The Xinhua Labor Camp of the Mianyang city, Sichuan province is an evil den where Dafa practitioners have been cruelly persecuted. A description follows of how some of the practitioners were persecuted there.

Mr. Deng Jiangang from the Pengshan county, Sichuan province, was cruelly beaten by police at the end of December 2002. Several of his ribs were broken, his left leg was disabled and he lost hearing in his left ear. The police punished him, making him stand still in the snow wearing only his shorts. In August 2004, policeman Fu Weidong again cruelly beat Mr. Deng and threatened to disable his right leg and deafen his right ear this time. In October 2005, policeman Jiang Jingsong threatened Mr. Deng: "China has a population of 1.3 billion. One less won't make any difference!"

Li Wenquan was from Ermeishan city, Sichuan province. In October 2005, police tortured him so severely that he lost control of his bladder.

Shen Xuewen and Zou Guoping were from the Ermeishan city, Sichuan province, and Chen Ming was from the Shehong County, Sichuan province. During July 2005, they were forced by policemen Yang Jing, Zhang Xiaogang, Jiang Jingsong and the others to sit, stand and squat in the burning sun for long periods of time as "training." While doing this, they were forbidden to wash their hands, change or wash their clothes or bathe themselves. They had to wear the same clothes soaked in sweat every day and were not allowed any water to drink. The police also instigated, threatened, forced and tempted prisoners to persecute Dafa practitioners.

Lu Zhiyong, was from the Aba Tibetan Autonomous Region, Sichuan province. On October 4, 2005, he was cruelly beaten by the policeman Shen Rui and sustained injuries to his chest. Mr. Lu had been shocked with electric batons and tied up with ropes many times before.

The Dafa practitioner Luo Qingsen, from the Luzhou city, Sichuan province, has clarified the truth about Dafa to save people from being poisoned by the lies perpetrated against Dafa, for which he was cruelly tortured by police He Yuan, Zhang Xiaogang, Bu Jing, Yang Jing and the others. He was often beaten, verbally abused, given corporal punishments, tied up with ropes and shocked with electric batons. The police did not let him sleep in bed but forced him to sleep on the wet ground, and reduced his sleeping time. In the summer heat, he was forced to wear a safety hat and a winter jacket all day long. His hands were cuffed even when he was eating or sleeping. He was forced to stand still or run for extended period of time under the scorching sun.

Other practitioners who were severely persecuted include: Wei Fengming, Gu Guoxing from Luzhou city, Tang Guoping form Guang-an city, Mi Tao from Mianyang city and the others.

The police who persecuted Dafa practitioners directly or indirectly besides the above mentioned: Yu Xincai, Yang Huage, Su Xin, Du Shuhong and others.