made me feel much relief.

The cunning dark minions in other dimensions, good at taking advantage of every opportunity, tried several times to find the printing site in order to damage our work. However, we were able to study the Fa well. The loopholes were fixed and our minds perfected during the Fa study, and the potential tribulations were melted by our righteous thoughts.

3. Job transfer

The Personnel Department gave me the order for a transfer. I was chosen from a list of candidates who had good connections to get their transfers. I was transferred back to a higher level at my organization that had better working conditions. The everyday people were all shocked and felt it was quite unexpected when such a "nice thing" suddenly happened to me. One colleague said to me unexpectedly, "You practiced Falun Gong well and have done a good job in clarifying the truth. Our work unit reinstated your good name." I said to myself silently, it was my righteous thoughts and righteous actions that created a bright new world. It is our Teacher who really determines these events. I am here to save you.

One day I had a dream that the office building was collapsing and all the people in the building stretched out their hands, asking me for help. I was alone and was not able to save everyone. I realized that it was a hint from Teacher, asking me to save them and to hurry up and tell them the truth.

When at work, I took advantage of entering the office building to leave some truth-clarification materials, which I had meticulously selected, in almost every office. One day the head of the Security Department said to me that there had never been any truth-clarification materials in the building before. However, after I was transferred there, the truth-clarification materials appeared frequently. I told him that it was their blessing to read them.

4. Promotion at work

Not long ago I got promoted. I thought every time a "happy event" happens to me, there must be a big battle between the good and the evil in another dimension, and it must be a wonderful process of the good defeating the evil.

With the promotion at my work, my income also increased. Putting aside the money for everyday living and the printing costs, I had more spare money. My colleagues noticed that I began to buy clothes that I liked, but in the past had been reluctant to buy. I was no longer looking poor. The leaders all respected me and expressed their happiness when they saw me. They all greeted me. The security guards of the residential area and the peddlers alike were all happy to help me. My relatives and friends also had good fortune, one after another, after they learned the truth of Falun Dafa.

I found that when I let go of all my human desires to validate the Fa, I gained everything that I should have. It was Teacher's Fa shining on my path of advancement. I walked freely on the cultivation path of a righteous Fa and now the path was widening.

Some words in conclusion: Not long ago, I read an article from Clearwisdom.net which said that writing an experience-sharing article should not be for "giving publicity" to oneself, but rather to foster a better cultivation environment and be responsible to the Fa. Although I am not good at writing theoretical articles and I still find shortcomings in myself every day, it does not really matter. My cultivation story might give other practitioners some inspiration. It's just like what I said about concerning my gains and shortcomings to the practitioners I worked with. My sole purpose was to help us all improve.

As I write this sharing I hope fellow practitioners will kindly point out whatever is improper.