(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Dafa disciple working at a truth clarification materials site. One afternoon in October, I was using a drum printer with a newly replaced drum. I noticed a 5 mm (about a quarter inch) wide blank line on the printed materials. When I replaced the drum with another drum, the printed materials were perfect. I knew this was a drum core problem.

I started to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all the evil elements interfering with the Fa rectification in other dimensions and cleaned up the evil elements behind the drum core. I tried to fix the flaw in the drum core with righteous thoughts. I did that for ten minutes, just like I do regularly when sending forth righteous thoughts. Then I tested it once more. It was the same as before. Then I sent forth righteous thoughts for another ten minutes and tested it again; it still was the same. By then I became less confident and wanted to replace the drum core, but when I thought that I encountered this situation it certainly wasn't coincidental; it must be for something I needed to understand and to improve myself. Also, we should show mercy to each being; how could I give it up so easily?

I suddenly had a realization: for any being only when it has the will itself, can we do things for it; if itself doesn't have the will, then other people wouldn't be able to do anything for it. When I understood the Fa principle at this level I then said to the drum core, "You were able to get here, which isn't coincidental. You came here, either to participate in the Fa rectification or to interfere with the Fa rectification. Perhaps the old forces arranged for you to perform a negative function. But this is now the Fa rectification period. It has opened an age-old hard-won opportunity for all beings to make new choices. As long as you reject the old forces' arrangements, as long as you would like to participate in the Fa rectification, as long as you have this desire, anything can be done for you. Master will strengthen you. You will become a being that will be rescued; otherwise you will be eliminated. I will let you think about it for a while!" I put it aside. After I printed another 200 pages from another drum I took it up. I asked it, "Have you made up your mind? This is your last chance! As long as you have the desire to send a thought, it will work immediately!" I put it in the printer to re-try. It worked perfectly, and the printed material was clear.

Having experienced this I realized as long as when we have a clear understanding of the Fa and keep righteous thoughts and righteous actions we can achieve anything. If we don't have a clear understanding of the Fa and one thing does not meet the requirements, then our sending forth righteous thoughts will be futile. In other words, only when one's thoughts and actions completely conform to the Fa can one be assimilated into the Fa, can one's righteous thoughts demonstrate the Fa's powerful might.

From this incident I also realize that nothing a practitioner runs across is coincidence; we need to put ourselves inside the situation and enlighten to it; a single error in our thought might prevent the salvation of certain beings.

I further realized that we have to be compassionate towards every being; because I had compassion in my mind, Master let me understand the Fa at the level from which I should understand it; therefore the situation turned favorable.

After this incident I felt quite encouraged and even became somewhat excited. Previously my MP3 player also broke down quite often; it would work again after my sending forth righteous thoughts; yet I never became so excited as today. I started to review my thoughts. When my MP3 player had previously stopped working, it would work after I sent forth righteous thoughts, but sometimes my brain would still think, "It might be because the connection wasn't good." Why was my feeling so strong this time? It was because I saw it for myself. By then I discovered that one of my human notions, for instance, "a thing has to be seen to believe that it is for real." I had not completely eliminated this notion from my mind. I ought to eliminate it completely and completely assimilated into the Fa.

Recently I have a kind of "being reborn-like" feeling; my entire thinking mode has changed. This happened because I did more Fa-study lately and the quality of the study was also fairly good. There's no distracting thought interfering with me during my Fa-study. I was able to look inward whenever encountering a conflict. I felt like I just got to understand what cultivation is. During my seven years of practice I had such a feeling quite a few times. I noticed such feelings all came when I started to really looking inward after not having looked inward for a long period of time (more precisely it was conditional looking inward). It is only after looking inward unconditionally that one could keep a peaceful mind.

Such kind of fundamental change began from another incident that occurred a little while ago. Last month a family member who is a Dafa practitioner was abducted and taken to detention. Because the case was quite special, it had fairly wide repercussions. Many practitioners took this incident seriously. One practitioner's article published on the Clearwisdom website touched my notions and I developed many incorrect thoughts.

Because this involved my family member, I complained that practitioner's report did not conform to the facts and complained about the practitioner not demonstrating enough compassion toward the other practitioner. I worried that this would worsen my family member's tribulation and other such thoughts. Though at that time I did know that kind of thinking process was not right I couldn't overcome it; the more I thought about it the more wicked the idea became. I almost wanted to find that practitioner to argue about it so as to stifle my resentment.

By then two different thought-processes started to fight each other. I would think that I should look inward and shouldn't complain to others, as this does not conform to Fa principles. After a while the other thought would come in that those practitioners were not right, either. These two kinds of conflicting thoughts rose and fell periodically and didn't stop after a day and a half. Later I forced myself not to think of the other people being wrong and to look inward without reservations. While I complained about the others' lack of compassion, did I have compassion? I was only caring about my family member, which was emotion and not mercy. When I unconditionally looked inward, my mind calmed down. The wicked thoughts no longer came, yet I felt dead tired; my heart/mind seemed hard hit and I had no energy. I attempted to get over this, but my attempts didn't help. It was not until I suddenly realized that I had forgotten I have Master. I suddenly blurted out, "Our Teacher is here, the Fa is here; no need to be attached to anything; no need to worry about anything; taking the right path is the most critical thing." Then all haze dispersed; my whole body became relaxed and filled with energy. I finally found the correct mindset.

I had a lot of understanding from this incident. I always said we must keep faith in our Master and keep faith in the Fa; however, when I ran across a real problem I forgot what I should remember and fell into the pattern of just thinking of the problem. It suddenly dawned on me to pay mere lip service to Master and the Fa vs. truly truly putting Master and the Fa in the right position in my heart and mind are two completely different things. When we truly put Master and the Fa in the uppermost position, we will be able to get out from all attachments; only by getting out from all the attachments can we get rid of such attachments. To get rid of an attachment within an attachment can only become more attached to it.

Our area has recently experienced lots of interference and quite a few things have happened. Many people felt agonized for not being able to figure out the cause. I felt the root cause being that we didn't do well in our Fa-study; didn't achieve the unconditional looking inward and had not cultivated ourselves well. We should neither treat the Fa as a theory and studying the Fa as if to complete a daily task, nor hold the mindset of needing to solve some specific issue during Fa-study. We should calm our minds and not carry any notion or pursue a certain goal during our Fa-study. We should measure our thoughts and deeds based on the Fa. We should have high standards for ourselves and cultivate every thought. If we cultivate ourselves well, our body of local practitioners wouldn't have any omissions; even if certain practitioners might have some omissions, the others would then be able to compensate for it. These recent experiences also provided me with some realizations, namely whenever a practitioner has some omission on the Fa, other practitioners should quietly make up for it, which will be a good way to harmonize overall things. This way our all-over energy field will become more harmonious and benevolent; we can thus form one body and the evil wouldn't have an opportunity to take advantage of omissions. The evil will thus be eliminated and the interference will be diminished. This can be achieved naturally after studying the Fa well and cultivating ourselves well.

Let us get out from all our attachments, do well in Fa-study and cultivation, and always keeping in mind, "Our Teacher is here, the Fa is here; be not attached to anything; do not worry about anything; taking the right path is the most critical thing."