(Clearwisdom.net) Dozens of Falun Dafa practitioners detained at the Jinzhou Forced Labor Camp in Liaoning Province have been on hunger strike for a long time. They are extremely weak after being tortured by guards led by Zhang Haiping. Ten practitioners are at the brink of death, including two practitioners from other cities. Right now, the practitioners are being force-fed at the Shihua Hospital in Jinzhou City.

Shihua Hospital is the designated hospital for the persecuted Falun Gong practitioners by order of the Jinzhou City Judicial Bureau. It has been learned that due to the severity of the situation, all of the major hospitals in Jinzhou City have refused to treat these practitioners. Practitioners who are in critical condition and who were disabled from torture include Li Yong from Jin County, Jincheng, Liu Cheng from Yi County, Jiao Lin and Yan Bo from Benxi, Liu Chunwang and Hu Shaowei from Huludao City, Shao Minggang, Qi Mingli, Chai Lianbao and Miao Jianguo from Jinzhou City.

On December 2, Dafa practitioner Miao Jianguo was tortured to the brink of death at the Jinzhou Forced Labor Camp. The Jinzhou City Hospital and the Jinzhou City Affiliated Hospital refused to treat him. The labor camp authorities sent him to the Guta District Hospital and left him with his family and the hospital staff. The next day, fearing their deeds would be exposed, they dispatched six police officers. They broke into the home of Miao Jianguo's parents and took Miao Jianguo from his parents' home, although he was near death at the time. They continued to detain him at Division 2 of the Jinzhou City Forced Labor Camp.

Guards Bai Jinlong, Li Songtao, Zhang Chunfeng, Yang Tinglun and others at Division 2 ordered inmates Pan Xuemei, Jiang Hui and others to savagely beat Dafa practitioners. Around August 2005, practitioner Liu Cheng from Yi County was extremely weak from torture. He was deaf in both ears from beatings, his mouth was deformed and his nose was broken. After the beatings, inmates Pan Xuemei and Jiang Hui were rewarded by guards Bai Jinlong, Li Songtao and Zhang Chunfeng for their contributions to the persecution.

To resist the persecution, many Dafa practitioners went on a hunger strike. Practitioner Qi Mingli whose eyesight has deteriorated and whose right leg was disabled from beating went on a hunger strike on November 18. Practitioner Hu Shaowei from Huludao City went on a hunger strike on November 13.

According to reliable sources, the crimes committed at the Labor Camp are constantly exposed. Many guards who used to personally persecute Falun Gong are no longer willing to commit such crimes, but labor camp head Zhang Haiping is still carrying out the persecution.

Jinzhou City Forced Labor Camp
Zhang Haiping: head of labor camp, 86-416-4575066, 86-416-4575166
Jin Fuli: political secretary, deputy head of labor camp, 86-416-4575177
Li Fenglin: deputy head of labor camp, in charge of persecuting Falun Gong, 86-416-4575055
Disciplinary Committee Office: 86-416-4575123
Education Section, in fact the brainwashing section: 86-416-4575128
Li Houyu: 86-416-4575129
Liu: head of labor camp office, 86-416-4575115
Liu Xingjiang: head of Administration Section, 86-416-4575125
Niu Xiaoyao: deputy section head, 86-416-4575125
Sun: deputy section head, 86-416-4575125
Shi Zhenshan: head of labor camp clinic, 86-416-4575187(Office)
Division 2: where Falun Gong practitioners are held, 86-416-4575192, 86-416-4575193,86-416-4575195
Bai Jinlong: head of Division 2, 86-416-7171018
Liu Chunjie: wife of Bai Jinlong, 86-416-7171018
Deputy heads of Division 2: Yang Tinglun, Zhang Chunfeng, Li Songtao, Ma Yong and Mu Jinsheng

Jinzhou City Judicial Bureau
Zhang Shuliang: head, 86-416-2124786, 2838258
Cheng Qianji: deputy head, 86-416-2125503, 3125161
Liu Baoquan: deputy head, 86-416-2124425, 2122780
Dong Hui: deputy head, 86-416-2125693, 2820313