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The Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp in Changchun City was originally under the jurisdiction of the Changchun City Judicial Bureau. Since July 20, 1999, the perpetrators at this labor camp have followed Jiang Zemin in its policy to brutalize practitioners. The labor camp authorities used very cruel and base means to treat practitioners. In December 2000, the Jilin Province Party Committee and the Jilin Province government designated the Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp as the brainwashing headquarters for "reforming" Falun Gong practitioners in Jilin Province. They detained male practitioners arrested from throughout Jilin Province, except for Baicheng and Yanbian, in this labor camp. Under instruction from the Jilin Province 610 Office, the perpetrators carried out planned and systematic persecution of illegally detained practitioners. Its official name contains the phrase "reform base" but in fact it is a horrific brainwashing base, where people's freedom of belief and personal rights are violated. It has been verified that at least 18 Falun Gong practitioners have been tortured to death here, and many practitioners have been injured or disabled from torture.


Over 100 forms of torture are used here, and the barbarity of many of them exceeds the scope of one's imagination. They deprive the practitioners of sleep, force them to stand in a humiliating posture with one's upper body bent down and the posterior sticking up. They beat and kick the practitioners, hit them with sticks and burn them with fire, pour water on them, and throw ice on them. They also force the practitioners to stand in sweltering heat, tie them up with ropes and shock them with electric batons. Some of the most often used torture methods are described below:

Pouring well water on practitioners

The guards at the Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp, particularly in Division 5 where newly arrested practitioners are held, pick out the most vicious inmates and order them to strip the practitioners naked, shave of all of their hair, and pour 30 basins of cold water on each practitioner. They pour even more cold water on practitioners they don't like and then open the door and windows to let in cold air. The weather in northern China is especially cold in the spring, fall and winter. Such mistreatment is difficult to endure for even healthy people, let alone practitioners on hunger strikes and weakened as a result. They force the practitioners to stand against a wall or to stand with their backs bent and heads lowered for long periods of time. They often slap the practitioners' faces and hit and kick them. After several hours of such torture, they assign two inmates to monitor each practitioner, who is forced to sit on a small stool with his back straight. Practitioners who refuse to comply with the guards' unreasonable demands are forced to "take a cold shower." The water is drawn from a well and it's bone-piercingly cold. When we wash our hands in it, we feel pain shooting up our arms. It's hard to describe the feeling after being doused with the well water for a very long time. The guards never hesitated to torture practitioners this way.

Practitioner Mr. Ma Shengbo was held in Group 3, Division 6. Group head Li Zhongbo and administrative official Liu Yan stripped him naked on a snowy day. They opened the door and windows and then poured well water over him. Mr. Ma was shivering. Then he went into convulsions. He collapsed on the cold brick floor, curled into a ball and soon lost consciousness. The guards screamed, "Now will you write the 'guarantee statement'?" He didn't answer. The guards stabbed him with the sharp edge of a bamboo stick and left gaping wounds on Mr. Ma Shengbo's naked body. He was covered in blood. The guards then ordered inmates to rub pepper powder into his wounds, force-feed him with pepper water, and continue to torture him until he came to. They also dragged him by his legs back and forth on the floor.

Long-term sleep deprivation

For practitioners who refuse to give up their belief or refuse to do slave labor, the guards hang them up with their hands behind them; force them to squat, stand, sit in a metal chair, or a plastic chair; refuse to let them eat or use the restroom; and don't let them sleep, sometimes for up to five days. Other inmates also monitor them and beat them whenever they close their eyes. Some practitioners lost consciousness while still in a squatting position, and some practitioners fell asleep while squatting. Almost all the practitioners are repeatedly tortured this way.

Forced standing

Forced standing is one of the main methods of torture used by perpetrators at the Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp. There are several types of forced standing.

Standing against a wall. The practitioner is forced to stand facing a wall without moving. It looks easy to do but it's in fact extremely exhausting. One becomes dizzy after standing for a long time. It's especially difficult for elderly practitioners.

Standing under the sun. In July and August the practitioners are forced to stand outside, exposed to the sweltering heat.

Public standing. The practitioner is forced to stand in front of a crowd while the perpetrator announces why the practitioner is being "punished." Usually those practitioners who refuse to cooperate by refusing to respond to roll call, refusing to shout slogans, or refusing to wear name badges are the ones subjected to this humiliation. They even hang a sign around the practitioner's neck with Dafa-slandering and Teacher-slandering words on it.

Forced squatting

Forced squatting is a routine torture used on newly arrested practitioners. The perpetrators call it "Face the wall and repent." The perpetrators pour cold water over the practitioner's head, and then force the practitioner to squat with hands locked and behind the head. The practitioner must squat approximately two inches away from a wall, facing it. The practitioner is forced to squat this way for at least four hours at a time. Many practitioners developed pain and numbness in their legs, and some lost consciousness.

Forced sitting

The practitioners are forced to sit on a small stool with their hands on their knees, head raised, and back straight. The stool is about eight inches tall. The practitioner must sit from 5:30 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. Aside from eating and going to the restroom, the practitioner sits for 14 hours a day. Some practitioners sit for 20 hours a day, from 2:00 a.m. until midnight. If the practitioner makes the slightest movement while sitting on the stool, the perpetrators violently beat him. Some practitioners had congealed blood in their buttocks due to lack of circulation, and some practitioners became disabled. The guards didn't spare those who became disabled. Practitioner Mao Zengshun, who cannot walk, was savagely beaten several times for not being able to sit still.

Double-crossing the legs

The perpetrators force the practitioners to double cross their legs for a very long time without moving. Some perpetrators even sit on the practitioners while the practitioners' legs are double-crossed. In the spring of 2002, the perpetrators beat practitioner Mr. Yang Shu cruelly in a vain attempt to make him give up his belief. Mr. Yang remained determined. The guards reported this to Wang Jiangang, the deputy head of the labor camp. Wang Jiangang ordered the guards to double cross Mr. Yang's legs. He specifically told the guards to not let Mr. Yang's legs down, even if he agreed to "reform" and make sure he would forever remember the "experience." The guards then forced Mr. Yang to double cross his legs and sat or stood on his legs. For a while Mr. Yang could be heard screaming on a daily basis while being tortured.

Another practitioner was forced to double cross his legs for several months. The inside of his thighs turned black. On December 24, 2001, guard Li Jun ordered inmates to beat practitioners Liu Hongwei, Wang Yonghe and others. Liu Hongwei lost consciousness. Li Jun ordered the inmates to remove the bedding and he made Liu Hongwei (after he came to) and Wang Yonghe to sit double-crossed on the bare wooden bunk for over 20 hours a day. They were barbarically beaten when they moved even slightly.

Forced sitting on concrete ground

On May 11, 59-year-old practitioners Hao Hongfa and Zou Yanming refused to acknowledge the illegitimate charges levied against them. They refused to wear a name badge that said, "Disrupting the social order;" they refused to cooperate with brainwashing and refused to write a report. The labor camp authorities demanded that each practitioner turn in a monthly report of their "state of mind." Four perpetrators led by inmate Ji Wenquan took turns beating Mr. Hao Hongfa. They repeatedly kicked his kidney area and forced him to stand absolutely still for a long period, bend over with the arms stretched behind his body in the "flying the airplane" position. Mr. Hao's back and legs turned black from being beaten. Afterwards the perpetrators forced him to sit on the concrete floor from 7:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. for four days without any break.

Electric shock

We don't know how many electric batons there are at Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp. They used 3,500-volt "siren" electric batons on the practitioners. The practitioners collapse on contact with this electric baton, yet no visible damage or scar appears on their bodies as the damage is done to internal organs. Some guards experiment with various sizes of electric batons on the practitioners. They tape the practitioners' mouths shut and shock them until no intact skin is left on their bodies and parts of their bodies become deformed.

They hang the practitioners up and shock various parts of their bodies. They handcuff the practitioners behind their backs, hang them up and shock their bodies. They fix the practitioners in a chair and shock them with electric batons. Almost all practitioners who persist in their belief of Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance are subjected to the latter abuse. When some practitioners were shocked in a chair five times, their hands and feet swelled and ulcerated, and they could barely walk.

The perpetrators also pour a basin of water on the floor and force the practitioner to stand barefoot on the wet floor; then they shock the practitioner with electric batons. The practitioner collapses and the torturers continue to shock him until the practitioner rolls on the floor. They proceed to strike the practitioner with axes handles and whip him with belts.

The perpetrators also shock the practitioner's ears, head, neck, armpits, genitals and anus. During the second round of attacks on practitioners, guard Li Junchong held practitioner Liu Hongwei's hands and feet together with two wooden sticks, then he shocked Liu Hongwei's anus with high-voltage electric baton(s). He also shocked practitioners Han Ziliang, Liu Baohua, Qu Hongkui, Zhuang Qianyong, Ding Yuande in his 50s, Li Manting in his 60s, and some others. They call the practitioner into a room and strip him naked. The guards brandish electric batons and a triangular belt (used to provide transmission in tractors) in front of the practitioner and demand the practitioner give up his belief. If he refuses, the guards use the belts to whip him all over, except his face.

Shocking the face with electric batons is forbidden by law, yet it is common practice at this labor camp. Many practitioners' faces were completely disfigured from electric shock.

The perpetrators also shock the practitioner from head to toe continuously without a break.

They shock the sensitive parts of the practitioners' body, such as the tip of the nose, the eyelids, the temples, the lips, the tip of their fingers and toes, the soles of their feet and the insides of their thighs.

Practitioner Hu Shiming is 54 years old. The perpetrators stripped him of all of his clothes. They poured cold water on him, then boiling water, until large blisters appeared all over his back. They also shocked his genitals with 30,000-volt electric baton(s). The inmates who were present called the guards "pigs."

The guards also force the electric baton inside the practitioner's mouth and shock him. In April 2002, practitioner Yang Shu from the Shuangyang District refused to write a guarantee statement. He was beaten until one of his toenails fell off. Then he was forced to sit on a small stool for a long time and sit with both legs crossed while the inmates sat on his legs. The guards even shocked the inside of his mouth with electric baton(s).

Various forms of beating

Beating practitioners is commonplace at the Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp. People often hear the electric batons snapping and the guards cursing and slapping the practitioners' faces. They demand that the practitioners repent and give up Dafa practice and beat the practitioners if they refuse. The guards and inmates often slap the practitioners' faces. In August 2003 practitioner Mr. Guan Xingxian was slapped until he lost the hearing in both ears. He never recovered. In early April 2002 more than 20 practitioners were sent away, and soon people heard them screaming in pain. Practitioner Yang Shu was sent to Division 4 and soon carried back. His face was deformed from beating, and his head hurt for many days. He could not eat for a few days. Lu Guorong, a head inmate from Division 5, gagged practitioners with towels. He tied pins to chopsticks and used them to stab the practitioners' fingers.

There are several ways in which they hit the practitioners. Sometimes they kick the practitioners with hard boots and cause great pain. They strike the practitioners' head, face and back. They "chop" the practitioners' throat and neck with the side of their hands, causing the practitioners breathing difficulty. They also strike the practitioners' face with their hands and cause swelling. Some guards only use their hands to hit people.

The guards grab anything within reach to whack the practitioners. They use wooden sticks, the leg of a chair, a mop handle, broom handle, a triangular belt, an axe handle, a police baton, a white plastic tube, a metal pipe, metal cables, a piece of bamboo and other things. They hit the practitioner with the bamboo until it shatters and the splinters stick in the flesh. Then they rub laundry detergent and salt into the wounds and pour cold water on the practitioner. Practitioner Zhou Jian from Baishan City, Jilin Province had his nose broken from beating. His body was covered in wounds and he spewed blood. The guards even turned practitioner Mr. Sun Xianming's arm 360 degrees and finally pulled it from the socket. Guard Zhu Shenglin saw that Mr. Sun could not move. He sneered and said, "What's wrong with you? You can't move? Here, I'll help you." He violently shook Mr. Sun's dislocated arm, and Mr. Sun screamed. His body trembled and he broke out in a cold sweat. Practitioner Zhou Jian, an employee from the Baishan Electricity Plant, was beaten until his head swelled enormously and people couldn't recognize him. Two people had to hold him to eat. He was bedridden for over two months.

In 2003, practitioner Mr. Ma Shengbo from Nongan County persisted in his belief in Dafa and resisted brainwashing and persecution. Guards Li Zhongbo, Wang Tao and others stripped off his clothes except his underwear and shocked him with three electric batons. They kicked him to the floor and continued to shock him until all three batons ran out of electricity. They then whipped him with No. 8 metal construction wire until it broke. They thrashed him with a piece of bamboo until it shattered and splinters stuck in the wounds. They rubbed detergent in his wounds and dragged him to the shower room. They opened the door and windows and poured freezing well water over him. It was early April and it's chilly, even for people in sweaters, yet the guards forced him to lie on the concrete floor for several hours while the inmates pinned him down and constantly poured cold water on him. Mr. Ma Shengbo persisted in his belief in Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance. They kicked his kidney area, whipped his back, thighs and calves with thick wooden planks until his body swelled, then they whipped him with a No 8 metal wire, which left wounds about 0.4 inch in depth. They rubbed salt and detergent into the wounds, then they poured a dozen basins of cold water on him.

Guards often beat practitioner Mr. Wang Zhidong and his body was soaked in blood. His body later swelled. In the winter, the guards stripped him naked and forced him to lie on the floor. They poured cold water on him until he curled into a ball. He shivered and could not speak.

Kicking the kidneys

The perpetrators force the practitioners to bend over and then violently dig into the practitioners' kidney area with their shoes. The practitioners cannot walk afterwards.

"1,000 swords through the heart"

They inserted toothpicks under the nail bed of the practitioners' fingers and toes.

"Splitting the body with five horses"

They handcuff the practitioner's arms and legs to the railings on the upper and lower bunk of two neighboring beds. They suddenly pull the beds apart so the practitioner is forced into a spread eagle position. The cuffs cut into the flesh and the hands and feet gradually turn black due from the blood circulation being cut off.

Hanging in mid-air

They tie the practitioner's hands together behind him with a rope. Then they tie the other end of the rope to a metal pipe fixed to the ceiling. When they pull on the rope, the practitioner is lifted off the ground and hangs in midair. Practitioner Mr. Li Gen from Nongan County was hung up, his ribs were broken, and his body deformed from beating. Later, the perpetrators took off his clothes and forced him to stand outside in sweltering heat because he could not work. The guards screamed at him, "We won't let you off the hook!"

The Big Hang-up

The guards cuff the practitioner's hands behind his back, put a police rope through the handcuffs, and then hang the practitioner up. They shock the practitioner with electric batons while he is dangling in the air. The practitioner cannot move his limbs and is forced into a severely hunchbacked position. He quickly loses feeling in his arms and experiences excruciating pain.

There are other ways that the guards hang up the practitioners. The guards handcuff the practitioner's hands and put a rope through the handcuffs. They lift the practitioner's arms and tie the rope to a wooden beam above the door or to a metal pipe on the ceiling. Many practitioners were tortured this way.

"Horizontal hanging"

The guards handcuff the practitioner's hands to the upper bunk of two neighboring beds and his feet to the lower bunk of the same beds so his body is spread-eagled. They then pull the beds in opposite directions until the practitioner's body is almost split in two. Then eight perpetrators strike the practitioner with bamboo poles, axe handles, triangular belts, police batons and electric batons. It is difficult to estimate how many practitioners have been tortured this way.

"Hanging like an airplane"

The perpetrators handcuff the practitioner's hands behind his back and tie the handcuffs to the railing on the upper bunk so that the practitioner's feet barely touch the ground and his body is in the shape of an airplane. The perpetrators wrap his head in clothes. All of his body weight falls on his wrists. This torture was widely used to "reform" practitioners after August 2002. Later they replaced police ropes with handcuffs. They shock the practitioner's armpits with electric batons while he is hung up. The electric shock sends the practitioner into convulsions. After the skin is scorched, they proceed to shock another part of the body and release the practitioner only after he has lost consciousness. Many practitioners' arms are broken when they are let down.

"Hanging behind the back"

The practitioner's hands are cuffed behind his back and a rope is fed through the handcuffs and tied to a window frame or a bed pole. The position of the practitioner in this abuse is lower than in "hanging like an airplane."

In March 2003, practitioner Mr. Pan Wei persisted in his belief in Dafa. The guards ordered a dozen inmates to drag him by his feet into the interrogation room. They stripped him naked and shocked him with electric batons. He remained determined. Then they struck him with a shovel and whipped him with a triangular belt. They poured cold water on him and continued to beat him. When they were exhausted from beating, they nipped the inside of his thighs and pulled his toenails. One of his toenails was pulled out; the other nine were black and blue and oozed pus for over a month.

"Sweating through the paper"

They force the practitioner to bend over at a 90-degree angle with his arms raised high behind his body. They put a sheet of paper on the floor to catch the sweat dripping from the practitioner's nose.

Brutal force-feeding

The authorities are afraid when the practitioners hold a hunger strike. They force-feed the practitioners with corn porridge laced with large amounts of salt. The guard orders several inmates to pin the practitioner down, pry his mouth open with a tool which often causes profuse bleeding or that knocks out a few teeth. They insert a tube into the stomach through the nose. After force-feeding, they drag the practitioner back and forth on the floor, saying it will "improve digestion." They punch the practitioner in the stomach and don't allow him to drink water. Force-feeding is being used as a form of torture at the Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp.

Savage beatings and scraping the flesh

Many detainees at the labor camp developed scabies due to the terrible hygiene at the labor camp. On January 18, 2001 [Chinese lunar calendar], many practitioners including Fu Yan, Yu Qingbin and Xie Rongchun had scabies. Pus and blood soaked their pants when they were forced to sit on small stools. Their hands except the fingertips were also covered in scabies. Incited by the guards, the inmates whipped the practitioners with the soles of hard plastic shoes. Yun Qingbin almost lost consciousness. Three inmates took turns beating Fun Yan, hitting him more than 100 times until the inmates were exhausted. Fu Yan's body, particularly the inside of his thighs, were covered in blood. The inmates then scraped chunks of battered flesh off Fu Yan's body with a sharp metal spoon. The pain was beyond words. Large beads of sweat formed on Fu Yan's face and forehead. The next day they scraped practitioner Xie Rongchun's hands and thighs until the lines on his palms were almost indistinguishable. They scraped him more than once.

Practitioner Bai Xiaojun from Northeast Normal University died after being scraped. Practitioners Tian Junlong and Gao Chengji suffered from a massive scabies outbreak and did not receive any medical treatment. They died soon after they were sent home.

Solitary confinement

Solitary confinement is another punishment used at labor camps, and there are restricting guidelines for its administration. Practitioner Wang Qisheng, held at Division 5 of Chaoyanggou Labor Camp, was detained in solitary confinement for one month and nine days, during which he was savagely tortured.

The labor camp forced detainees to harvest corn in the fall. Practitioner Ma Xiaodong was too weak to work in the fields. Wang Yanwei, head of the labor camp; Wang Jiangang, deputy head of the labor camp; group head Zhu Dequan; and administrative official Lu Zhanmin brutally beat Mr. Ma Xiaodong and injured his left eye. His left calf was wounded and he had chest pains for a few days after the beating. He was locked in solitary confinement and was hung up 24 hours a day. Guard He Jianxin punched him after he was hung up. He was given half a bowl of watery corn porridge.

Practitioner Mr. Jiao Mingfeng persisted in practicing Dafa. Guard Wang Kai from Division 1 ordered an inmate to beat him until he was disabled and could not take care of himself. When Wang Yanwei, head of the labor camp, ordered Mr. Jiao Mingfeng to work, he refused. Wang Yanwei kicked Mr. Jiao's kidney area and slapped his face repeatedly. He sent Mr. Jiao to solitary confinement, where he is hung up day and night.