I was brutally tortured at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. After three years of torture, I developed many diseases including heart disease, hypertension, vasculitis, cystitis and diabetes. Even now, I still have difficulty walking.

In October 2002, Masanjia Forced Labor Camp held many "classes" to brainwash Dafa disciples, including forcing practitioners to watch videos that defame Dafa. Every time Dafa disciples were forced to watch these videos, practitioners would yell out, "Falun Dafa is good. Restore the good name of My Master." The evildoers would then start punching and kicking them. Some Dafa disciple's faces were bashed so hard that they bled. But the evildoers continued and escalated their persecution.

In early November 2002, the division leader tried to force me to wear a label indicating that I am being "re-educated" through forced labor. I sternly refused and said, "I am a good person. I didn't commit any crimes. I refuse to wear such a label." Upon saying this, I was tied up with ropes by the guards for three days. The police hung me by handcuffs for more than two hours each night. Some Dafa disciples were tied up like this for more than twenty days.

In mid-December 2002, the division leader dragged me to a research room and forced me to kneel on a ceramic tile (the tile has a width of half a meter - about 20 in.). I was not allowed to sleep. If my posture slightly changed, or my feet crossed over the tile edge, I was kicked and punched. After kneeling for 31 hours, my feet lost all feeling. My feet were swollen so much that I could not wear any shoes. My feet hurt so much I felt that they were constantly stabbed by needles. Even today, I still have difficulty walking. A doctor at the prison diagnosed this symptom as vasculitis. There were other practitioners who were forced to kneel down for several days or even up to one week, which resulted in various disabilities to their lower bodies.

In early December 2003, the Liaoning Provincial government sent several so-called "cult assistance groups" to the second division of Masanjia Forced Labor Camp to brainwash firm believers of Falun Dafa. They brutally persecuted the Dafa disciples kept locked up on the third floor of the second division. Every "classroom" became an evil den in which to persecute Dafa disciples. The building was constantly filled with Dafa disciples' screams, the sound of electric shocks and policemen's yells. Every Dafa disciple was persecuted to different extents both spiritually and physically. Some were punched so badly that their faces were swollen. Some were electrically shocked and their faces were bruised. Some could no longer walk. Some were forced to kneel down and stand as punishments, while others were often punched and kicked. Some police even used bedsheets to strangle Dafa disciples, resulting in them falling into comas repeatedly. The means of torture were very brutal.

I was scheduled to be released on April 1, 2005. Nonetheless, on that day I not released. Instead I was detained and persecuted for an additional 190 days. I was held in a completely closed-up and isolated division. Dafa disciples went on a group hunger strike to protest. On April 6, corrupt officials carried out force-feeding. Nine guards held me to the floor and used a pincer to open my mouth. They pulled my hair and fiercely pressed my abdomen in order to force-feed me. I felt suffocated, horrified and that my head was exploding. I went unconcious and my mouth was bleeding. I bled and was handcuffed to a bed for several days.

On the morning of April 5, 2005, I was sending forth righteous thoughts when an evildoer dragged me out of the cell. He pulled my hair and dragged me across the floor for ten meters until we reached the division leader's room. He handcuffed me to a hot air pipe. He deliberately pulled off my pants while dragging me.

The tortures by the corrupt officials at the forced labor camp caused me to develop symptoms of heart disease, hypertension, vasculitis, cystitis and diabetes. Even today, I still have difficult walking.