1. Guan Lianbin was shocked for more than three hours in Division 6

Around November 10, 2005, prison guard Zhang Qingshan beat Mr. Guan Lianbin, a Falun Gong practitioner who is illegally detained in Division 6 of Mudanjiang Prison, Heilongjiang Province. Zhang also tortured Mr. Guan with electric batons for more than three hours. During this process, Zhang kept saying, "I'm an evil policeman! I'm an evil policeman!" He used electric batons to shock Mr. Guan's private areas and inner thighs. Mr. Guan was badly injured.

After being tortured for more than one hour, Mr. Guan had a heart attack. Zhang inserted the electric baton into Mr. Guan's clothes and directly shocked his chest, saying, "This is how to treat a heart attack!"

On July 6, director Zhou Yuanping and political instructor Zhu Zailiang sent Mr. Guan to the solitary confinement cell and chained his feet.

Zhang Qingshan is an officer working in Division 6 of the prison. Director Zhou Yuanping and Zhu Zailiang instigated others to persecute Falun Gong practitioners.

2. Guan Wenlong in Division 8 was beaten by police and inmates

On November 4, 2005, policeman Wu Xuejun in Division 8 of Mudanjiang Prison brutally beat Mr. Guan Wenlong. Mr. Guan Wenlong was injured so badly that he was sent to the hospital. On November 6, policeman Zhang Jian forcibly took Mr. Guan Wenlong out of the hospital. Mr. Guan Wenlong went to Director Kang Xiaohui and talked about this. Kang shirked the responsibility and said it should be handled by the division director. When Mr. Guan Wenlong questioned Zhang Jian, Zhang denied all involvement and said, "Nobody beat you. We will not let you go to the hospital for treatment."

On November 22, 2004, inmate Sui Miao in Division 8 forcibly dragged Mr. Guan Wenlong to the bathroom to beat him. Hou Songyang has done this to Mr. Guan Wenlong twice.

In early September 2004, inmate Guo Honglei beat Mr. Guan Wenlong so badly that he could not work. Policeman Wu Xuejun used electric batons to beat Mr. Guan Wenlong and forced him to perform the hard labor.

The administrative personnel were reorganized in Division 8 of Mudanjiang Prison in late October. The new director Kang Xiaohui, political instructor Chen Jianfeng and policeman Wu Xuejun made a series of policies to persecute practitioners. First, all practitioners who could not work due to sickness now needed to work. That is, one cannot stop working because of sickness. Second, teams were formed to keep close monitoring of every Falun Gong practitioner. Upon seeing a practitioner sitting up, inmates in the same group needed to knock him down, and they will be punished with things like no reduction of their detention terms. Third, systems were set up to monitor inmates that are friendly to practitioners, and they may be put in the solitary confinement cells. Many agents were arranged to monitor Falun Gong practitioners and the inmates that are friendly to them.

Mailing address of the prison: P.O. Box 862, Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, 157021

Partial name list of policemen in Mudanjiang Prison:

Chen Shougang, Director: 86-13904676888(Cell), 453-6404715 x8888;
Yu Jinghe, Political Head: 86-13904835888(Cell), 86-453-6404715 x8388 86-13904935558(Cell)
Sun Jiujie, Manager of Political Division: 86-453-6404715 x8298
Li Bin, Secretary of Disciplinary Division: 86-453-6404715 x8398
Song Xiaobin, Manager of Educational Transformation Office: 86-13766603777(Cell), 86-453-6404715 x8333, 86-453-6179431
Zhao Peng, Assistant Manager of Educational Transformation Office: 86-13945326218(Cell), 86-453-6404715 x8750
Zhou Jinping, Manager of Prison Politics: 86-13945345260(Cell) 86-453-6404715 x8799 86-453-6179479
Wang Xuhui, Assistant Manager of Prison Politics: 86-13704534000(Cell) 86-453-6404715 x8662
Luan Jinghe, Assistant Director of Transformation: 86-13904935558(Cell), 86-13766641111(Cell), 86-453-6404715 x8378
Wang Yu, director of Division 8: 86-13359880771(Cell), 86-453-6404715x8727, 86-453-6179410
Jiang Yichen, political instructor of Division 8: 86-13946335828(Cell)
Wang Wensheng, director of Division 6: 86-13054345000(Cell), 86-453-6404715x8746
Zhu Zailiang, political instructor of Division 6: 86-13904838884(Cell)