(Clearwisdom.net) On the morning of October 14, 2005, a local police station chief came to my father and brother's workplace and told my father, "Have your son come to the police station to register and contact the Political Department at his company. Then he can go back to work." (In July 2000 my company had dismissed me because I clarified the truth and was persecuted by 610 Office) My father and brother were so happy to hear that I could go back to work, so right after work, they told me to go to the police station.

I knew the authorities wanted to persecute me again as soon as I heard this, so I presented my thoughts to my father and brother, "When I was persecuted, why didn't they save my job for me? Now more than a year has passed and they suddenly want to solve my job problem for me. Do you think they would do something for me without any benefit for them? I'm not going." My family agreed with my reasoning and my decision.

That afternoon, the evildoers realized that I had not gone to see them. They prompted the Security Officer in my father's company to persuade him. The officer said, "Go back and persuade your son and tell him to go to the police station." My father came back and told me, "Everything they said sounded fine. I think you can go ahead and see them. The only thing is, giving you back your job is a good thing, so why did they ask me to persuade you? That was very strange." I told my father not to believe their lies.

The following day I decided to go to work in another city. I intended to leave two days later and told my mother, "No matter who calls me, people from the police department or from the police station, just tell them I'm out and you don't know where I went." The third day, Sunday, October 16, 2005, around 8:00 a.m. our phone rang. My mother answered it. I was in the restroom when I heard my mother asking me to pick up the phone. She said it was one of my good friends and that he was right downstairs.

I went downstairs and realized it was the deputy director of the district police department. He was in a vehicle with a company leader from my previous workplace. They told me, "There is a class in the city for Falun Gong. You need to go. It lasts for two months." I said, "I don't have time to go." They asked me, personally, to tell the director who was in charge of this matter. I asked for his phone number and called the director when I went upstairs. I told him I wouldn't go to the so-called "class." He said, "You have to go. It was arranged by the city." I didn't get a chance to send forth righteous thoughts before he hung up the phone.

I told my mother, "They knew I wouldn't take their phone calls, so they lied to you, saying that they are my good friends." My mother said, "I can't believe they would lie like that." I also told my father, "They lied to you, too. They wanted me to go to a brainwashing center. Now you know how evil they truly are." My father said, "Oh! I totally believe you now. They are too evil." My mother also said, "You can't go to the brainwashing center. They will turn you crazy." I then went back to my room to send forth righteous thoughts. My mother told me that the car had driven off, but five minutes later my mother went into my room in a panic, "Two police cars and a jeep have arrived." I told my family not to cooperate with any of their requests, "Don't pick up the phone. Don't open the door. Just ignore them. Don't let them in this door."

I could feel the evil in other dimensions and was a little nervous. But I thought, "I am a Dafa practitioner. Master watches over me and protects me. The evil can't touch me or influence me." Master's new article appeared in my mind:

"Unbridled are the wicked,
yet you keep your bearings
Purging evil as if but whisking dust away"

("A Will That Ebbs Not")

The more righteous thoughts I sent forth, the calmer I was. I felt I was so mighty and the evil was so tiny. After around half an hour my mother told me that the cars had left. In between, our phone was ringing constantly. This did not interfere with me and I calmly sent forth righteous thoughts.

There was only one exit in our subdivision. I knew the evildoers had played a trick and wanted to arrest me when I went outside. I kept sending forth righteous thoughts. My mother went out to watch at the gate several times and didn't find anything unusual. At around 10:00 pm, I packed and left to leave town for the new job. Later, my father told me that the evildoers had not returned.

Due to the local Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts, the brainwashing session was cancelled on the eighth day.

I had not advanced diligently recently, so the evil took advantage of me. But I believed in Master and Dafa, so the evil was eliminated.

Fellow practitioners, when we have strong righteous thoughts and follow what Master asks us to do, the evil is nothing.

Previously, when I clarified truth of Falun Gong to my father and explained how evil the CCP is, he was always against me and said I was being political and said he had been a CCP member for decades and wouldn't listen to me. I always struggled to figure out how to get him to read the Nine Commentaries. I was only telling him what it says in that book. I failed to keep my xinxing high initially and my truth clarification turned into arguments with my father. After I realized I shouldn't be affected by his human notions, he calmed down, too, like we'd never argued. But his mind was deeply poisoned by the evil Communist specter and he always said, "I know Falun Gong is spread all over the world. But China is China; foreign countries are foreign countries," and similar comments, so I didn't say anything more to him. Every time I sent forth righteous thoughts I added one more thought, "Eliminate the evil and the evil Communist specter that interfere with my father and keep him from knowing the truth." Recently my father improved a lot, and after he witnessed what happened he had to believe the truth. So that same night, after intensively sending forth righteous thoughts, I gave my father the Nine Commentaries and said, "I'm not being political. I'm not against anybody, either. But we are being persecuted. You should know the truth. Read this book and think about it, considering what you have witnessed. Don't go down with the CCP without even realizing it."