There was once a business manager who practiced kindness, righteousness, and perseverance. He never missed a chance to do a good deed and help out his employees. He often explained, "When I retire in the future, I hope that people will praise me, not criticize me, when they remember me."

Falun Gong teaches people to be kind, benefiting people both mentally and physically as well as benefiting society. Originally, Falun Gong was welcomed by everyone, both in China and abroad. Yet when Falun Gong and its practitioners were brutally persecuted to an unprecedented degree, most people simply stood by. Some even sided with the persecutors as a result of the pressure and fabricated lies. They abandoned righteousness and morality. However, the manager mentioned above never changed his standard of conduct; time and time again he rescued Dafa practitioners of his unit from the Public Security Bureau.

One Dafa practitioner had been illegally arrested several times, and was sentenced to forced labor "re-education." During one of the arrests carried out by the 610 Office, he fell and was severely injured. At that time, the above mentioned manager was just appointed head of this practitioner's work unit. When the Dafa practitioner met the newly appointed manager upon his release, the manager told him, "I was trying to find you!" The manager said, "If I was here when they arrested you last time, I would have gone to the Public Security Bureau to work it out with them, because before they arrest anyone from our company, they must first notify us."

This manager followed up his words with action. When another Dafa practitioner from his unit was arrested without any court warrant, the manager personally went to the police station to appeal. After a whole day's effort, he finally got his employee back, and notified all the practitioners to be cautious.

One day in August of 2005, the police blocked the practitioner's doorway after he returned home from work. They tried to arrest him and take him to the Public Security Branch Bureau. The practitioner and his family tried to reason with the police, and demanded to contact his boss. As soon as the leader got the phone call, he put down his food, rushed to the Dafa practitioner's home, and followed the police to the Branch Bureau. When he learned that the police were making arrangements with the labor camp to send the practitioner to the camp, he quickly rushed home and contacted friends who had connections with the city's Public Security Bureau chief, and started working with them to reverse the decision. When he was told that the police tried to conduct a house search of this practitioner to gather evidence, he immediately notified the practitioner's family and made every effort to rescue the practitioner.

After the work unit's employees and local residents learned of the manager's effort, they wholeheartedly praised him. This was much different from the previous manager, who worked with the 610 Office to arrest practitioners.

In November of 2005, the police visited the manager, under the guise that they were paying a friendly visit. Meanwhile, they arrested the aforementioned practitioner and tried to send him to the labor camp again. The manager drove to the Branch Public Security Bureau and talked with the branch chief, but to no avail. He returned to the work unit and contacted the senior management, urging his boss to personally talk to the Bureau chief. Once again, they failed to get any result. Finally, he went with the police all the way to the labor camp located far away, and talked to the labor camp head in person. His actions inspired the police to help appeal for the practitioner. The police told the practitioner, "We were really moved by your manager, which is why we are helping you." The manager did not even finish his lunch, and did not eat dinner until 10 o'clock at night. During dinner he told the police, "Just like the practitioner told us, regardless of who is doing good deeds; we are all doing good deeds to accumulate virtue for ourselves. As the manager, it was my honor to protect my employee. Let's celebrate the practitioner's return tomorrow with a feast!"

The Dafa practitioner was released. At the celebration dinner the manager said, "Before, you (the police) harmed Falun Gong. Today, you protect Falun Gong." The police replied, "We are happy that we returned her back in good shape. We arrest people, but we are happier to release people."

This manager's honorable deeds will not only receive praise from people. He safeguarded the values of righteousness and kindness. The magnificence of Falun Dafa will bring him prosperity and wellbeing on the day that the truth will finally be revealed, when the dark clouds will be chased away.

December 8 2005