(Clearwisdom.net) My uncle is an honest and kind person. He deeply believes in God and Buddha. He has had many memorable experiences. I want to talk about two of these experiences in the hope that they can arouse people's wisdom.

During the war between Japan and China, my uncle was a military officer in the Kuomintang (KMT) army. During a military journey, my uncle saw an old saleslady weeping. He walked over and, with concern, asked the lady what was bothering her. The old lady told him that a man had just bought a lot of things from her and paid for them with a fake silver coin. Her family was very poor. How could she live her life? My uncle said kindly, "Don't cry, don't cry." He gave her a genuine silver coin and took the fake one and put it in his front shirt pocket. He hurried to catch up with the army. In the following battle, my uncle was shot in the chest. All the people thought that he would die from the shot. However, my uncle was only injured slightly because the bullet from the Japanese army had been stopped by the fake silver coin he was carrying in his pocket.

One day, the air-raid siren went off and everyone was running toward the cave which served as the air-raid shelter. As my uncle headed to the cave, he saw a woman weeping sorrowfully. She said that her little boy was left at home. After my uncle got the information from her, he ran toward the woman's house. As he was on his way back to the cave with the woman's son, the Japanese airplanes launched their attack. The Japanese seemed to know the exact location of the air-raid shelter and specifically bombed it. My uncle and the boy could not reach the cave to take shelter and thus could only hide on the mountain. After the airplanes left, they found that the cave had collapsed and everyone inside had died. My uncle saved himself by trying to save the boy's life.

October 27, 2005