(Clearwisdom.net) The Ranghulu District Court in Daqing City tried Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. He Lihua twice - on August 11 and on October 13, 2005. No judgment was publicly pronounced for either trial. It was said that the court authorities secretly sentenced He Lihua to a five-year term.

Recently, He Lihua went on another hunger strike, which lasted for over fifteen days. Ms. He was quite weak from the torturous force-feeding and other physical and mental abuse.

During the October 13, 2005, unlawful trial, Ms. He shouted during court, "Falun Dafa is great! Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa! I'm not wrong practicing Dafa!" The chief justice then angrily deprived her of all her rights to defend herself by forcibly removing her from the court. On her way out, Ms. He turned to her 70-year-old mother who sat in the public gallery crying, "Mom, your daughter didn't do anything wrong!"

He Lihua was arrested in mid April 2005. Around noon the day of her arrest she first sent her child to school and then went to the Daqing Department Store to clarify the truth. Later she was arrested and held captive in the Daqing Detention Center. She held a hunger strike to protest two months of persecution. She suffered brutal force-feeding and other tortures, such as sitting on a metal chair. She was finally abused to the point of incontinence.

He Lihua suffered all kinds of persecution over the past few years, only because she firmly believed in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." Officials at her work place fired her only because she practices Falun Gong. She was sent to a forced labor camp on March 15, 2001. During her detention in the Harbin Drug Rehabilitation Center, Ms. He was subjected to gross abuses that resulted in her becoming emaciated, incontinent and unable to eat or drink. She finally came out of the rehabilitation center using the power of her righteous belief and righteous thoughts. After He Lihua returned home, a group of people led by Chen Guiqing, head of Harbin Drug Rehabilitation Center, went to her home several times to harass her. Ms. He used her wisdom to avoid "illegal arrest" and other forms of persecution each time.

Fellow practitioners in Daqing: let's take urgent action to expose the evildoers and their evil acts. Let's take more initiative to rescue our fellow practitioners who are still locked up in prisons, forced labor camps and detention centers. Send letters, place calls, clarify the truth to their families, and completely eliminate the arrangements of the old forces.

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Daqing City Police Department
Cao Liwen, chief: 86-459-6371699 (Office)
Cao Zhenhe, political Commissar: 86-459-6373066 (Office), 86-459-280888 (Home), 86-13329500002 (Cell)
Lin Guoli, deputy chief: 86-459-6375026 (Office), 86-459-6986708 (Home), 86-13329500003 (Cell)
Liang Ximing, deputy chief: 86-459-6390005 (Office), 86-459-6390988 (Home), 86-13329500004 (Cell)
Wei Chunhua, deputy chief: 86-459-6398889 (Office), 86-459-6381983 (Home), 86-13329500005 (Cell)
Hao Dejiang, deputy chief: 86-459-6375029 (Office), 86-459-6381516 (Home), 86-13329500006 (Cell)
Liu Yong, deputy chief: 86-459-6374899 (Office), 86-459-6292999 (Home), 86-13329500007 (Cell)
Lan Yingjie, deputy chief: 86-459-6688059 (Office), 86-459-6689098 (Home), 86-13329500008 (Cell)
Wang Chunru, director of Political Section: 86-459-6368499 (Office), 86-459-4688828 (Home), 86-13329500009 (Cell)
Gao Zhenbo, director of the office: 86-459-6683926 (Office), 86-13329390299 (Cell)

Daqing Detention Center
Du Zhenjiang, head: 86-459-4616098 (Office), 86-459-4667179 (Home), 86-13936726888 (Cell)
Bai Yunshan, political head: 86-459-4616090 (Office), 86-459-6256942 (Home), 86-13059043155 (Cell)
Feng Haibo, deputy head: 86-459-4616162 (Office), 86-459-6211479 (Home), 86-13089051888 (Cell)
Yang Baomin, deputy head: 86-459-4616159 (Office), 86-459-6686076 (Home), 86-13836720062 (Cell)

Ranhulu District Court
Exchange: 86-459-5966611
Duty office: 86-459-5993759
Computer lab: 86-459-5995959
Reception room for the president: 86-459-5990641
Dong Yuwu, court leader: 86-459-6330909 (Office), 86-459-5999117 (Home), 86-13359596001 (Cell)
Zhang Canguo, court leader: 86-459-5990510 (Office), 86-13359596002 (Cell)
Zhao Liang, court leader: 86-459-5982070 (Office), 86-13359596003 (Cell)
Zhong Guoqing, court leader: 86-459-5994066 (Office), 86-13359810001 (Cell)
Li Yanhua, court leader: 86-459-5977880 (Office), 86-13904898168 (Cell)

Daqing City CCP's Political and Judiciary Committee
Li Dong, deputy head: 86-459-6392011 (Office), 86-459-6387336 (Home), 86-13904696199 (Cell)
Wang Gui, deputy secretary: 86-459-6372469 (Office), 86-459-6381758 (Home), 86-13904890661 (Cell)
Li Jibin, deputy director of the Coordination Office: 86-459-4666486 (Office), 86-459-4612602 (Home), 86-13945602390 (Cell)
Zhao Wenpeng, director of Political Department: 86-459-6390920 (Office), 86-459-6362203 (Home), 86-13845933508 (Cell)
Xia Lingxin, researcher: 86-459-4666087 (Office), 86-459-6681969 (Home), 86-13329390800 (Cell)
Cui Qingkai, director of the office: 86-459-4666208 (Office), 86-459-6379339 (Home), 86-13329390855 (Cell)
Liang Hongjiao, deputy director: 86-459-4666208 (Office), 86-459-6679796 (Home), 86-13936710977 (Cell)
Duty office: 86-459-6364900 (Office), 86-13329390456 (Cell)
Fax: 86-459-4665865