(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Xuan Huaiji is a Falun Dafa practitioner from Xiaoshuiquan Village, Yimatu Township. At around midnight on October 11, 2005, a group of about eight police officers broke into his home and illegally arrested him without any documents. Xuan was not even fully dressed before they dragged him away, and the front door was damaged in the process. The perpetrators included Zhang Guisuo (Captain of the State Security Unit of Chongli County Police Bureau, Zhangjiakou City) and Song Cunbin (Director of Yimatu Township Police Station).

The next day when Xuan's wife went to the village head to ask for his whereabouts, she was told that Xuan had been sent to Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp.

Mr. Xuan has been on hunger strike protesting his arrest since he arrived at Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp. It has been over 50 days and his life is currently in danger.

People who are responsible for the arrests include:

Li Qingchun, Communist Party Secretary of Chongli County, 86-313-4616408, 86-13903135358 (Cell).

Yang Chengliang, Communist Party Deputy Secretary of Chongli County, 86-313-4612432, 86-13903139205 (Cell). Yang is also the head of the local 610 Office. Yang was responsible for extending the sentences of three Falun Gong practitioners by eighteen months, and he is also responsible for sentencing another practitioner to three years in prison.

Ho Youlong, Director of the Chongli County Party Committee Office, 86-313-4612444, 86-13903134606 (Cell). Ho also heads the local 610 Office. He actively organizes the persecution of Falun Gong just like Yang Chengliang.

Liu Shihe, Secretary of Chongli County Political and Judiciary Committee, 86-313-4617958, 86-313-4615502, 86-13582638331 (Cell)

Ma Liping, Director of Chongli County Police Bureau, 86-313-4613896, 86-313-8059686, 86-13803138589 (Cell). Ma is responsible for the arrests of thirty practitioners, over twenty illegal home searches, and eight illegal imprisonments.

Shi Jinjun, Deputy Director of Chongli County Police Bureau, 86-313-4616622, 86-313-8683199, 86-13603133199 (Cell). Shi is actively persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners. He is directly involved in the persecution cases mentioned above.

Chen Jianjun, Assistant Captain of State Security Unit of Chongli Police Bureau, 86-313-4617442, 86-13754430276 (Cell)

Zhang Guisuo, Captain of State Security Unit of Chongli Police Bureau, 86-313-4617442, 86-13833320088 (Cell)

Ren Chunjuan, female, police officer of the State Security Unit of Chongli Police Bureau, 86-313-4617442.

December 9, 2005