Falun Dafa practitioners from our area have been steadfastly clarifying the truth in front of the Chinese Consulate for over six years. I would like to share with you several incidents I have experienced.

1. Awakening the Conscience of a Young Man from the Chinese Consulate

This incident happened at 8:00 o'clock in the morning several months ago. While I was sending forth righteous thoughts, someone asked me, "How much do you make to come here every day?" I opened my eyes and saw a young man in black western clothes. I had seen him several times before, and thought he might be working as a secret service agent in the Chinese Consulate.

I answered him directly, "I know about the crimes against Falun Gong that are happening now and I know what will happen in the future to those who do not repent of their crimes. I am telling the world's people this so that they will be safe and have a wonderful future. Now tell me, who would give me money for this? Furthermore, one hundred million Falun Dafa practitioners are risking their lives every day to clarify the truth. If they need money to do this, let us say that everyone wants one yuan a day, then after six years, how many billion yuan will they be paid all together? I will let you tell me, where is there such a rich person to pay this money?"

He was silent. Then I took out a copy of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and gave it to him. I said, "Please read it. You need to do things with conscience. Heaven is watching!" He did not say a word, but nodded his head. He took the Nine Commentaries and circled the courtyard before he left. I felt that his conscience was waking up.

2. Clarifying the Truth to Someone Who Was Taking a Picture of Me

At 11:00 o'clock. in the morning on a Friday in October this year, the fellow practitioner who was supposed to replace me still had not arrived. I thought, "This must be because there is someone Teacher has arranged for me to meet. Let me wait!"

In a short while, I saw a young man whom I had never met before, also in black western clothes, standing at the opposite side of the Chinese Consulate, taking my picture constantly, from different angles. I was clarifying the truth to some people and did not pay any attention to him. I waited until there was nobody coming out from the Chinese Consulate and then walked over calmly and kindly, and asked him directly, "What is the point of taking a picture of an old man in his seventies? Are you going to use it to trade for money or power? It is too late, my child. Several years ago my name was already put onto the blacklist of the Chinese Consulate. Aren't you doing this for nothing? Other people like Mr. Chen Yonglin and Mr. Hao Fengjun (who worked in the Chinese diplomatic and judiciary systems and made open statements to withdraw from the CCP) are walking towards the light while you are crawling in the darkness. It is not worth it! Please read the Nine Commentaries and then you will understand what a mistake you are making."

He then accepted the Nine Commentaries and said with a low voice, "Thank you." From then on, I never saw him again.

3. Clarifying the Truth to Other People from the Chinese Consulate

There was a young man from the Chinese Consulate who always liked to ask, "How many of you in Toronto are practicing Falun Gong?" I answered him calmly, "We have no membership or name list. Approximately there are one hundred million practitioners all over the world." I also told him, "Actually everything you want to know can be found on the Minghui website. If you can read the website more often, you will not do silly things or say such ignorant things. Let me give you a book of the Nine Commentaries. Please read it and then you will understand even more."

Recently, someone from the Chinese Consulate, who had taken a copy of the Nine Commentaries several days earlier, came to ask me, "Will it work if I withdraw from the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) using an assumed name?" I said, "Yes, it will! Heaven will eliminate the CCP. The gods know all of the thoughts a human being has. For those who withdraw from the CCP, gods will assure their safety."