(Clearwisdom.net) The Clearwisdom.net website provides an important environment for Falun Dafa practitioners to upgrade themselves as one body. It serves as an incentive for the practitioners to cultivate according to the Fa and follow the Fa rectification process closely. It is by no means a process of communication and understanding for everyday people. The various sections and aspects of the Clearwisdom website reveal and witness the embodiment of Falun Dafa practitioners' continuous upgrading of xinxing and elimination of their human notions during the process of Fa validation. As a practitioner, being able to treat each understanding expressed on the Clearwisdom website by practitioners on their path towards godhood with a pure heart is itself a true manifestation of being responsible to Dafa and to oneself.

The main indications of reading the Clearwisdom website with human notions are:

Only browsing the website or hastily getting some general idea.

Reading only the articles that one is interested in and regarding one's own "upgrading" as the priority. Only desiring to "upgrade" self will result in delaying and limiting one's "upgrading."

Treating the persecution of fellow practitioners with human notions or showing indifference.

Turning a blind eye to sending righteous thoughts as if it has nothing to do with oneself, etc.

It should be noted that although the environment and the actual path each practitioner takes varies, the process of completely eliminating one's attachments and the ultimate goal of reaching Consummation is the same. The purpose of saving sentient beings is the same. Gods won't be at odds with each other because of different views. They will quietly supplement and harmonize things.

The articles on the Clearwisdom website expressed by the practitioners who are still cultivating are not perfect, but viewing the articles with a pure heart is of great importance for practitioners to upgrade themselves during the process of validating the "Fa." The different elements shown in each article form the environment in which practitioners share and discuss, but if we slacken ourselves even a little bit, human attachments will drag us back to the level of everyday people.

Dissolving all the evil factors is the duty of each practitioner and the manifestation of safeguarding the Fa as well as the embodiment of our mission to save sentient beings.