(Clearwisdom.net) In the persecution, almost all staff of China's 610 Office and prison guards have sexually assaulted Falun Dafa practitioners. The assaults include torturing female practitioners' private parts and breasts. Most of the time the practitioners were stripped before they were tortured. What we are recounting below is just the tip of the iceberg. The information was provided either in writing or copied down from verbal recollection of tortured practitioners.

1. Inserting a Shoe Brush into a Female Practitioner's Vagina

Ms. Chang Xuexia is a quiet lady from Dalian City. She told what she experienced in a forced labor camp:

"This was my first arrest, just because I appealed for Falun Gong. I was detained in a drug detoxification center in Dalian City for 39 days -- without any legal process. In January 2003, they locked me into a small cell, as they wanted to transform me. The room was about 100-160 square feet. I saw many torture instruments, including an iron cage. Wan Yalin the leader of the group and in charge of torturing practitioners ordered several inmates to put me into the iron cage. They tied my hands to the upper bars, so that my feet could barely touch the floor. Wan told the inmates, "You all have my permission to torture her any way you want." The inmates beat me together. I lost consciousness. After that, they lowered me to the floor and stepped on my face, twisting their sole hard and saying, "Let's see if she is faking (about losing consciousness)."

After I regained consciousness, I could no longer move my left arm -- it was dislocated because of their stepping on it and twisting it. Wan Yalin transferred inmates who refused to torture me and extended their terms. Later on I was hung up again. The persecutors put a picture of Teacher inside my underwear and wrote slanderous words, maligning Dafa and Teacher on my face. They used wooden boards to beat me. Even after one year, the marks from the injuries on my body could still be seen. Realizing that I refused to "reform," they stripped all my clothes off. Several inmates pinched my nipple and pulled the hair in my private part, saying lewd and dirty words. Then they took a brush used to clean sinks and inserted it into my vagina, drawing back and forth. They put a basin of water under me to see if blood was dripping down from my vagina from the "brushing." Seeing that there was no blood, they replaced the brush with a big shoe brush and wildly pushed it into and out of my vagina. I gave in under such torture, and agreed not to practice the exercises in the labor camp.

Some practitioners were tortured more brutally than what I have experienced. A female practitioner named Wang Lijun was locked into a small cell three times, where inmates used knotted ropes to torture her genitals by pulling the rope back and forth across her genitals, causing them to swell. They also broke a wooden handle of a broom and inserted the sharp end into her vagina, causing massive bleeding. Her lower stomach and genitals swelled to the size of a ball, She could not pull up her pants, squat down when using the restroom, or discharge urine. Even after 2 months, she could not sit down and had to limp. I saw another unmarried girl (also a practitioner) who was also tortured this way. According to practitioners released after I was released, the guards also put poisonous bugs on practitioners' body and let them bite the practitioners."

Ms. Wang Yuhuan was detained 9 times during the past 6 years. She said, "It is hard to believe such atrocities can happen if you have not seen it yourself. In the forced labor camp, the guards sold our bed to other inmates for 2,000 yuan per bed per month. In a big room, the beds are on a very long and wide bench, and all inmates sleep on the bench parallel to each other. Each bed is a section on the big bed with enough room for one person to sleep. There were many more inmates and practitioners than the number of beds available. Inmates who bought a bed could lie down facing up; others have to be on their side, tightly packed against each other when sleeping. Those who bought beds were allowed to beat practitioners. When more inmates bought beds, less room was left for practitioners, and they were packed against each other tighter and thus suffered more. In August 2000, I was sent to Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp, where I had to work 18 hours a day, producing products for export. The guards tried to "reform" me. They forced me to write reports about what was on my mind. When I refused, they ordered inmates to beat me. Guard Sun Mingyan from the No. 6 Group sat atop of my head and tortured me with an electric baton, burning the skin on my head, face and hair. Sun also beat my face and body. I was injured and swollen. Around December 2000, I was transferred to the No. 2 Group, where guards forced me to move electric generators, which is hard physical labor and I injured my muscles. By November 2001,when I was released, I still could not hold a bowl because of the injury. Before releasing me, staff of the 610 Office extorted 2,000 yuan.

On March 5, 2002, because practitioners clarified the truth by tapping into the cable TV network, the 610 Office ordered a massive man-hunt in Changchun City. The persecutors arrested about 5,000 practitioners. Each cell in the detention centers held over 50 practitioners -- even the restrooms were used to detain practitioners. On March 11, 2002, police from the No. 1 Division of Changchun City police arrested me and put me inside an iron cage in a police station near Caishenmiao, Nanguan District. The iron cage was about 1.3 meter high (about 4 feet), so I could not stand straight up. On the evening of March 12, 2002, policemen Gao Peng and Zhang Heng interrogated me. They handcuffed my hands behind my back, and covered my head and neck with a canvas bag. The bag opening was tied with a rope tightly around my neck The bag was airtight. I could not see, and breathing became difficult. Then they tied me up tightly and threw me into the trunk of a car. I was driven to a place in the mountains near Jingyuetan. It was a place solely for torturing practitioners, and where many practitioners were tortured to death. Mr. Liu Haibo, a practitioner and a college graduate, was tortured to death at that place. They stripped off all his clothes and forced him to kneel. Then the guards inserted an extra-long electric baton deeply into his anus, shocking his internal organs, killing him on the spot.

Mr. Liu Yi, a doctor who worked in Luyuan District Hospital, was also tortured to death there. As far as I know, twenty-three practitioners were tortured to death here. I know the names of many of them. They were then buried in a big pit nearby. A pretty female practitioner, Ms. Xiang Min, told me after she was carried back to the detention center, the guards played with her genitals while shocking her. Nearly 30 practitioners were tortured to death after the massive man hunt in Changchun City."

2. Tying Up Naked in Bed and Insulted for Over Two Months

Wang Yuhuan said: "Police took me to this mountain monster den. After more than two hours of driving the car stopped. Several policepersons pulled me along and kept beating me. I just staggered along. I was continuously thrown against a tree and the police told me frequently that they would kill me today. After more than ten minutes walk, we entered a building, then walked for a little until we reached a room. The police took the canvas bag on my head, and said: "Prepare yourself to die today, nobody walks out of here!" I was in a small room of about six square meters. There was a small table, which held three long electric batons with claws, a rope and a bed. The bed was for police to rest, but they still continue to curse at us when they were tired from the beating. There was also a tiger bench, and policemen were getting things ready to torture practitioners.

Then, several policemen pressed me down on the tiger bench, cuffed my hands and tied them behind my back. Then they put my two arms on the back of the tiger bench, my chest and abdomen were tightly fixed by two steel clubs that crossed the bench, and my feet were held rigid by two big steel hoops. Then police began to brutally torture me, repeating the torture every five minutes. Every time, they pulled my arms forwards and backwards, I heard the sound of my bones crack. I almost fainted from the excruciating pain. The floor was wet from my sweat and tears. They pressed my head towards the hip, because steel clubs fixed my chest and abdomen to the bench, and I felt as if my neck was going to break. I felt excruciating pain in my chest and abdomen because of the steel clubs holding me in place. I felt as if I was going to suffocate at all times. They also tied a rope to the hoops that were fixed to my ankles, and pulled the hoops, causing unbearable pain to my ankles. At the same time, other policepersons pressed down my head towards the hip. The pain made me tremble continuously.

This cruel torture was repeated every five minutes. My sweat, tears and blood soaked my hair and clothes and the unbearable suffering caused me to faint over and over again. They poured cold and boiling water on me to bring me out of my faint. The hot water burned my already injured skin.

After they tortured me with the tiger bench method for over four hours, I was close to death. They put metal bucket on my head. Seven police smoked three cigarettes each, and blew the smoke into the bucket for more than an hour. I choked and fainted many times. They again brought me out of my faint with cold water. Before I was completely clear-headed, they burned my eyelids with cigarettes butts. No one who has not experienced such pain can understand how this hurts. I struggled and moved. After they were bored with this torture, they punched my head and face. My nose and teeth bled. I lost two of my front teeth, and my face was swollen, turning purple black. They also perforated my eardrums with thin bamboo sticks. I was deaf for half a month. They went to sleep at 2 a.m., as they were tired from torturing me.

During the 17 days detention in March 2002, I was taken to this torture place three times for torture. Each time the torture was worse than before. During the final two times they took me at midnight from the cell. Every time seven to eight police people came to my cell to take me to the place of torture. They took me back to the cell when I was near death. As the police didn't want others to see my wounds and blood from the torture, they dressed me with a very thick sweater and pants, but the blood soaked through the clothes. Then the police dressed me with thicker clothes, but the blood still soaked through. Due to the terrible atmosphere and worries about fellow practitioners, Dafa practitioners' could not sleep at all. The practitioners who were on the blacklist of the 610 Office were "interrogated" daily. We were tied up and a plastic bag was put over our head. The hands were tied behind the back before the police put us in the back of a car. They drove to the mountain, where we were tortured in that den of monster I spoke of earlier.

After I was tortured, my health condition was precarious. No. 3 Detention Center was deceived into accepting me the following day. I was taken to the provincial hospital and Military No. 3 hospital for a check up. The doctor said that my entire body was injured. In the afternoon, Guo Shuaishuai and I were taken to the prison hospital for further persecution. As soon as we entered the hospital, they tied us to a bed and injected unknown drugs. My legs are still numb. I have no feelings when they are pinched and my feet are always cold. Guo Shuaishuai was force-fed for over two months without taken the tubes out. She was in unbearable pain. Dafa practitioner Jiang Yong who had been arrested at the same time, died from the torture in June or July. Jiang Yong was injected a unknown drug. They took daily a large blood sample. Jiang Yong became extremely weak and emaciated. She died from the brutal force-feeding. We saw with our own eyes the inhuman process of a person being tortured to death! Guo Shuaishuai felt that the force-feeding was too painful, so she swallowed the rubber tube, which was 1.5 meters long. The stomachache made her to roll on the bed, and the prison doctor feared Guo Shuaishuai would give evidence to the outside. Thus, they tormented her even more cruelly.

The police and male prisoners looked at our naked bodies daily and tortured us unmercifully. One of the prison doctors touched Guo Shuaishuai's private part, although she was suffering terribly. Guo Shuaishuai swallowed a small spoon. Guo's stomach hurt dreadfully, so the doctor operated on Guo Shuaishuai's. He made an incision from the chest to below the abdomen with a knife and took out the spoon. They stitched the incision and sent her home, because she was at death's door. Guo Shuaishuai's body and mind have still not recovered from her suffering.

Zhao Xiaoqin who entered the prison hospital with me, fainted from the beating by 610 Office staff. They threw her downstairs. She still can't talk and became demented. There was a big lump in the size of bowl on her head and her left arm was broken. After she was thrown downstairs, she was taken to the prison hospital for further persecution. In the hospital, the doctor put a cast on her arm. This cast was not removed during the entire summer. Her arm began to rot and their were maggots on her arm. She became abnormal and only smiled and cried, just as a fool. I witnessed many inhuman atrocities. All women were tied to a hard board naked, with the limbs separated widely for 26 days. We suffered unbelievable humiliation by the police, prison doctors and male prisoners!

Because I refused to be transformed, they decided to send me to the No. 3 Detention Center, but the detention center refused to accept me, because they felt that I was near death. The police did not know what to do. They beat and kicked me, hung me to an iron door in the detention center for five to six hours, and then took me to the prison hospital for persecution. After I returned to the hospital, I was on a 50-day hunger strike. The doctor opened my vein with a knife, knotted one side of the blood vessel and tied to a rope around it. He put a needle on the other side, so blood poured on the ground and bed. The prison doctor and police, being used to see blood everywhere, did not show any emotion. My legs were very swollen, and my feet became gangrened. The prison doctor said that my left leg had to become paralyzed. I was injected with over ten bottles of unknown fluid daily and nobody took care of me. I relieved myself in the bed and my body was soaked in urine for dozens of days. The suffering was indescribable in human words. When they gave me intravenously milk fluid, because of being on the hunger strike, they had problems with my blood vessels. The surgeon shook the transfusion tube in the hand a few times, and then forced it into the blood vessel. The pain was excruciating and I faint many times."

3. They Tortured Me with the Electric Baton from Toe to Head

Practitioner Ms. Sun Shuxiang, 48 years old, from Changchun City, was unlawfully imprisoned nine times over the past 6 years. She told us what she had experienced in the forced labor camps.

"During the second half of 2001, Officer Li Zhenping and a man from the Xingye Street police came to my home and asked my husband to divorce me. I didn't agree and Li slapped my face repeatedly until my face was swollen and there was blood coming out of my eyes. My eyesight was blurred immediately. They continued to ask me, "Are you going to agree to the divorce or not? If not, I will put you in a forced labor camp." My husband, intimidated by their threat, divorced me. A fine family was torn apart by the government and still now I am homeless."

"In early July in 2002, I was at my father's house. A plain cloth policeman broke into his home and asked if I was Sun Shuxiang. He arrested me before I could answer. The next day, two policemen from division one of the Changchun City Public Safety Bureau took me to a gloomy and terrifying basement after a two-hour car ride. The police removed my head-cover and brought in about nine more police people. There were three electric batons on a table and a bundle of ropes. There were three tiger benches on the other side of the room. Two police put me on a tiger bench and cuffed me to the armrest. The cuffs were attached to the armrests and they immediately locked up when I put my arms on it. The cuffs also came in different sizes to fit different people. The police knew exactly how to immobilize me. They put a thumb-thick iron rod through the armrest which kept my body tight against the torture instrument.

One of the policemen pointed at the torture gadgets and asked, "Now do you see those? If you confess, you will be released. If not, you will be tortured with different torture methods. Liu Zhedeng (a tortured practitioner) didn't mean anything to me. Few people survived the torture on the bench." A gentle looking police slapped me twice and asked whether I know any practitioners. I said no. He picked up an electric baton and shocked my ribs. Later he asked me practitioners' phone numbers. I refused to cooperate. He ran an electric baton from my one arm, my head, to the other arm and slowly covered my entire body. Then he switched to a high voltage electric baton and tortured me from head to toe. I still did not tell them anything, so he repeated the torture. Eventually, he used all electric batons to shock my eyes. I felt my eyes were going to explode and all I could see was darkness."

I still refused to say anything. They shocked my ribs and upper chest and kept asking about practitioners I knew. The pain was excruciating and I couldn't talk. All practitioners' faces flashed in front of me and all I could think that I would not turn any of them in. They would immediately be persecuted if I did. The police put an electric baton in my mouth and my mouth was burned severely. My mouth was swollen with many blisters. They yelled, "We will blast your mouth open if you don't tell." Then they shocked my mouth again. I was close to death after one day of torture..."

"In the beginning of 2003, I temporarily stayed with practitioner Ms. Xing Guiling. One day, we heard loud banging on the doors in the middle of the night and the doors were broken open. We saw a group of policemen with hammers and guns. They broke into the house and yelled, "Don't move or we'll kill you." We were arrested and taken to the Lvyuan district public safety bureau. They locked us in an iron cage and me on a tiger bench. The guards beat Ms. Xing and put a belt around her neck. She was screaming loudly. I saw her fall and the guards kicked her until she stood up and then beat her again until she fell. This went on for a long time, with the guards asking her to turn in other practitioners. The guards then took the belt off her neck and tried to choke her. The guards yelled, "This way you won't tell, yes?" Xing did not say anything even when she was close to fainting. The guards then tortured me. Three days later, we were transferred to the third detention center."

"On August 4, 2003, the police again arrested me and took me to the Nan'guan district public safety bureau. An officer with pimples on his face grabbed my hair and threw me against the wall. I became disoriented by the impact. Later they put me on a tiger bench and cuffed my hands. A guard hit me on my arm and the cuff cut my wrist. They put shackles on my ankles and made the shackles as tight as possible. I suffered excruciating pain in my ankles. They then covered my head with a plastic bag and closed the opening. There was no air and I almost suffocated. They would then open the bag and repeat it again and again, a total of three times. Some of them stepped on the shackles on my ankles to make the shackles tighter. My ankles were bleeding and the pain was unbearable, so I lost consciousness. They poured cold water on me to wake me up and then sent me to the third detention center. I went on a hunger strike and lost my consciousness again. Twenty seven days later, I was at the verge of death and they thus informed my family to take me home."

4. Sixty Year Old Woman Forced to Sleep Naked on the Ground

Ms. Liu Shuqin, a 60-year-old lady from Changchun City, has been arrested and taken to the forced labor camp five times over the past six years. She told us of the brutal torture she suffered.

"I was arrested for the first time in February 2000. The police crazily beat me and dragged me into the police car. They took me to Balibao detention center and detained me for 15 days, without any legal process. More than ten of us were arrested. We suffered tortures that are difficult to talk about in mere words. Afterwards the neighborhood office and local police station harassed us continuously. I was arrested a second time when I went to Beijing to appeal on December 31, 2000. I unfurled a banner, which said, "Falun Dafa is good" on Tiananmen Square. The police attacked me, hit my waist with electric batons, and dragged me into the police van. I was taken to a playground at Xuanwu District detention center. It was a cold winter, and the police made more than 100 practitioners sit on the outside ground for a long time. Then I was put into a room that appeared to be a dungeon. The walls were full of icy water. The police forced me to take off all my clothes, and ordered others to spray water on me with a hose. They made me sleep on the ground naked. There was nothing to cover my body. The toilet in the room smelled very bad. Several police took turns interrogating me daily, and deprived me of sleep at night. They interrogated and tortured me for 38 days. I told them nothing!

On December 31, 2001, in order to expose the lies the government spread about Falun Gong, several practitioners and I hung banners. We were reported. 610 Office staff that tortured me cruelly. They took me to the No. 3 Detention Center at midnight. There, the guards punched my eyes with fists. I felt dizzy and blacked out. Then they beat my head continuously. Faced with this brutal torture, I told them that good and evil would all receive retribution. Then the police ordered prisoners to bring a foot shackle, weighing 28 kgs (close to 62 lbs) and put them on me. I was detained for 22 days and suffered tortures that were worse than dying. The police extorted a lot of money from my family, and then released me.

On February 28, 2003, only a few days after I was set free, a group of police from the Luyuan sub-bureau broke into my home. Policeman Yuan Dachuan searched my drawers, and stole more than 4,000 yuan. One of the police put a perfume bottle, which my child had received from abroad, into his bag. Yuan Dachuan was searching for more money. They are not police but robbers and criminals. Yuan Dachuan punched me twice and handcuffed me. They ransacked my home and made a big mess. Then they arrested me and took me to the inquisition room at Luyuan Sub-bureau. They tortured me on the tiger bench, tormented me for two hours, and then tied me up with very thin ropes. The police exerted made the rope as tight as possible and then tied my hands behind the back, tying the ropes all over my body. Then they pushed me out of the room.

Another group of people pushed me into a car. Police covered my head with my clothing and I almost suffocated. The car drove for about 20 minutes to a place where they torture people -- later I found out it was Chaoyang Sub-bureau. The room was full of torture instruments. They pushed me straight away to the tiger bench." About six police people put handcuffs and foot shackles on me, a steel tube across my chest, and a young police hit my left hand that was cuffed to the bench with a more than a foot long steel club more than ten times. My hand became very swollen, and turned purple black. They wanted me give them names of other practitioners. I refused. Then, more than ten police cuffed my hands behind my back, and continuously pulled the handcuffs, foot shackles and steel tube. I felt my muscle and bones were close to the breaking point, and I felt as if suffocating. The excruciating pain made me pass out a few times.

Police poured cold water on me. They continued to torture me after I came to like this for one day and one night. When the police pulled the handcuffs and foot shackles, they cut into my flesh. My wrists and ankles were broken and bled, and the blood ran to the ground. The police torture an elderly lady inhumanly. There wasn't a place on my body that did not feel the excruciating pain. I could not move. I was sent to No. 3 Detention Center on March 1, where I did not pass the health examination. I could not walk, but they still sentenced me to two years of forced labor.

I was carried into Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp while I was in a coma, and I also had to be carried to the toilet. In the 2nd brigade, police Liu Lianying wanted to "transform" me. He/she claimed that I pretended that I could not walk. They brutally beat my entire body with an electric baton. A criminal prisoner called Yi Liwen (she had good relationship with Liu) could not bear it any more. She grabbed the electric baton: "Don't beat her any more, she's already suffered enough." This made Liu Lianying stop. Because I could not walk, police often cursed me, and tried hard to "transform" me. Everyone took turns to "transform" me. They forbid me to sleep after work, tried to brainwash me, and wanted me to write the so-called statement. I firmly refused. They tortured me like this for two months. My blood pressure was often above 200, and I had severe heart disease. They could not make me change, so Jia Hongyan began to use prostitute prisoners to persecute me. They monitored me while eating and sleeping around the clock. They were mean and tried to "transform" me. They beat and cursed at me all day long and daily. The forbid me to talk, and scolded me when I spoke. They were on the alert to find anything to persecute me. In the forced labor camp, right and wrong is reversed. Bad people monitor good people. Guards order criminal prisoners persecute Dafa practitioners inhumanly and monitor Falun Gong practitioners around the clock.

Every day, my body and mind suffered deeply. A year-long persecution caused great harm to my body and mind. My body became numb. My arms became almost useless and the doctor diagnosed me with brain blockage and brain dystrophy. I was originally very healthy. The yearlong persecution made me very ill. Only because I want to be a good person, I suffer such long term inhuman torture."

5. The Physical Persecution of Male Practitioners is Even More Brutal

With a slow and gentle voice, Zhang Zhikui calmly narrated his experience of being tortured in Changchun City.

"After July 20, 1999 I went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. Because I clarified the truth of Falun Gong to residents in Beijing, I was arrested by the police in Beijing and transferred to the police of Changchun City's liaison office in Beijing. There, they tied my hands and feet together onto a wooden club and hung me between two tables by putting the two ends of the wooden club onto the two tables. I swung back and forth. Whenever the wooden club broke, I fell to the floor. As for other practitioners who were also arrested there, the police beat them with leather belts or hung them up. They beat my thighs with a white wood rod."

"Later on, all of us practitioners were sent back to Erdaohezi District Police Substation in Changchun City. At that time, there were 10 or more practitioners. After we arrived there, the head of the Political Protection Department lifted me up and forced me to take off my pants. At that time, there were males and females present. Then, the head of the Political Protection Department beat my head with a leather belt. My head became numb, there was ringing in my ears, and I almost lost consciousness. He asked for my name and the date I went to Beijing. I was barely conscious following the beating, so I couldn't remember anything. Nevertheless, he continued beating me. And then, he stamped on my feet with his leather shoes, grinding my toes with the heel of his leather shoes. He just observed the expression in my eyes while he was doing this to me. I endured the severe pain and began to sweat profusely. He left me then and began to beat up other practitioners. After I was sent to Tiebei Detention Center, the guards instigated the criminals there to strip me and beat me. The criminals kicked me hard, ramming me into the wall of the restroom. I could barely get up from the ground. Immediately two pots of cold water were poured onto my body. Again they kicked me hard. My arms and legs bled, and there was a big wound on one leg. One month later, I was released from there without any documents and without any legal procedures having been followed."

"At the end of November 1999, I went to China's Supreme Court in Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. The officials of China's Supreme Court informed police and they arrested me there, sending me to the police of Zhaoyuan City's (in Shandong province) liaison office in Beijing. On my way back, they removed my belt and forced me to walk with my hands holding up my pants. They beat me as we walked. Upon my arrival at the liaison office, they again beat me severely with a strap, and they continued beating me for several hours during the night. The next day, they sent me back to Zhaoyuan City, Shandong province."

"Upon my arrival at Zhaoyuan City Detention Center, the police instigated the criminals there to beat me. The criminals there saw that I did my duties actively and positively. They were all moved by me and didn't beat me any longer. Eventually, they sent a mute criminal to beat me up. One day, the guard there ordered me to extend my head out through a small hole in the iron gate of my cell, and then he trampled my head with his feet, beating my head as well. The practitioners in other cells all shouted at him together, 'Do not beat people!'"

"Afterwards, they sent my sister and me to Xinzhuang Township Police Station. Following July 20, 1999, my whole family was arrested. They detained my sister and me separately in small dark solitary confinement cells under the staircases. The solitary confinement cells were so short that we couldn't stand up straight inside them. They only allowed us to go to the restroom once every evening, and they locked us up like this for 10 days for each detainment. After that, they sent us back to the Zhaoyuan Detention Center and kept us there for a month. They tortured my sister and me like this back and forth for a total of six times. All these events made us feel that it is difficult either to live or die."

"On National Day in 2000, I went to the Culture Square in Changchun City to unfurl a banner and I was arrested. All the news media in China lied. They did not speak a truthful word for us. Therefore, we wanted to tell people the truth in this way. Police chief Liang and other policemen stripped my coat off and wrapped my head with it. They cuffed my hands from behind, dragged me down from upstairs, and then escorted me to a car. The car traveled for about two hours and I felt that it was far away from the town. After we arrived at the destination, I was escorted to a house where the cloth on my head was removed. I felt terrible. There was a tiger bench in the room. I knew we were on a mountain and I heard the wind swooshing."

"Police Chief Liang and other policemen stripped all my clothes off and they forced me onto the tiger bench. My hands were tied behind my back to the crabstick. They inserted an iron stick at my chest, my thighs and my legs respectively. Both ends of these sticks were fixed to the tiger bench so that my whole body was tightly locked onto the tiger bench and I could not move. My feet were put in iron hoops and immobilized. Then Liang took out a sharp knife one third of a meter long and rubbed it on his pants a couple of times. He threw the knife to the table and ferociously said to me: 'Zhang Zhikui, I want you to die here; today I'll torture you to death and dig a hole and bury you. Nobody will know or find you.'"

"After saying that, Liang went outside. At least three policemen started to recharge the electric batons and another two policemen grasped my hands that were tied to the stick behind me, then they stretched my hands around my head from behind to front. I heard my bones cracking ceaselessly. This torture was repeated several times and the oppressive pain distressed me terribly. Later, an iron barrel was buckled onto my head; they hit the barrel violently with steel pipes. The intense tremor and harsh noise made my head feel like it was exploding. After I had suffered for a long period of time, a police poured a bottle of alcohol into my mouth even though they knew practitioners do not drink. Then the policemen burned my back with cigarettes and the unbearable pain made me lose consciousness. Then they poured cold water on me to wake me up. Finally they lit candles and used them to burn my back. After they scorched the flesh on my back, they poured the hot wax on it. The pain made my body endlessly shiver and jump. All I could hear was the cracking of the tiger bench that was shaken by me."

"Because there was not any good skin remaining on my body, the policemen started to shock my private parts with electric batons and pierced them. Afterwards they used an iron stick to smash my private parts. I passed out and I did not know how much time passed before I awakened. After one night's torture, my face was swollen to several times the original size and my whole body was drenched in blood. I looked badly mangled. I had twisted my body so much due to the pain that the skin and flesh at my ankles were cut through, with the bones and muscles exposed. However, when they saw that I was awake, they again dragged me outside. It was more than 10 degrees centigrade below zero outdoors and they poured cold water on my naked body. They abandoned me where I lay. They returned to the house. Half an hour later they came out to see if I was still alive. I did not know how much time passed before morning arrived. I was already at the brink of death. I was carried to the Changchun City police department."

"There were many small cells, each with a tiger bench inside. There were female Dafa practitioners on every tiger bench. Most of them had fainted, with their lower bodies naked or with only a cloth covering the body."

"The Changchu city police department called Zhaoyuan police and told them, 'we have caught someone you wanted, congratulations.' And I was sent to the Tiebei Detention Center for further torture. I began a hunger strike for five days and they stopped the torture. After I stayed in the detention center for 40 days, they sent me to the fifth division of the Chaoyang District forced labor camp. There, I went on a continuous hunger strike. Over 10 Dafa practitioners joined me in the strike. There were 500 Dafa practitioners detained in the fifth division. The division head saw that we were on a hunger strike and he led some criminals to brutally beat us. The scene was horrendous. Finally the Dafa practitioners that were on the hunger strike were taken to the first division where the Dafa practitioners were most brutally persecuted. A criminal named Xu Hui abused Dafa practitioners frequently. One Dafa practitioner over sixty years old used to be a mid-level officer, but because he did not wear the prisoner's uniform he was beaten by Xu Hui until he was on his last breath. But he still did not stop beating him. They did not touch me because I was in already in serious condition. But as soon as I recovered a bit, they started to torture me again. We got up 3 am in the morning everyday, then we must stand in the hallway quietly holding our clothes. Every practitioner was being monitored by assigned criminals. Practitioners could not speak with each other. If they do, it was like a big deal, they are immediately being thrown to the ground, and forced to sit in a fixed position for long period of time. They would have to lift their heads and not moving their body the entire morning. Xu Hui and few other criminals would change to hard leather shoes after breakfast. They would beat any practitioner who had moved viciously.

"I had endured unspeakable agony for a very long time. All the unbearable persecutions and tortures happened in the afternoons, in the evenings, and even in the middle of the night. If the Falun Gong practitioners made a little bit of a sound when they were asleep, their fellow inmates would beat them up. All of this made the Falun Gong practitioners even dare not to go to sleep. I sometimes couldn't stop coughing at night; therefore, the inmates beat me for the whole night. They didn't allow me to cough at all. I didn't dare to drink water in the evening, since they didn't allow us to go to the restrooms at night. Once I couldn't help myself from going to the restroom, and I went quietly. When I came back, Xu Hui beat me up until I was almost on my last breath. He kicked me very hard in the area of my kidney, causing my kidney to move from its natural position. I couldn't move for several days."

"Once, there was a Falun Dafa practitioner in his twenties named Sui Futao. The criminals found out that he had hidden our Teacher's articles in his clothing, so they had hit him with a wrench over 50 times. Not long after that, this practitioner was beaten to death. My younger sister was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, and at the same time, her husband was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment. Furthermore, only because they practiced Falun Gong, their nine-year-old child was dismissed forcefully from school under the order given by the 610 Office. Among the Falun Gong practitioners who kept in touch with me, eight or nine practitioners had been beaten to death. Their names were Wang Shouhui, Liu Boyang, Liu Haibo, Liu Chengjun, Xu Shuxiang, Wang Kefei, Yu Lixin and Deng Shiying. As for the names of other practitioners who were persecuted to death, I couldn't even remember their names right now! All these are facts that are extremely cruel!"

"Zhang Shuchun is my second younger sister. When the police tried to arrest her, she jumped downstairs. Her broken ribs pierced into some of her organs. Her legs and arms were broken, too. She immediately fainted. Soon many passersby stopped to look at her and asked what happened. The policeman from the 610 Office said, 'She had a fight with her husband about a divorce.' Since she was a so-called 'Wanted Criminal,' the police took her to a hospital. But the doctors at the hospital thought it unnecessary to try to save a Falun Gong practitioner. They said, 'Just throw her out,' and surprisingly, the police did throw her out in a suburban area. Later, she was saved by some kind-hearted people. But the police put her back on the 'Wanted' list again."

6. Persecution Extended from the Highest Level to the Lowest Level of the Government, And the Un-suppressible Belief

People like Ms. Wang Yuhuan and others who suffered in labor camps personally witnessed time after time the following. When higher authorities came to inspect, all the camps had an ironclad rule: gather those who might tell the truth, like Wang Yuhuan, to a place where the inspectors cannot find them. The common rule is: the visiting leaders leave with the "truth" that they have personally "seen" and "heard." When the iron gate closes behind the leaders, the crimes against our innocent fellow countrymen will quickly start again. The facts indicate that there is a coordinated collusion between the inspector and the inspected, both of whom know the truth without spelling it out. It must be point out that all whom have participated in the persecution, regardless what role he/she played cannot escape the justice.

Another fact is that the Falun Gong practitioners who have gone through the evil persecution did not collapse under the persecution, on the contrary, they have clearer understanding of the nature of CCP, and they have became more faithful. The most typical example is Ms. Han from Fuxin City, Liaoning province, who was arrested and placed in custody several times. After being released from a brutal custody that lasted for a few years, the head of the local police station tried to make her promise not to practice Falun Gong any more. To this, she told the policeman firmly yet peacefully: "Even if you arrest me one hundred times, I will still continue to practice. The fact that we practice is nothing wrong, let alone a crime. After I returned home from custody, through constantly telling our family members and the people around me the truth about Falun Dafa, over thirty of them have joined the practice."