Li Cuiping, a Falun Dafa practitioner who has been detained in Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp, was beaten into a coma by An Xiping, a camp staff member on duty.

Practitioners Ms. Zhao Shuying and Chen Aihong wrote the camp director a letter to expose many camp team leaders' crimes. On July 22, 2005, the letter was found in Chen Aihong's bed by the police when they searched the cells. In retaliation, on September 14, Li Xuejun came to Class 4, where Chen Aihong was detained, and suddenly struck Chen's head. It led Chen's heart disease to recur. In protest, Chen Aihong went on a hunger strike and requested a meeting with the camp director. Ms. Zhao Shuying also joined the hunger strike, but Li Xuejun did not allow them to see the director. Instead, he handcuffed them on September 16 and sent them to Gaoyang County Hospital for force-feeding.

After the force-feeding, Li Xuejun detained Ms. Zhao Shuying alone in a cell with no windows or cell bars and threatened her by saying that there were many ways to torture and beat her. At Moon Festival time, Ms. Zhao Shuying and Chen Aihong agreed to eat because they didn't want to affect the other practitioners, but they still requested a meeting with the camp director.

On September 22, Chen Aihong wrote the director another letter, which Ms. Zhao Shuying also signed. The letter was passed to the director by Wu Jidong, the team leader in Class 4, but the director never showed up to the meeting. On September 28, Ms. Zhao and Chen went on a hunger strike again to request a meeting with the director. All of the Falun Dafa practitioners in Division 1 supported this hunger strike on September 29. The police dragged and beat practitioner Ms. Li Guizhi, and sent her to a confinement room. Ms. Zhao Shuying, Chen Aihong, and Li Cuiping went out to shout, "Don't hit her!" "Falun Dafa is good!" Their voices alarmed the male practitioners in Building 4, and they all started a hunger strike to give support.

As a result, the director of the Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp mobilized many guards to drag the male practitioners out to torture them. As of October 9, the male practitioners still couldn't go downstairs to eat meals.

Chen Aihong, Ms. Zhao Shuying, and Ms. Liu Yuanzhen in Division 2 were dragged to a confinement room on the first floor on September 30. Their hands were handcuffed to a wooden plank. After being dragged around and forcefully fed, Ms. Zhao Shuying had uncontrollable urination. Nobody looked after her, and she lay in the soaking bed for two days and nights. Both Chen Aihong and Ms. Liu Yuanzhen were tortured by electric baton and "swinging the telephone."

In the morning of September 17, when Ms. Liu Yuanzhen was only sitting up, Yan Yurong, who was on duty in the night shift, reported to the team leader that Ms. Liu was practicing Falun Gong. Ms. Liu Yuanzhen's mouth was then sealed with tape by Shi Jinxia, Li Xuejun, Mao Li, and Wang Guoyou on the first floor. Ms. Liu was also tortured by electric baton and 'swinging the telephone,' and she lost consciousness.

An older practitioner from Beijing was newly detained at Division 2 of the Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp. (The camp "bought" practitioners twice, at a cost of 800 yuan each. They bought 19 people the first time and 20 the second.) Because this senior practitioner refused to wear a prison uniform, his (or her, no information about this practitioner's gender) legs were beaten so severely that he couldn't walk, and he was not allowed to get help.

Chen Aihong appears to have the symptoms of heart disease. Ms. Zhao Shuying twitches frequently, and Ms. Liu Yuanzhen is currently very weak physically.