(Clearwisdom.net) In the "Tears and Blood of Dalian" series, we have disclosed the evil CCP's brutal persecution that began on July 20, 1999, against Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Sun Yan, who practiced "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." Recently Ms. Sun was again arrested and imprisoned in the Yaojia Detention Center in Dalian City for a year. The Dalian 610 Office, Dalian Ganjingzi District Court, and the Procuratorate worked together to frame Ms. Sun and sentence her to three years in prison. Ms. Sun may be sent to Dabei Prison.

Ms. Sun's husband, Mr. Luu Kaili, is also a Falun Dafa practitioner and in his 30s. He used to work as a technician and engineer in the information department of Dalian Hoist Technology. After July 20, 1999, Mr. Luu was also persecuted by the CCP. Recently the CCP arrested him and imprisoned him in the Liaoyang City Detention Center.

Recent picture of Dafa practitioner Mr. Luu Kaili

1. Persecution in the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in Shenyang City

After the persecution against Falun Gong began in 1999, Mr. Luu Kaili and two other practitioners went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Dafa. They were arrested and illegally sent to the Dalian Forced Labor Camp for a year.

The three practitioners were forced into hard labor at the camp and were often beaten. The guards used to try and force them to give up their belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." The practitioners refused to give up their beliefs and the guards regarded them as "stubborn members" and sent them to the Shenyang City Masanjia Forced Labor Camp for further persecution.

In Masanjia, the guards forced Mr. Luu to do prolonged, labor-intensive work on a farm, causing him to become physically very weak. Work in Masanjia was especially tiring, planting corn and rice. The practitioners were never fed well. Every day they were given a steamed bun plus lightly salted muddy-looking soup with a few leaves on top. Because of malnutrition, physical torture, mental abuse, and being overworked, Mr. Lv's legs started to swell up and he couldn't walk. Even though he was in such terrible condition, the guards had other prisoners carry Mr. Luu in a basket so he could work removing corn kernels. Mr. Luu went on a hunger strike to protest and asked to be released with no charges. He and several other practitioners, during their year of imprisonment, went on hunger strikes multiple times for a total of several months. In April 2001, they went on a hunger strike for over a month and during that time, the camp force-fed them every day with alcohol, hot-chili noodles, and salt. The practitioners were tortured until they became extremely weak.

The guards brutally tortured other practitioners the way they tortured Mr. Lv. They used a bed slat to beat a practitioner on his back because he protested the persecution. This practitioner's back was so injured that it later festered, became putrid, and had maggots growing on it. When he took off his clothes, the maggots would fall off.

In April 2001, when Mr. Lv's one-year term was about to end, the guards in Masanjia extended it for another six months and transferred him back to the Dalian Forced Labor Camp to continue the persecution.

2. Persecution in the Dalian and Guanshan Forced Labor Camps

On April 19, 2001, Mr. Luu and four other practitioners were transferred to the Dalian Forced Labor Camp.

In 2001, the insane "3-19" and "4-11" incidents took place in the Dalian Camp. Several hundred practitioners in the camp suffered from extreme torture. The police tortured Liu Yonglai and Ms. Wang Qiuxia to death and broke the necks of Qu Hui and Ms. Xue Nan, paralyzing them. Chen Yong had internal injuries and was persecuted to death after being sent to the Guanshan Forced Labor Camp. Male practitioners including Liu Changhai, Cong Wei, Jiang Yuntian, Zhang Ruiming, Gao Feng, Wang Enchang, and Liu Xiyong were brutally beaten, shocked with electric batons, and tortured with the tiger bench. Female practitioners including Sun Yan, Fu Shuying, Chen Hui, Man Chunrong, Chang Xueling, Yang Ming, Li Ping, Wang Lijun, Qu Sumei, Zhong Shujuan, and Chang Xuexia were often brutally beaten, shocked by electric batons, and tortured with the medieval method of "Five horses pulling the body apart" and with a stick or brush jammed into their private areas. The above mentioned is only a small part of how the Dalian Forced Labor Camp tortured and persecuted Dafa practitioners.

Picture of Liu Yonglai

Picture of Chen Yong

Picture of Wang Qiuxia

Picture of paralyzed Qu Hui

Pictures of Qu Hui's bedsore and the backbone exposed

At noon on April 19, Mr. Luu and the other practitioners arrived at Dalian Forced Labor Camp. As soon as they put their luggage down, the guards and prisoners jumped on them and tortured them, trying to coerce them into giving up Falun Dafa.

After six months, Mr. Luu was transferred to the Guanshan Forced Labor Camp. In Guanshan, the guards forced him to perform intensive labor.

We still have not obtained the details of the persecution Mr. Luu and other practitioners suffered in the six months after they were transferred back to the Dalian Camp from Masanjia. The truth will be revealed one day. The following is a list of the guards and prisoners that participated in the torture.

She Baokun, Deputy Director of the Dalian Judicial Bureau

Hao Wenshuai, Zhang Baolin, and Zhang Ziliang: Director, Deputy Director, and Political Commissioner of the Dalian Forced Labor Camp

Guards: Qiao Wei, Wang Jun, Zhu Fengshan, and Jing Dianke

Prisoners: Gao Zhonghe, Gao Yongping, Chi Diandong, and Gao Peichun

In October 2001, Mr. Luu was finally released from the Guanshan Forced Labor Camp after his sentence had been illegally extended for six months.

3. The Dalian Public Safety Bureau Extended the Persecution and Sent Mr. Luu to the Dalian Forced Labor Camp Again

The authorities didn't loosen their control over Mr. Luu and still looked for opportunities to catch him.

In October 2001, a few days after he was released from the Guanshan Forced Labor Camp, Mr. Luu was watching a practitioner's house while this practitioner was away. Officers from the public security first division, the Zhongshan division of the Dalian Public Safety Bureau, and Officer Xing from the Taoyuan Police Station broke into that practitioner's home and found truth-clarifying materials disclosing the brutal persecution. The police arrested Mr. Lv, his wife Sun Yan, and four other people. Mr. Luu and Ms. Sun were sent to the Dalian Yaojia Detention Center.

To protest the arrest and persecution, Mr. Luu started a hunger strike. He was locked in a small isolation cell with his wrists and ankles cuffed. They were configured in such a way that he was unable lie down or stand up. There was a tube inserted through his nose into his stomach to force feed him. He could barely breathe, and he was in excruciating pain. It is not uncommon for a practitioner to die from such force-feeding.

In November 2001, Mr. Luu refused to sign all of his "educational convictions" but was still sentenced to two years and sent to the Dalian Forced Labor Camp. Mr. Lv's wife Sun was sentenced to three years and transferred to the Dalian Camp also from the Yaojia Detention Center.

4. Another Wave of Persecution in the Dalian Forced Labor Camp

Dalian Forced Labor Camp has never stopped persecuting practitioners, even after the extreme incidents that occurred on March 19, April 11, and May 10, 2001. Fearing that the evil persecution would be exposed, the means used to persecute practitioners became more secret and covert.

In 2002, the total number of male practitioners held in the Dalian camp was over 100. The guards sent the practitioners who refused to perform force labor, wear nametags, or to obey all the evil regulations to the "strict management" team. The team members, who were criminal inmates, beat the practitioners. They put helmets on their heads, handcuffed them, and then forced them to stay on beds that were made of a few wooden slats. The practitioners could only get off the bed when they had to go to the toilet. Practitioners were forced to stay in beds like that for 10 to 20 days or even up to three months. Then the practitioners were made to sit handcuffed to a chair for 17-18 hours. During that time the guards brainwashed the practitioners and tortured them mentally and physically. The guards didn't allow practitioners to see their family members, went through their mail, and even monitored practitioners when they used the toilets.

Because the practitioners only had boiled vegetables to eat, they suffered from severe malnutrition. The environment was dark and humid, and many people had scabies and suffered from severe itching. At night, practitioners were so itchy that they would scratch until they were bleeding and some even until their fingernails fell off. They could barely sleep at night and suffered from extreme mental pressure. The guards used the excuse of putting medicine on the practitioners to take them to the strict management team and try to coerce them into renouncing Falun Gong.

By offering the other inmates reduced sentences, the guards are able to coerce them to persecute practitioners so that the guards will not be held responsible when the crimes are exposed. The guards ordered the inmates to brutally beat and shock the practitioners with electric batons. They even force fed practitioners on hunger strikes with alcohol. Practitioners including Li Zhongke, Luu Kaili, Liu Xiyong, Qu Fei, Song Shuwu, Sun Shizhen, Shi Yueli, Chen Shenghu, Wang Shiming, and Jia Qi suffered this treatment.

Inmates who participated in beating practitioners included Kong Jun, Liu Guoshan, Qu Haibo, Yang Rijie, Tan Jimin, Xu Hui, Liang Changsheng, Lin Baiqian, and You Fugui.

The guards who ordered the prisoners to beat practitioners were mainly captains from the 8th brigade.

Captains Liu Zhongke, Jing Dianke, and Jiang Tongjiu

Captain of the 4th defense brigade Song Hengyue

Captains of the middle team Peng Dahua, and Lo Xiaochen

On December 27, 2001, Mr. Luu was sent to the 8th brigade, which was dedicated to persecuting male Falun Gong practitioners. To protest his illegal imprisonment and forced labor and to ask to be released without charges, Mr. Luu refused to participate in forced labor and went on a hunger strike. Starting in January 2002, he and another practitioner, Li Zhongke (the older brother of practitioner Li Zhongmin who died in the persecution), were locked in a small isolated cell in the strict management area and brutally tortured. The guards locked them individually in small houses, put boxing headgear on them, and cuffed their ankles and wrists to beds to immobilize them. They were not allowed to brush their teeth or wash their faces, let alone take showers. This continued until October 2003.

When Mr. Luu was locked in the small cell by the strict management team, the guards tortured him without stop. One day in July 2002, he went on a hunger strike. Officer Jing Dianke and other inmates started to beat him heavily. They used high voltage electric batons to shock him. His ears swelled up grotesquely after this. The inmates also shocked Mr. Luu on his private parts and on the inside of his thighs. They also wrote dirty phrases on those parts. Liu Zhongke, Captain of the 8th brigade, was at the torture scene the whole time supervising. Liu claimed, "As long as I am present, no beatings will take place." However, all the persecution was carried out under his orders.

When practitioners were on a hunger strike, officers Jing Dianke and Song Hengyue force-fed them two bottles of strong alcohol each time. Practitioners Li Jisheng, Li Zhongke and Luu Kaili were force fed with strong alcohol more than once. Mr. Luu fainted and remained unconscious for 24 hours from too much alcohol. His muscles also atrophied from prolonged cuffing.

To avoid others hearing his screams and to prevent him from recognizing the faces of the torturers, officers Dian and Song ordered inmates Gao Zhonghe, Gao Yongping, Xu Hui and Lin Le'nan to turn off the light and cover their faces with bed covers before they beat Mr. Lv.

In November 2002, Mr. Luu started to resist the persecution. He refused to perform intensive labor and started to do the Falun Gong exercises in public. Captain Liu Zhongke ordered inmates to cuff Mr. Lv's hands to the top of two separate bunk beds. Mr. Luu looked like a T-shape hanging in the air. This torture is called "hanging by the handcuffs." Dalian Forced Labor Camp learned it from the Huludao Forced Labor Camp. The police hung Mr. Luu up at 5 a.m. and released him at 12 a.m. every day for a month. He still refused to compromise under this torture. Captain Liu ordered inmate Zhang Guanghong from the Mr. Dalian City area to wrap Lv's head with a bed sheet and use a 90 cm (35 inch) long bed board to beat Mr. Luu from head to toe.

In June 2003, Mr. Luu went on a hunger strike while assigned to the strict management team to protest the persecution. Zhang Baolin, the Deputy Director of the Dalian camp, tortured Mr. Luu by inserting a big tube into his nose and roughly force feeding him. Zhang fed Mr. Luu two bowls of corn porridge each time with a large syringe and asked while he did the force feeding, "Is Falun Dafa good?" Mr. Luu answered, "Yes!" Then Zhang ordered inmates to beat him. Zhang has now been promoted to Political Commissioner of the camp, where guards are encouraged to beat practitioners and are rewarded for doing so. By August 2003, Mr. Luu had been on a hunger strike for three months and the inmates could no longer shovel food into his stomach, most likely due to the fact that his nose and esophagus were damaged. Captain Liu put on a kind-looking face and said, "Kaili, I beg you to eat. Don't be so hard on yourself and do me a favor." Mr. Luu did not fall for the ploy.

While Mr. Luu was being tortured, the guards were also intensifying their persecution of other practitioners. At 10:30 a.m. on December 27, 2002, in the 4th floor in the eight brigade of the Dalian camp, Jing Dianke, the deputy captain, led several inmates to practitioner Mr. Li Zhongke's cell. The inmates first told the others in the same cell to leave and then locked the door. Jing first used chopsticks to stab at Mr. Li's mouth because he was on a hunger strike. His mouth started to bleed heavily. His lips were torn and there was blood all over the floor and the window. Jing then started to viciously insult Mr. Li's character. Those who stayed in the same cell with Mr. Li were Mr. Luu Kaili and Li Jisheng (61 years old, from the Kaifa District, Dalian City), who were also tortured physically and mentally.

The practitioners in the 8th brigade later learned of this incident and started to protest this inhumane persecution. Captain Liu pretended that he knew nothing and claimed that he never allowed beatings in his presence. Liu ordered Jing to stop torturing practitioners for a few days so they would calm down. A few days later, however, Jing started to intensively torture Mr. Li Zhongke again and tried to force him to renounce Falun Gong.

Jing Dianke, from Zhuanghe County, Dalian, has been very active in persecuting practitioners. For being successful in persecuting practitioners, he was promoted twice, from small team leader to brigade captain. He has practitioners' blood all over his hands. Whenever he tortured practitioners, he looked like a different person, showing his demonic nature. Even the inmates said, "Jing looks like a ghost." Other captains thought Jing had a mental disorder.

Jing was the one who invented so-called "strict management." The staff isolated the practitioners that refused to cooperate with them in a small room and put them on a so-called "dead man's bed." The staff either ordered inmates to beat the practitioners or sometimes they themselves did it. Another torture was to force feed practitioners alcohol. Jing was one of those in Dalian camp who dealt with practitioners. He was a leader of a small team at that time. When Jing realized practitioners didn't drink alcohol, he started to force feed it to practitioners. Jing once force-fed Mr. Luu two bottles of strong alcohol, which caused him to lose consciousness for a whole day. Jing did the same to Mr. Li Zhongke as well, causing him to vomit a lot.

After 2002, Jing Dianke ordered Wu Jun and Gu Chun to torture practitioner Mr. Luu Kaili. Jing also wrote on Mr. Luu and Mr. Li's bodies words slandering Falun Gong and Teacher's teachings in order to torture practitioners mentally and force them to give up their belief in Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance. Jing made this comment, "Without you Falun Gong practitioners, I would not be where I am today."

In September 2003, even though Mr. Luu was close to serving out his full term, he was still wearing handcuffs and shackles. Because he was confined to a bed or restrained on a small stool for prolonged periods of time, he wasn't able to move and his legs became very thin as the muscles atrophied. A kind staff member that the guards appointed to watch practitioners once tried to help Mr. Luu and was severely scolded by officer Song Hengyue. Mr. Luu still had to wear the boxing headgear even when the weather was really hot and was not allowed to shower. Mr. Luu ate very few boiled vegetables and was not allowed to drink enough water.

In the city of Dalian, the city government and people like Bo Xilai and Xia Deren, who violate human rights, are responsible for the more than 50 practitioners persecuted to death, the over 1,000 practitioners arrested, and the nearly 100 practitioners still in prisons. Their participation made possible the brutal torture of practitioners in the Dalian camp and such incidents as those that occurred on March 19, April 11, and May 10 in 2001 or the incident that happened in January 2004.

In October, Mr. Luu was released from the Dalian Forced Labor Camp, but he couldn't go home because of the persecution.

(To be continued)