(Clearwisdom.net) It has been confirmed today that the Heilongjiang Provincial Public Security Bureau, the Security Bureau of Jiamusi City, as well as the Police Bureau of Jiamusi City have monitored Dafa practitioner Mr. Ma Xuejun's home for 24 hours. They have installed surveillance equipment in the house of his neighbor, Qi Xinglin (Secretary of the Party, East Auto Division of Jiamusi), in an attempt to secretly record the activities of practitioners coming to visit Mr. Ma Xuejun so that they can follow and eventually arrest them.

At present, the building where Mr. Ma Xuejun is residing is surrounded by many police cars. Outside of the building, plainclothes police are on guard and patrolling the area. Cars, including vans and a black sedan (plate: HEI D-02393), and other vehicles are parked beside the residential building. All the friends and relatives of Mr. Ma Xuejun who come to visit him have been searched. They even searched his daughter's boyfriend, a non-practitioner and arrested him, though he has now been released.

Mr. Ma Xuejun, a former leader of the branch office of Jiamusi Rail, had recovered from all of the illnesses that he used to have, including aplastic anemia, liver inflammation and cholecystitis, through the practice of Falun Gong. He has strictly followed the principles of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance," and has been publicly recognized for his integrity and for being an excellent leader.

After former president Jiang Zemin's evil regime began cruelly persecuting Falun Dafa, Mr. Ma Xuejun was illegally arrested four times and detained twice. In June of 2000, he was sentenced to forced labor for three years and tortured to the point of being unable to take care of himself. A year and a half later, he was sent back home by the forced labor camp. In December of 2002, Mr. Ma was again arrested and sentenced to prison for twelve years. In prison, he underwent inhuman tortures at the hands of the police. On the night of December 26, 2003, in order to shirk their responsibility for Mr. Ma's critical condition, personnel from the Jiamusi Police Department carried Ma Xuejun, who was in an extremely dangerous condition, back to his home. His body was so battered that it was difficult to look at. Because he suffered such long-term torture, Mr. Ma was seriously injured, as well as emaciated. One could hardly see him breathing. His legs were twisted and stiff, and could not change positions.


A Happy Mr. Ma Xuejun after beginning practicing Falun Dafa

Mr. Ma Xuejun, one year after he was persecuted

After Ma Xuejun came back home, many perpetrators from different departments came to his home to harass him., Mr. Ma has now been dismissed from his workplace. His wife, Chuang Jing, was persecuted to such an extent that the uterine cancer she used to have has recurred. Due to that reason, she has just been released from detention. Their daughter was unable to continue her studies due to the persecution. There was no income to support the family's everyday expenses. Last July, the perpetrators commanded the hydro-electric section of the Rail Office to cut off electricity to Ma Xuejun's house for a very long period of time. Their excuse was the family was late in paying the fee. As a result, the whole family was forced to live in darkness. The family could only make it through this ordeal with the help from other Dafa practitioners and some kindhearted relatives and friends.

Right now Mr. Ma is fully recovering, both in body and mind, due to his cultivating Dafa. However, the perpetrators have attempted to stop and scrutinize his fellow practitioners, relatives and friends so as to persecute them again.

On September 7, more than 50 Dafa practitioners were arrested in Hegang City. On September 23, throughout the areas covering Daqing, Mudanjiang, Muling, Yichun and other cities, nearly one hundred Dafa practitioners were arrested or had their homes ransacked. Among them, two have been persecuted to death. Dafa practitioners strongly call for all righteous people and organizations throughout the world to show their concern and help end the persecution.

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Jiamusi Mayor's Hotline: 86-454-8602345
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