1. Several Falun Dafa Practitioners Were Arrested Recently in Panjin City

Three Falun Dafa practitioners from Panjin, Ms. Su Yan, Ms. Xie Dong, and Ms. Liu Shaoman were illegally arrested at Su Yan's house by police officers at about 10:30 p.m. on November 22, 2005. They were immediately imprisoned at the local Detention Center. The police searched Su Yan's house and confiscated her property. Further details are under investigation.

Su Yan, Xie Dong and Liu Shaoman all lived in the Scientific Research Community. Xie Dong works at the Zhanjing Junior High School. Liu Shaoman is a retired elementary school teacher. Additionally, three other practitioners, Ms. Zhang Guorong, Ms. Wu Xuehui and Ms. Zhou Yanhong, were also arrested at their homes, individually. Zhang Guorong is disabled and lives in the Yingbin Community. Wu Xuehui is a school teacher who teaches in a Liaohe Youtian School for the deaf. She lives in the Scientific Research Community and was arrested at 8 o'clock on the evening of November 22. Zhou Yanhong is a worker in the Liaohe Youtian Lujing Company. She lives in the Scientific Research Community and was arrested at 7 o'clock on the evening of November 23. The police also confiscated items that belonged to her, including a computer.

2. Latest Development in the Appeal for the Married Couple, Xin Minyi and Bao Juncen

Xuhao and other policemen from the Panjin Xinglongtai District National Security Bureau illegally arrested Falun Dafa practitioners Xin Minyi and Bao Juncen, a married couple. The police colluded with the Xinglongtai District Court to counterfeit so-called "crime evidence." When the couple's family received the news, they appealed to the Panjin City Intermediate Court. Initially, they were rejected, but after persevering, the Panjin City Intermediate Court finally agreed to process this case. The attorney vigorously pleaded for the couple, however, the Panjin City Intermediate Court turned this case down using the excuse that the evidence was not sufficient, and then sent it back to the Xinglongtai District Court. The Xinglongtai District Court returned this case to the Panjin Xinglongtai District National Security. Xin Minyi's family is now trying to negotiate with the Xinglongtai District National Security office for the release of the couple. Further details are under investigation.

3. More Information about Falun Dafa Practitioner Hu Zhehui in Panjin City

After Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Hu Zhehui was illegally sentenced to a 15-year jail term by the Xinglongtai District Court, he was rejected by the Shenyang Prison because he was extremely weak and he was unable to take care of himself. The officers sent him back to the Panjin City Detention Center to be persecuted further. In October 2005, Hu Zhehui was secretly sent to the Shenyang Public Security Hospital for further persecution. According to an investigation, a Panjin City Political and Legal Committee secretary, and head of the 610 Office, Li Desheng, directly colluded with the Shenyang Public Security Hospital and sent Hu Zhehui to Shenyang Public Security to be put in prison and persecuted.

4. Yang Lixin Lost Part of His Memory after Persecution

It has been reported that Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Yang Lixin from Panjin has been subjected to persecution in Shenyang. He recently showed symptoms of partial memory loss. The prison warden stated that they were not concerned about him. Yang Lixin was arrested in Panjin City and sent to the First Prison in Shenyang on August 3. Thereafter, he started a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention, which lasted two months. During this time, Mr. Yang never showed any signs of losing his memory. Strangely, he developed symptoms of losing his memory only after he started eating again.

The violent conduct of guards who torture practitioners by injecting them with drugs that damage the central nervous system has been exposed internally and abroad several times already. We are very worried about Yang Lixin's condition.

Relevant Contact Information:

National Security Bureau: 86-427-2683315, 86-427-2683316
Xu Hao, team leader of National Security Bureau: 86-427-2683315
Zhang Runqiu, National Security Bureau: 86-13842713579 (Cell), 86-13019952579 (Cell)
Liu, secondary team leader of National Security Bureau: 86-427-2683326 (Office)
Liu Desheng, Panjin City Political and Legal Committee Secretary: 86-427-2839045 (Office), 86-427-2839049
Panjin City Procurator's Office: 86-427-2825549
Panjin City Intermediate Court: 86-427-2823173
Xinglongtai District Court: 86-427-7823280
Xinglongtai District Procurator's Office: 86-427-7821409

Zhang Yue, a chief procurator: 86-427-7821409
Zhang Xilin, Litigation Department: 86-427-7820270
Xinglongtai District Public Security Sub-Bureau Patrol Team, team leader: 86-427-2833051, educator: 86-427-2833052
Chen Zheng, Xinglong District Political and Legal Committee Secretary: 86-427-2824032
Li Zhenguo, director of Xinglong District Court: 86-427-7821073
Zhang Li, Xing Daien, chief of Xinglong District Criminal Division: 86-427-7820428