As I remember, Teacher came to Guan County on November 11, 1992, and brought the essential Fa of the cosmos to people living in this area. At that time, few people had heard of Teacher or Falun Gong. In order to help people get to know Falun Gong, Teacher gave a lecture on Qigong in the Guan County Cinema. After that, Teacher held a conference at the Activities Center for Senior Officials, and treated illnesses there for three days.

The morning of November 14 was chilly and windy. Two friends of mine and I went to the Center at around 9AM. It was already crowded and more people were arriving. One of those people was a woman in her forties. I learned that she had retired early in 1988 because of various kinds of illnesses. Her husband even had to take one and a half years leave to stay at home to take care of her. She tried everything. She went to some prestigious hospitals like the Xiehe Hospital and the 301 Hospital in Beijing several times. She also visited some people who claimed to have supernormal abilities. However, her health condition became worse and worse. Eventually, it was very difficult for her to simply stand up. She was about five feet three inches tall, however her weight was only about seventy pounds. She was on the verge of death everyday. She had come to the Center that day to try her luck.

It was about 10AM when it was her turn. At the door of the room to the west side of the building, Teacher looked at this woman for a while from the top of her head to her feet. Then Teacher asked her to close her eyes and bend over a little. Teacher patted her whole body loudly from her head to her feet using his right hand. In two minutes, I saw the woman sweating a lot with sweat all over her face. Then Teacher asked her to stand up straight and open her eyes. Teacher asked her what she saw. She said it was all dark. Teacher then asked her to close her eyes and open her eyes again.

She said she saw many magnificent scenes in other dimensions. After a while, she closed her eyes and opened her eyes again. This time she came back to the Center. She suddenly came to realize how great Teacher is. She was very excited. She felt hot in her whole body and her heart. She didn't know what to say to thank Teacher.

After a while, she said she hadn't ridden a bike for five or six years. Teacher said, "Ride a bike now. The faster you can ride it, the better." She then rode the bike that her husband had used to carry her to the Center. She rode it around the big round garden in the middle of the yard and she was so happy that she looked like a little kid. After that she rode the bike home.

She started to do chores around the house after she went home. She felt energetic. She asked her husband to pump the tires on the bike. The next day, she went back to work.

At 7PM on November 16, Teacher started his first Fa Lecture Class at Guan County Town Hall. The next day, the class location was changed to the Conference Hall at the Guan County Wine Factory so that more people could be accommodated. People in Guan County are very pure. After the classes started, that woman and her husband invited Teacher to their home for lunch to show Teacher their sincere thanks for saving her life. They were renting and the landlord had a large dog. When Teacher and other people came in, the dog barked at everybody except Teacher. In fact, the dog sat down on the ground without uttering a sound at Teacher.

When Teacher entered the room, he saw many people in the room already. One of them asked Teacher about his inborn quality. Teacher said, "Your inborn quality is not bad at all. Keep practicing." Some other people wanted to ask about this also but didn't. Teacher seemed to know this since he looked at them and said, "When the highest type of men hear the Dao, with diligence they will practice it." (Zhuan Falun)

There were many types of food prepared and served at the lunch. Someone asked Teacher how he enjoyed the food. Teacher said it all tastes the same to him. When picking up food, Teacher used his left hand to catch food in case anything dropped from chopsticks. Teacher would pick up food from the table if anything dropped. We understood He was teaching us the Fa with his actions.

After lunch, Teacher took pictures with us. Teacher satisfied our requests whether we asked him to take a picture with several people or with an individual. I still feel so happy when thinking about that day, even today.

Teacher gave us so much in that class, yet the admission fee for the entire week long lecture series was only forty yuan (about five US dollars). For those who came during the class, the fee was cut in half to twenty yuan.

There is a practitioner named Song from Guan County who was imprisoned at the Shandong No. 1 Women's Forced Labor Camp after the persecution began. She was "transformed" and later claimed the admission fee for the lecture series was one hundred yuan. That is untrue.

I remember that one day before Teacher started the lecture, he said, "This Fa is only for human beings. Some spirit possessions were brought here since they were hidden very deeply in some people's bodies. You need to go and get reincarnated to human beings before you can learn the Fa." Teacher waited a few seconds then said, "You'll be eliminated if you don't choose to leave by yourselves." Just when Teacher finished this sentence, five or six practitioners wanted to throw up and felt sick. As soon as they stepped out of the hall, the spirit possessions left. The practitioners then came back to continue to listen to Teacher's Fa lecture as if nothing had happened.

We all have different inborn quality. Therefore we had different experiences of the Fa lectures. There was one practitioner who came to the lecture on the fourth day of the class. When she saw others sitting down with legs crossed and eyes closed, she did the same thing. Soon her Third Eye opened. She saw the stage where Teacher gave Fa lectures had mountains and rivers and buildings on it. Later she saw Teacher as a very large Buddha. She went to attend the Kaifeng Experience Sharing Conference later and saw countless big and small Falun all over the conference room.

The Lecture Class was planned to be ten days. Teacher changed it to seven. Teacher sent out very strong energy to adjust our bodies. We all felt very hot. During the Fa lecture, I was very sleepy most of the time. Frankly, I didn't understand all that Teacher said during the Fa lectures. I started to realize how great and benevolent Teacher is by studying the Fa later on.

After 9PM on November 22, Teacher himself passed a banner to the Guan County Dafa Assistance Center. After the Fa lectures, we walked back with Teacher to the hotel where Teacher stayed. We stayed there until very late since we didn't want to say goodbye to Teacher. We planned to invite Teacher to stay for a few more days. However, Teacher had to go back to Beijing to prepare for the Oriental Health Expo. Teacher left Guan County around 5AM on the morning of November 23.

When Teacher returned to Beijing, he still remembered our disciples in Guan County. On New Year's Day of 1993, Teacher sent a letter to us in Guan County. I heard Teacher start the letter by saying, "Happy New Year to my disciples in my hometown."