(Clearwisdom.net) This article discloses some facts about how personnel in the Jinzhou Forced Labor Camp have persecuted Dafa practitioners since August 2004.

On August 12th, 2004, practitioner Wang Lin was sent to the Jinzhou Forced Labor Camp and placed in a newly formed team. As soon as he arrived, the instructor asked him, "Will you put on the vest?" Wang Lin replied, "No." Seven to eight criminal prisoners then beat Wang Lin savagely while the instructor watched from the sidelines. They sent Wang Lin to a solitary cell and tied his hands and feet to a metal chair. Then they put a safety helmet on his head and proceeded to beat hard on the helmet. Wang Lin's head hummed constantly after this. Wang Lin had been on hunger strike for several days at that time and was extremely weak. He was tied to the chair for 24 hours. That day it was raining outside, and Wang Lin trembled from the cold all night long. The next morning they pulled Wang Lin down from the chair and handcuffed him to the floor. His hands were kept in handcuffs during the day and only one hand was released during the night.

At the beginning of September 2004, perpetrators in Jinzhou City Forced Labor Camp started another round of "aggressive conversion." From the beginning to the end of September, the camp's second team guards, as well as the guards from the Education Section and Administration Section, all participated in the persecution.. The police handcuffed practitioners to the heating duct or made them sit on a one square-foot stool. Sometimes they handcuffed practitioners to a table leg or the leg of a stool. Then they would put the tape recorder earphones into the ears of the practitioners, turn up the volume to the loudest setting, and force practitioners to listen to the slanderous recording.

Those practitioners who resisted brainwashing were subjected to excruciating torture. One of the common tortures they employed, which was extremely painful, was called "leg wrapping." It works like this: First the practitioners are forced to double-cross their legs. Then the perpetrators use bed sheets to tie up the double-crossed legs for up to three hours at a time. Usually practitioners cannot walk after the ties are loosened. However, after practitioners are released from the leg wrapping, the criminal prisoners immediately force them to get up and walk.

After the atrocities of Jinzhou City Forced Labor Camp were disclosed by the international media, several police came up with the "leg wrapping" method, which is an even more covert torture. This kind of torture is even crueler and does not show the injuries people have sustained. Police officer Li Songtao invented further tortures. Once practitioners are tied up with the leg wrappings, their hands would be cuffed, and a wooden club would be put under the practitioner's buttocks. To prevent Dafa practitioners from shouting "Falun Dafa is good," the police invented another torture instrument called "the bit." This kind of torture instrument works like this: it encircles the practitioner with heavy-gauge metal wire into a circle with a tail that is inserted into the practitioner's mouth. The perpetrators then pressed the wire on top of the practitioner's tongue, and extended it into the throat. Then they used a string to tie the wire enclosure to the back of the head, securing it into position. Shortly after being subjected to this kind of torture, one would feel extremely nauseous. The following Dafa practitioners suffered this kind of torture for resisting brainwashing during this round of aggressive conversion.

Wang Lin was sent to the second team. The police detained him alone in one room. Wang Lin resisted the brainwashing and shouted loudly, "Falun Dafa is good!" As soon as he shouted, chiefs Li Songtao and Zhang Chunfeng immediately directed the criminal prisoners to tie up Wang's legs with the bed sheet. Li Songtao ordered how long Wang Lin would be tied up. Every three hours they would loosen the sheet and then tighten it again. During the wrapping process, the criminal prisoner, Zhang Tiejun, stomped on Wang Lin's thigh and twisted his legs. Wang Lin was not able to walk for three months. Even now Wang's kneecap is still sore.

One time criminal prisoners Wang Zhi and Zhang Tiejun tried to fill Wang Lin's mouth with their urine. These two evil people also smeared used toilet tissue on Wang Lin's leg. In order to prevent Wang Lin from shouting "Falun Dafa is good," they gagged him with a dirty dishcloth, put on "the bit", and shocked Wang Lin with an electric baton. He was sent to the second team for escalated conversion during the day and sent back to the newcomers' team at night. During that period of time Wang Lin's legs were tied up every day. Sometimes it was three times a day, once in the morning, afternoon and evening. After he was tied up till midnight he was sent back to the newcomers' team. During the aggressive conversion period, Wang Lin was tortured continuously for three days. Once Wang Lin was taken to the basement of an unfinished construction site, handcuffed behind the back and tortured with leg wrapping.

Dafa practitioner Jia Jingwen was incarcerated in a small cell for nearly four months. When he first arrived at the camp he was handcuffed onto a metal chair. The longest duration was three days. He was tortured this way four times. Jia Jingwen held a hunger strike in protest and was tortured with force-feeding. Once, Jia Jingwen agreed to eat, but the criminal prisoners still continued to force-feed him through the tube, pulling the tube in and out as torture.

During this aggressive conversion, police officer Li Houyu ordered the criminal prisoners to tie up Jia Jingwen's legs. Then Li started to attack Jia himself. Grasping a clothes hanger and a mop handle, he fiercely attacked Jia Jingwen's ankles and knees. Jia's ankles and knees quickly became severely bruised. Jia Jingwen's knee was swollen to the size of his thigh. The criminals lit cigarettes to burn Jia Jingwen's fingernails and toenails. Jia's hands and feet were also severely burned. After the torture, Jia could not walk, turn around, or squat when using the restroom. He could only sit to perform his bodily functions.

Several times after Jia Jingwen was tortured, his health was severely damaged. The labor camp feared that he might die so they took him to a hospital.

One time an inspection group came to the camp. Jia Jingwen happened to come out from his cell to go to the restroom as the group was passing by. When Jia Jingwen saw the inspection group, he immediately flung off the helmet and shouted loudly, "Falun Dafa is good!" The inspection group leader was Bai Jinglong. Bai ordered, "Cuff him!" Jia Jingwen tried to tell the facts to Bai Jinlong, but Bai didn't listen. Instead he ordered the labor camp to torture Jia Jingwen with handcuffing and the "leg wrap." Jia Jingwen told Bai, "The way you torture Dafa practitioners violates the law." Bai Jinlong loudly said, "Go ahead and sue me, my last name is Li."

Before practitioner Qi Mingli was sent to this camp, Jinzhou national security guards beat him so hard that he could not stand on his right leg. The national security guards pushed his leg outwards forcefully and severely injured his leg. During this aggressive conversion period in the labor camp, he also suffered other excruciating tortures. Later, Qi Mingli had scabies all over his body. To avoid infecting others, the camp authorities took him to a hospital three times, but he did not seem to get better. He also suffered from impaired vision. At this point Qi Mingli's vision has diminished severely. It is fuzzy and he cannot even distinguish one person from another. Even under such circumstances he was still forced to undergo brainwashing along with other firm practitioners.

Practitioner Liu Wansheng, even though he had been on hunger strike for a long time, was still subjected to leg wrapping, making him unable to walk. Two criminal prisoners carried him by the arms and dragged him to the restroom.

Practitioner Miao Jianguo was also detained separately in a room, handcuffed behind the back and tortured with leg wrapping.

All practitioners who did not write the three letters to renounce Dafa suffered continuous torment. The camp paid no attention to the appeals that practitioners filed.

The criminal prisoners who participated in the torture of practitioners include,

Zhang Tiejun from Jin County, Wang Zhi from Beining County, Liu Qiang from Jinzhou County, and others.

The Persecution in 2005:

When they tried to force Chai Lianbao to convert, police officers Li Songtao and Zhang Chunfeng tortured him personally. They wrapped Chai Lianbao's legs and did not allow him to sleep during the night. They also instigated criminal prisoners Feng Ying, Pan Xuehai and Zhang Tiejun to brutally beat Chai. After the brutal beating they employed more forceful brainwashing. Wang Zhigang was also tortured with leg wrapping several times.

Guo Wei went on a hunger strike after being sent to this camp. He was force-fed twice and had his legs tied up. Zhang Zhigang and two practitioners from Heishan whose names are unknown, suffered different degrees of persecution. Three elderly practitioners also suffered. Practitioners Chai Lian Bao, Jiao Lin and Yan Bai were persecuted severely.

Li Yong from Jincheng, Liu Cheng from Yi County, Jiao Lin, Yan Bai from Shengnei, and Shao Minggang from Jinzhou were all tortured to the point of sickness and detained in a cell together. It is said that Shao Minggang and Li Yong's blood pressure had skyrocketed. Qi Mingli and Miao Jianguo also became very weak.

In the winter of 2003, Liu Cheng was once forced to stand for a long time on the concrete floor, which led to paralysis in both legs. After developing paralysis he was sent back home. However, before he fully recovered, he was arrested and taken back to the labor camp, being charged with "disrupting society and public security."

In July 2005, police officer Bai Jinlong directed criminal prisoners to brutally beat Liu Cheng. Before this, Liu Cheng could not stand by himself. He had to be carried by others even when going to the restroom. However, the criminal prisoners ordered him to walk after a fierce beating and would not stop beating him if he didn't walk. Bai Jinlong yelled at Liu Cheng, "I beat you and persecuted you, but what can you do?"

The police in the Jinzhou Forced Labor Camp are fierce and vicious. They also treat ordinary criminal prisoners ruthlessly. Once, in a meeting, a criminal prisoner whose name is Chang Jun moved a little bit slow. Bai Jinlong brought him to his office and slapped his face 27 times. Another time, when Officer Li Songtao saw criminal prisoner Qi Honggang wearing slippers, Li Songtao beat him, perforating his eardrum. After Qi Honggang's family members learned about his perforated eardrum, they sought an attorney to sue Li Songtao, but they have so far been unsuccessful. Later Qi Honggang was transferred to another team. The lawsuit was unable to go anywhere. Another time Li Songtao brutally beat criminal prisoner Li Defu. Li Songtao took off his shoe and fiercely attacked the back of Li Defu's head. Li Defu's head sustained a large bloody bump. Another day around noon Li Songtao was asleep. Criminal prisoner Zhang Chengyu spoke loud enough to disturb Li Songtao's sleep. He jumped up immediately and beat Zhang Chengyu savagely. Zhang's head and the area around the eyes swelled up. However, just shortly before this beating, Zhang Chengyu's family invited Li Songtao and Bai Jinlong for dinner and begged them to look after Zhang Chengyu. After Li Songtao beat Zhang Chengyu, he and Bai Jinlong threatened Zhang, "You are not permitted to tell your family anything about this." Before this, Zhang Chengyu was made to stand by Li Songtao, and Zhang Yanjun was ordered to squat.

At the Jinzhou Forced Labor Camp, the police could hurt people at will without any punishment due to the support they have from the director, Zhang Haiping.

The Second Team at the camp had also been collecting money wantonly. The camp has a retail store. The police do not let the criminal prisoners and practitioners shop there. Instead, they set up another retail outlet at the Second Team site. The store's prices were high, even several times higher than what they should be, and to top it all off the products were all inferior. Sometimes they also deceived people. On one occasion a criminal named Miao paid the police to buy pears. The Second Team police bought 5 kilograms but claimed it was 9 kilograms. The criminals' complaints can be heard everywhere but no one dares not to speak up to the authorities. This new retail outlet didn't have a business license. Thus, it is a black market operation for the benefit of the management.

Jinzhou Labor Camp also forces criminal prisoners and practitioners to make handicrafts, which the camp then sells for extra money.

Jinzhou Labor Camp Administration Center:

Director, Zhang Haiping: 86-416-2625600 (Office)
Vice Director, Jin Fuli: 86-416-2625615 (Office)
The Second Team: 86-416-4575192 (Office)
Bai Jinlong: 86-13841659806 (Cell)