Mr. Gong Zhijun, a Dafa practitioner who worked for Jixi East Sea Diggings, was arrested on September 25, 2005. He could not bear the inhumane torture, and revealed Dafa practitioner Ms. Liu Shulan's name to the police. Many other local practitioners were arrested and tortured as well. After they arrested the young female practitioner, Ms. Liu Dan, many policemen tortured and insulted her, but she remained firm in her belief in Falun Dafa.

After getting Ms. Liu Shulan's name and information from Mr. Gong, the policemen started to monitor her. On October 24, four police officers from the Jiguan District Branch of the Jixi Security Department, Ms. Jiao Yang, Zhang Wei, Chen (50 years old), and Wang Weijun, arrested Ms. Liu Shulan, 38, at her workplace, the Technical Institute of the Jixi Coal Industry Factory. They went directly to her home and ransacked it. Dafa practitioner Ms. Chen Lichun, who is 35 years old and worked for East Sea Diggings, and Ms. Liu Dan, who worked for the Little Heng Mountain Mine, were also arrested at Ms. Liu Shulan's home. The three practitioners were sent to Jiguan District Police Department for questioning.

When they ransacked Ms. Liu Shulan's home, the policemen confiscated a desktop computer, a printer, a copier, two web capable cell phones, a personal cell phone and card, eight boxes of copier paper, many discs, truth-clarification materials and many other belongings. They also took Ms. Liu Shulan's 8,000 Yuan in cash, her 10,000 Yuan deposit book, a bank card with more than 10,000 Yuan on it, and a cell phone valued at 1,950 Yuan. They took 800 to 900 Yuan in cash and a cell phone valued at 1300 Yuan from Ms. Chen Lichun and 700 to 800 Yuan in cash and an MP3 player valued at 550 Yuan from Ms. Liu Dan. They searched every inch of Ms. Liu Shulan's home.

When searching Ms. Liu Shulan's home, policewoman Jiao Yang tried to take Ms. Liu Dan's photo, but she did not cooperate. As a result, Jiao Yang grabbed Ms. Liu's hair and forced her to take the photo. Zhang Wei forced the practitioners to stomp on Falun Dafa Teacher Li's portrait. The practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts and clarified the truth, so Zhang Wei changed a little bit, but he continued insulting and persecuting practitioners.

Below is the information about the persecution that Ms. Liu Dan suffered:

Ms. Liu Dan, 29, is a Dafa practitioner who worked at the Jixi Little Heng Mountain Mine. She was forced to leave her home in June of 2002 and wander about from place to place to avoid arrest and further persecution. After she was arrested, Ms. Liu refused to answer the policemen's questions, so policeman Wang Weijun insulted her, handcuffed her and kept her facing the wall for a long time. At night, Wang hung Ms. Liu Dan's hands from a metal door and tied her feet. She had to remain in this painful position, bending her body and lowering her head. After that, Wang Weijun asked for Ms. Liu's fingerprints, but she refused. Wang then asked Ms. Liu to crawl under a chair, but she refused once again. This time, Wang Weijun kicked her down, and her head hit the ground. Wang Weijun folded Liu's head onto her legs, and put a chair on her back. Wang then sat on the chair from morning until noon. By October 26, Ms. Liu was already extremely weak from torture, but she was not permitted to sleep. Wang Weijun handcuffed her to the heater for the whole night.

When a policeman from the Jiguan District Police Department, Zhang Wei, saw Ms. Liu, he punched her on her temple, and kicked her face and body with his leather shoes.

On the afternoon of October 25, Zhang Wei tied Dafa Teacher's picture under Ms. Liu's feet with a rubber band. When Zhang wasn't looking, Liu slipped the picture under her clothes and hid it on her back. Zhang asked a policewoman to body search Ms. Liu for the picture, but she failed to find it, Zhang then attempted to search her. When Liu Dan refused, he ripped off two buttons from her coat. Zhang claimed that he would cover the ground with Dafa books except for a two feet area (this is considered disrespectful). Later, when Ms. Liu's family asked for permission to visit her, Zhang refused. That night, when she found out that Ms. Liu had the picture, policewoman Jiao Yang insulted her in front of many police officers. Jiao Yang lifted Liu's shirt, grabbed the skin on her stomach and demanded the picture. Then, Wang Weijun kicked her down to the ground, separated her legs, pressed her face onto the ground and beat her. They didn't stop until Jiao Yang found the picture on Ms. Liu's back.

On the afternoon of October 26, a policeman from the Jixi Police Department, Liu Jiaxue, asked Ms. Liu Dan if she knew Xing Guirong and Xu Chenghua, but Ms. Liu refused to answer. Liu Jiaxue, who knew martial arts, grabbed Ms. Liu's arm and pressed her acupuncture point, speeding up her heartbeat and almost making her lose conscience. The pain when this was done for even one second was excruciating, but Liu Jiaxue repeated it many times. Ms. Liu only shouted "Falun Dafa is Good."

A friend of Liu Jiaxue, who was 20-years-old, beat Ms. Liu Dan's hands with a leather belt. Then he beat her down to the ground, grabbed her hair to pull her up, and slammed her head against the wall. Ms. Liu was so weak that she fell down many times. But the policeman continued pulling her up and beating her with a leather belt. At present, Ms. Liu's whole body is dark blue and swollen, her face and hands have been badly injured, and much of her hair has been ripped out.

After being beaten, Ms. Liu Dan became nauseous whenever she saw food. She could only drink a little water every day. On October 27, a driver named Xie tried to force Ms. Liu to drink an energy drink, but she refused. The drink spattered all over her clothes. Xie then took some milk, pinched Ms. Liu's nose, and attempted to force her to drink it, but he only spilled the milk onto her clothes. He gave up after several unsuccessful attempts.

Liu Jiaxue and his fellow policemen beat Ms. Liu very maliciously. They violently tortured her even though she was very weak. However, she still refused to answer any of their questions because of her firm belief in Falun Dafa. During the five days of torture, Ms. Liu did not cooperate with the policemen at all. She told them neither her name nor her address. The policemen claimed that Ms. Liu was on the Police Department's wanted list. Then they sent her to the Second Detention Center of Jixi even though they did not obtain any confession. Ms. Liu still feels nauseated whenever she sees food, and throws up as soon as she eats anything. She is very weak, so please call on all Dafa practitioners to pay attention to this, and try to rescue her.

Presently, to protest the persecution, Ms. Liu Shulan and Ms. Chen Lichun are on hunger strikes in the Second Detention Center of Jixi. The details about their persecution are still being investigated.

The four police officers mentioned earlier in the article, Jiao Yang, Zhang Wei, Chen, and Wang Weijun have been activity persecuting Dafa practitioners. They never listen when practitioners try to clarify the truth to them. There are also other policemen participating in this persecution, such as Mr. Zhao, in his 30's, who is a leader in the Jixi Security Department. Others include Director Ji of the Jiguan District Branch Department, and Captain Gao, Captain Sun, and Liu Tiefu of the Xiangyang Police Station. They planned the arrest and torture of the Dafa practitioners, and they still feel no remorse for anything they have done.

On September 28, the above-mentioned police officers destroyed a material production site in the Jixi Lishu District. At around 9:00 p.m. that day, the Jixi Police Department and the Lishu District Branch arrested local practitioners Mr. Zhao Xikui (56 years old) and his wife Wang Yuhua (56 years old). The policemen helped themselves to the couple's notebook computer, two printers, a cutting knife, a color television set, a VCD player, many Dafa books, a set of tapes of Fa lectures, 12 truth-clarification discs, and many other materials, totaling about 10 thousand Yuan in value. Right now, Mr. Zhao Xikui is detained in the First Detention Center, and Ms. Wang Yuhua is detained in the Second Detention Center. Dafa practitioners in the Lishu District, Ms. Yan Fengyun, in her 40s and Ms. Wang Fengzhi, in her 60s, were also arrested around that time. They are currently detained in the Second Detention Center.