(Clearwisdom.net) In the early morning of September 23, 2005, policemen from Daqing and Harbin Cities, Heilongjiang Province, conducted a mass arrest of Dafa practitioners. According to current information, at least 16 practitioners from Daqing City and 14 practitioners from Harbin City were arrested.

At around 5:00 a.m. on September 23, 2005, the following Dafa practitioners were arrested in Daqing City: Ms. Chen Changxiu of Yueyuan Community, Ranghulu District; Ms. Li Shumei of Leyuan Community; Mr. Yu Chen, his wife and son-in-law of Xizhai Community; Mr. Bai Yufu and his wife Zhang Lixin of Donghu 8th Community; Li Qingzuo, Li Junmi and Jia Xianjun from a Chinese medical clinic in Donghu District; Liu Li, who lives west of Longfeng Factory; Ms. Chen Qingli who lives in New Dongfeng Village, Shaertu District; Ms. Tang Zengye and Ms. Lan Sufang of the Daqing City Third Oil Extraction Factory; Zheng Hongjun and other practitioners who live in Babaijiong Area. In addition, Ms. Yu Guixiang of Jingyuan Community, Ranghulu District, who was held by police for a long time, is now in the 5th ward of Longnan Hospital for emergency treatment. Ms. Meng Qingyun of the Second Changqing Community, Ranghulu District was placed under house arrest. She walked out with righteous thoughts at noon. Mr. Li Yi and his wife from Leyuan Community, Ranghulu District, and Ms. Gao Guifen and her husband, daughter, and grandson from Petroleum College of the developing district were also harassed and arrested, Their exact situations are not yet known.

At around 6:00 a.m. in Harbin City, the following Dafa practitioners were abducted: Zhang Yuefang from Nangang District, Ms. Yang Guiying, Li Hongkui, Dai Jingmin, Ms. Wang Zhulan, Yang Maohua, Lu Yan, Li Ge, Ms. Lu Lihua; Ms. Zhang Yan, Ms. Yang Yunqiu, Ms. Wei Shuxia, Xiao Zhou and his wife, who live near Youyi Road, Daoli District.

Insiders, please provide the details. We hope that you can help to expose the persecution of these Dafa practitioners in a timely manner.