(Clearwisdom.net) This is about my first time listening to the Fa in Jinan City, my stories of the nine-day lectures.

It was 1994. I had suffered from migraines for nearly 30 years. I could not fall asleep and had consulted many Western and Chinese doctors, but none of them could solve the problem. When we didn't know what to do, a relative in Jinan wrote to us saying, "Master Li Hongzhi from Changbai Mountain, who made many miracles healing difficult illnesses, will give lectures in Jinan, Shandong Province on June, 21. Please, hurry and come!"

My husband and I flew to Jinan from Taiwan with some hopes and attended "The Second Falun Gong Workshop in Jinan." The 4,000-seat lecture hall was full. During the lecture, Master Li said, "Today we have two students who are from Taiwan." And he also asked the volunteers to give us the books. We were greatly shocked--how did Teacher know we were there?

Our bodies were quickly cleansed during the nine-day lectures. We also saw many miracles. The first day a three-year-old child lay in front of me in the aisle. I wondered why this child was there. Other people told me this child had severe psychological problems. He was still lying there on the second day. The third day I saw this previously unresponsive child playing and jumping around, which let lots of people in the class see the superior powers of Falun Gong.

My relative told me another story. A lady wandering outside the lecture hall had a tumor on her neck. She had not gotten a ticket. Suddenly she saw Master going into the hall and she shouted, "Master Li, Master Li!" Master turned back and glanced at this lady. Soon, my relative and others saw a small hole opening on her tumor. Blood-like fluid oozed from that hole, and then the tumor was gone.

After the nine-day lectures we flew back to Taipei. As soon as we got home and put down the luggage I felt a pain in my abdomen. I had diarrhea and fever. I realized that this was Master cleansing my body. I was recovered after eight or nine days. Since then, when I went grocery shopping, the shopping basket did not feel as heavy as before, and I also felt like somebody was pushing me forward. My body was very light. After I practiced Falun Dafa, many illnesses, which had bothered me for 27 years, disappeared. My life was renewed. I really appreciate Master's salvation.

Going to Guangzhou for Lectures Again - A Miracle Happened with Righteous Thoughts

In December 1994 my relative in Mainland China called me again saying, "Master Li will give a lecture in Guangzhou on December 21. This is the last lecture he will give. Since Guangzhou is so close to Taiwan, please don't miss this chance. "

Right after we booked the airplane ticket, my husband was sent to Rongmin Hospital in Taipei, due to a sharp pain in his abdomen. He had gallstones. Doctors suggested immediate surgery and scheduled it for December 21, the day of the lecture. We discussed this and still decided to go to Guangzhou for the lecture. We signed the agreement with the hospital, then left for home. The next day I helped my husband go to the airport. The only thought we had on the way was to listen to the Fa. On the plane, my husband looked better and was able to eat some cookies. When we got to the airport in Guangzhou, he was already totally normal. Nobody could tell that he was sick, and he was able to walk on his own.

Veteran Practitioners Gave up their Ticket - Dozens of People Saw Falun

It is very difficult to describe the dignity and great atmosphere of the lecture in Gaungzhou, unless one was there. There were about 6,000 practitioners. The stadium cannot hold that many. Some veteran practitioners had high-level xinxing and gave their tickets to those from out of town, including us and my relative. We still appreciate the kindness of those fellow practitioners.

When Master was giving the lecture, several hundred practitioners were sitting outside, listening to the lecture via radio. Master came to them afterwards and told them that the effect of listening outside is the same as being inside.

Because the expenses in Guangzhou were relatively higher than other cities in China, we saw that many practitioners from other places ate instant noodles for every meal. Some practitioners only had one or two buns every day. A practitioner from Xinjiang Province got to Guangzhou one week earlier. He had used all his money and could not even buy buns. At night he slept under the trees or on the sidewalks. Some Beijing practitioners heard about this, so they helped those from remote areas with some money so they could listen to Master's lectures calmly without financial worries.

During the nine days, some practitioners did the exercises on the roof of their hotel. One day when we were doing the exercises somebody shouted, "There is a Falun in the sky." I looked up, and saw a big Falun rotating clockwise and counter clockwise, which covered the whole city of Guangzhou. Just like what Master said, the wan symbol and the Taiji symbol were also rotating inside. There were about 50 practitioners on the roof. More than half of them saw it. They were excited, shouting, "Falun, Falun, I saw the Falun!"

On the last day of the lecture, practitioners from all the exercise sites made tributes of flowers and banners to Master. The ceremony lasted ninety minutes. Flowers and banners covered the whole lecture desk. Afterwards, practitioners didn't want to leave. The applause got louder and louder, and I saw many practitioners finally leaving with tears in their eyes.