The Shuangkou Forced Labor Camp located in the Beichen District of Tianjin City is a den of evil where Falun Gong practitioners are cruelly persecuted. Thousands of practitioners experience gruesome persecution there. The tortures include electric baton shock, stick beatings, slapping the face using a tire tread, sleep deprivation, denial of the use of the restroom, vituperation, being forced to keep a pose for a long time, brutal beatings, forced labor and brainwashing. They also threaten and cheat the family members of Falun Gong practitioners to participate in the persecution. Below is only a small portion of the persecution I witnessed in the Shuangkou Forced Labor Camp.

Inmates publicly beat Mr. Chen Baoliang to death

Two years ago, when some criminals designated by the guards were slandering and smearing Teacher and Dafa, Mr. Chen Baoliang, a practitioner from the Beichen District in Tianjin City, stood up and calmly said to them, "You can argue if you have enough reason, but do not call names at will." Just for saying this, the criminals publicly beat Mr. Chen to death. The guards later took his body to the hospital and got a medical certificate that said Mr. Chen had died of "a heart attack." The murderers were not held responsible for their actions. On the contrary, they were released three months ahead of schedule as a reward for "actively supporting government agents."

Mr. Chang Tianxiang brutally beaten

When the 610 Office was first established in Tianjin City, the Shuangkou Forced Labor Camp also opened up a 100-day brainwashing session. The police guards screened four criminals as hatchet men, who were encouraged to use violence on Falun Gong practitioners.

One day these criminals dragged practitioner Mr. Chang Tianxiang into a restroom, took off his clothes, pushed him down on the ground, and beat him using a wooden block. As they were still beating him, they asked, "Are you still going to practice?" When he replied, "Yes," they continued the torture. As a result, Mr. Chang was beaten into a coma. They revived him with cold water and beat him again until they were exhausted. Then they dragged Mr. Chang, who was at his last gasp, back to his ward and left him lying on the ground. Mr. Chang is still illegally detained in the camp.

The guards responsible for this are Zhen, Yao Chunlai, He Jun, and others. The hatchet men are Chang Guanghua, Liu Kun, Yu Xiang and San'er (nickname).

The guards remove all the clocks to prevent practitioners from sending forth righteous thoughts at the same time as all other practitioners around the world.

To protest and renounce the persecution, all of the detained practitioners send forth righteous thoughts hourly, which frighten the evil forces. When they removed all the clocks and confiscated the time-reminding radio, the practitioners used every available moment to send forth righteous thoughts. The guards got even more scared, so they keep their eyes on the practitioners. If they find somebody concentrating his thoughts, they will shout, "No sending forth righteous thoughts."

The guards are proud of their evil deeds

At the end of 2003, guard Fu crowed about his previous experience in persecuting a practitioner. He said that he used to be responsible for brainwashing a practitioner and that he was so shamed into anger when he was unable to advance any further arguments to justify himself that he suddenly kicked the practitioner on the face. Two pieces of flesh peeled off the practitioner's face and stuck on the guard's shoe when he put down his foot. When the guard talked about this, his face was full of exultation and showed not a bit of guilt.

There are another two evil guards in the third division of the Shuangkou Forced Labor camp, Wu Mingxing and Han Jinxi.

Currently, there are dozens of practitioners illegally detained in the Shuangkou Forced Labor Camp, including Ma Jian, Wu Jianzhong, Cheng Jilin, Liu Bowen, Zhu Qinghe, Chang Tianxiang, Huang Liqiao, Luo Yuanbei, Fang Keshan, Cao Chengyue and Xu Xiaolong, and others. Among them, Mr. Ma Jian was forced to get divorced, leaving his old parents in bad health at home unattended. However, Mr. Ma still steadfastly cultivates Dafa despite such severe persecution.