(Clearwisdom.net) We have a "Political Investigation Checklist" from the Students' Recruitment Office of Tongji Medical University for students who enter the post-graduate program. This checklist is meant for the students to use to conduct a self-investigation of their political views.

Talking about "The Standards for Political Investigation" is both familiar and strange to people from China. We say it is familiar because, generally speaking, at critical times, such as applying for a job, enrolling in college or the army, being promoted as a government employee, and going abroad, the person concerned will definitely have to go through a "Political Investigation." In special periods in the history of China, the authorities have investigated a person's ancestry back three generations. But today the standards will always be based on the needs and interests of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). It is clear that a person from China will be investigated and evaluated under the rules set forth in the "Political Investigation" numerous times during his or her lifetime, and sometimes the person concerned may not know that he or she is being investigated.

But we can also say that some people are unfamiliar with "The Standards for Political Investigation." Although these "Political Investigations" are so important for Chinese people, the authorities never inform the people what a "Political Investigation" is, what is being investigated, or how the investigation is conducted.

Actually, the gist of a "Political Investigation" concerns itself primarily with recent political policy. Through political investigations, the authorities keep every person under their control and brainwash every single person with their "politics" and "policies." The CCP's politics are savage and cruel. Their policies change all the time. They not only want to control the natural environment but also want to control people's thinking. If you don't want to get involved in it and want to be an independent person, or you want to keep your own conscience, you should be prepared to live a life with the lowest social status. The evil and surreptitious "Political Investigation" controls each person's fate in this country. It mirrors and executes the CCP's evil administrative dictums.

The "Political Investigation" conducted in the universities of Mainland China is nothing different. It is just another CCP device that uses fear to control the country, yet in some respects is much more evil.

A university should play a positive role in the advancement of society, for instance fostering and advancing knowledge, providing professional training, and serving the society. If we want a university to function as a university is supposed to function, some specific requirements need to be met. We know about the university's origins and its rise during the Middle Ages in Europe. During the several hundred years of its development, "academic freedom" and "university independence" have become university traditions. The university thus became a stronghold of thinking and learning, a place where one could be true to one's conscience.

After the CCP seized power, the universities in China changed. "University independence" and "academic freedom" have become the "endless pains" of those universities. In 1952, a revolution called "reorganization of college departments" was launched, modeled on the Soviet Union, and has since defined sociology, psychology and some other subjects as "sham science." Intellectuals went through the so-called "Ideology Reform." Among all these, the worst was the big retrogression that occurred during the "Cultural Revolution," when the whole society moved back to an uncivilized state. "Opposing Bourgeois Liberalization!" "Turning educational institutions into for-profit enterprises!" With these slogans, the CCP launched numerous campaigns to remold intellectual ideology. The CCP virtually ruined the spirit and character of all the universities in China, replacing their original tenets with violence and money-worshipping ideologies.

After the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre and the beginning of the suppression of Falun Gong in 1999, the universities in China did not do what they should have done to protect their students. Instead, they became accomplices of the CCP. Tongji Medical University is one such example. Tongji Medical University is a renowned medical university in China, but under the control of the CCP, the dictatorial party that puts itself above governmental power, it has acted like a goon. Compared to the conduct of the universities in the Northern Warlords period, Tongji Medical University's policy is shameful.

By analyzing the "Political Investigation Checklist" we can point out three instances that reveal the evil nature of the CCP.

1. The CCP Attempts to Force as Many People as Possible to Share its Doomed Destiny.

The "Political Investigation Checklist" specifies "persisting in the Four Fundamental Principles, supporting the CCP, and having ardent love for socialism in the motherland" as the first entrance requirement.

We want to ask if there is an inevitable connection between our "motherland" and "socialism," and if "CCP" and "China" are the same concept. China is a country with a 5,000-year history and a population of 1.3 billion people. What do the CCP and socialism amount to from the perspective of 1.3 billion people and a 5,000-year history? Can the CCP that usurped and manipulated state power be the delegate of all Chinese people? What kind of student do we expect from our educational system, a citizen who dedicates himself to the country and stands up for its citizens or a CCP slave who blindly follows the CCP's orders to defend a dictatorial party? I think the answer is obviously clear.

After The Epoch Times published its editorial, Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, a global trend to resign from the CCP was launched. Although they have been the victims of severe news censorship and high-level suppression, hundreds of thousands of conscientious people have publicly announced their resignations from the CCP and its subsidiary organizations. The disintegration of the CCP is coming. Although the CCP knows that the "Maintaining Advancement Campaign" cannot prevent it from ruin, it still wants to resist the wheels of history. Everyone should now be on the alert.

2. Using the CCP Spirit as a Substitute for Human Nature Eliminates Human Nature. The CCP Spirit Demands Absolute Obedience, Regardless of Individual Conscience and Right and Wrong

The foundation of the CCP is based on absolute obedience to orders without caring about or distinguishing between its dictums and personal integrity.

The "Political Investigation Checklist" states that, "the political background and experience of the person concerned must be clear, and if the lineal relatives recently or in the past experienced any political problem, he or she must clarify his or her 'correct' political view and announce his or her loyalty to the CCP (admitting condition item 2), and if the lineal relatives of the person concerned were killed, detained or restricted because of anti-revolutionary tendencies or other crimes, the person concerned must not be filled with resentment and has to approach it in a 'right' way (admitting condition item 3). The person concerned who has transgressed against any one of these items shall not be allowed to enroll."

It means that, in order to protect your own benefits and prospects, you must not do anything the CCP doesn't wish you to do ("your political background and experience must be clear"), while in the meantime you must monitor your relatives and friends. If they exhibit some conscientious behaviors but hurt the image of the CCP or even acted unjustly ("the lineal relatives of the concerned person had any political problem recently or historically"), you must sever your relationship with them and follow the CCP ("he or she must clarify his or her 'correct' political view and announce his or her loyalty to the CCP").

The Nine Commentaries points out that:

"The first and foremost requirement of all CCP members and those ruled by the CCP is to obey commands unconditionally." "During the cultural revolution, it was all too common that fathers and sons tortured each other, husbands and wives struggled with each other, mothers and daughters reported on each other, and students and teachers treated each other as enemies. Party nature motivated the conflicts and hatred in these cases."

The CCP uses "cruel torture and merciless conflicts" in their struggle against internal and external enemies, whether or not they are real enemies."

3. Mankind Needs Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance

Falun Gong belongs to the entire world, but the "Political Investigation Checklist" orders the students to "obey the social legality and discipline, to refuse 'evil cults' such as "Falun Gong" (admitting condition item 2).

Although the CCP wastes the resources of the entire country to launch deceitful propaganda and persecution projects all around the country and the entire world, practitioners overseas clarify the truth of Falun Gong in light of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, peacefully, rationally and non-violently. Lies disintegrate before intelligence, violence will collapse before true human nature, and truth will be the guide for human minds. Scenes of people from more 70 countries and regions around the world practicing this system have become the most beautiful images in many cities around the world. Falun Gong practitioners have established their light with courage and belief to confront and dispel the violence, massacres and rumors.

Jiang Zemin and the CCP said they would "eliminate Falun Gong within three months." Six years have passed. The CCP's persecution can never eliminate Falun Gong, but it has hammered the last nail into its own coffin.


Partial listing of Falun Gong practitioners persecuted at Tongji Medical University:

Ms. Xu Dongqin, an employee of the Tongji Hospital affiliated with Tongji Medical University, was detained, beaten, and compelled to become homeless for several years. She later died an unjustified death.

Ms. Shu Rong, a doctor in the Liyuan Hospital affiliated with Tongji Medical University, was detained once and forced into a brainwashing center at one time.

Ms. Han Hong, a doctor in the Liyuan Hospital affiliated with Tongji Medical University, was detained once and forced into a brainwashing center.

Mr. Yi Ming, who holds a masters degree, and is a doctor at Xiehe Hosptial affiliated with Tongji Medical University, was detained and forced into a brainwashing center.

Mr. Zhao Hu, who holds a masters degree, is the original teacher in the Social Studies Department at Tongji Medical University. He was detained many times and sentenced to two years of forced labor.

Mr. Dai Haiqian, a postgraduate student at the Public Hygiene College, Tongji Medical University, was sentenced to forced labor for one year.

Mr. Wang Xing, from Hunan Province, an undergraduate student from Tongji Medical University, was arrested and sentenced to forced labor.

Mr. Wang Keqing is a high school teacher affiliated with Tongji Medical University.